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21C BABY WORLD Babyworld has own factories, and united South Korea's famous enterprises to provide professional products suit for China infants. Babyworld was granted the Creditable Enterprise by Daeje city, South Korean in 2012. - No synthetic preservatives, no trans fatty acid, no artificial pigment, no manmade additives - First class technology, first-class equipment, first-class quality, first-class service. B136
AIN TECHNOLIGHY We are creative company that continuously carrying out research and development for the new technologies. Our ultimate goal is to create the safe world with new values based on the best qualitied products based on the trust. Our company develops the patented inventions based on accumulated its technology. To provide the best quality to our customers, we put ‘Innovative product development and Regulatory compliance’ as our slogan. B118, B119
AMICELL CO., LTD. Amicell CO., LTD., established in 2011, is a globalized cosmetics manufacturer and marketer. With a strong reputation, both domestic and international, for quality, service and reliability, We are a global Korean cosmetics company who can provide buyers one-stop solution for OEM / ODM contract manufacturing and marketing. We have differentiated multifunctional cosmetics in best quality. We, Amicell produces and sells with the hope that giving all women the chance to become more beautiful and become more beloved one in her life. B133
AMRES ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Drinking Water Stand, Easy Bag Seal, Easy Bottle Holder, Inflatable Q Pad A101~A104, A231~A246
AQUAPRO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. AQUAPRO, as a worldwide leading brand established in 1996, we provide a trinitarian service: manufacture, trade and OEM all the water treatment products. RO SYSTEM (HOME, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, SEA WATER), FILTRATION, UV STERILIZER, SYSTEM COMPONENTS & PARTS. A101~A104, A231~A246
ASIA SPECIAL MATERIAL CO., LTD. 1. A company with unique cement mixing technology in Korea that obtains raw materials from cement companies and manufactures functional cement and supplies them to the construction site. 2. Cement mixing technology of Asia Special Material CO., LTD. is recognized as a technology verification and functional impact of domestic famous construction companies. B179
BANGWOOL LAND CO. We, Bangwool Land, are a company specialized in giant bubble solution. Giant bubble solution is produced based on fusion technology combined with surfactant technology and rheology technology. We have experienced in the technology for more than 20 years and been in the giant bubble solution business for more than 13 years. By using such feature of our bubble solution, you can enjoy both bubble shows and amazing and funny bubble plays. A217
BAOJING STEEL LIMITED Baojing Steel Limited is a leading&professional stainless steel manufacturer,our company Baojing locates at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong District of Shanghai, dealing professionally in exporting business for our group, exporting all the stainless steel products manufactured by our group, including stainless steel seamless/welded tube&pipe, stainless steel coil/sheet/plate/strip, stainless steel bars, stainless steel flange and fittings and stainless steel electrode ,wire&rod products. B263
BARCH MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Barch is not only manufacturer of linear motion rails, couplers and connection parts, but also an optimized linear motion solution provider for different industry users. Designed in Germany and assembled in China. Lb.09, Lb.10
BARSKOREA Snow Ice Shaver that instantley freeze flavored liquid and shave into snow ice. A109
BASS LIGHT CO., LTD. BASS Light, a New LED specialist in the rapidly changing lighting industry, was established in 2009 and is a manufacturer of LED lighting. To produce LED advertising, indoor and outdoor landscape lighting and Delivery Is a professional enterprise. B239
BESTFRIENDPLUSH.CO., LTD. BEST FRIEND PLUSH CO.LTD is Korean company producing high-quailty underwear and at-home clothes for children. We have brands named 'Faveur', 'Baby Nuri' and 'The Minou'. B128
BICHEROOM INC 1. Increase in wind speed : (average) 52% ~ (maximum) 90% 2. Wind distance : 15M 3. Quick & Easy : Rapid installation (1 minute without tool) 4. There is hardly any noise. 5. Excellent compatibility - 35cm(14”) & 40cm (16”) With a simple installation of the FANFORMER on a fan to turn it into a large-scale air circulator. B178
BIFINITY BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. The experts in Bifinity Skin Research Center isolate high-quality bacteria from billions of bacteria, and use professional techniques to make perfect fermentation broth-Bifidm TM, which contains abundant polysaccharides and high-efficiency activation factors. Bifidm TM could create the perfect skin conditions, wake up skin repairing system, strengthens defense capabilities and against skin aging. Finally, Bifidm TM maintains smooth skin texture and reposition a better skin age. Exhibit: 1.Moisturizing Makeup Remover 2.Moisturizing Facial Cleanser 3.Brightening & Moisturizing Serum 4 Whitening Lotion 5.Mask. A101~A104, A231~A246
BIKEMART CO., LTD. Bikemart is motobike gear specialty distributor established in 1999 and deals with 40,000 items, including high-quality import brands and homegrown brands. From beginner to expert riders, all riders are able to meet the various needs, and frequently communicate with customers through various events. Bikemart is striving to develop and study products which suitable for the characteristics of motorcycle riders, and striving to distribute excellent products to help customers enjoy riding. B216
BIONUTRIGEN CO., LTD. Bionutrigen CO., LTD. is making strong effort to make the world top level slimming food, liver health food, and beverage products such as liver supplement and nature’s energizer useful for liver health and alcohol detoxification. It contains no caffeine and no sugar made with natural food JBB20 which is extracted from fruits and vegetables. Our product liver supplement, nature’s energizers are exported to E.U, Russia, China, and North America. B135
BIZCLUE CO., LTD. BizClue is established on 2010. It has produced idea products. The category of products are house hold goods, car accessory, smart-phone accessory and cosmetic accessory. B181
BIZENTRO As an IT service specialized firm into which Samsung SDS solution business unit was developed, Bizentro Inc. is the only enterprise where provides a cloud service type self-solution, as well as a customized service based construction type for all scales and types of business from start-up to SMEs, midsize and large firms. Starting from the development of UNIERP, the first domestic ERP(enterprise resource planning), in the 90s, we have created various user-based solutions offering more conveniences with scalability on the basis of our own framework service that we self-developed from service oriented architecture(SOA) technology conflating IT business processes. For close customer support, we have recently built corporations in China and Vietnam for an efficient support for operation and management of enterprises expanded into Southeast Asia while continuing to invest in overseas market including Southeast Asia and Indonesia. B194
BRITEC CO., LTD. BRITEC provides the most valuable products and technical services, and our company principles are profit-creation through the contribution to the development of human being. B142
BUMIL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Since its establishment in 1980, it has been used in electric pressure cooker, electric frypen, medical equipment IH WORK COIL parts used for Heating plate, IH range and IH rice cooker. We are specialized in producing. Domestic is Korea's Kuchen CO., LTD., Kuku Electronics CO., LTD., LG Electronics CO., LTD. And has been trading with Tiger and Toshiba in Japan for 21 years. It is the only company that exports in a single part in Korea. Based on accumulated technology in the past, we have applied environment-friendly, high-efficiency induction technology Well-being type IH SMART FRYER combined with cooking, hot water, and water purifier functions Introduced IH instant food cooker to actively enter domestic and international market IH SMART Cooking Equipment Growing into a Global Company We are doing our best for R & D. B238
C&C METAL INDUSTRY(TIANJIN) CO., LTD. C&C Metal Industry(Tianjin)CO., LTD. is a leading valve manufacturer and exporter in China. C&C factory covers 12000 square meters, containing general assemble workshops, machiningworkshops, coating workshops and testing workshops, equips with advanced machining,coating and testing equipment. With more than 60 sets of production and testing equipment and adopting international advanced technology and standards, ourcompany could fully meet our customers'requirement. This also guarantees the quality and delivery time of our products. D
C&D Functional Sports Face Warner (Mask) that Filters Fine Dust A multifunctional sports wear which effectively filters fine dust which has become an object of public concern, and has A function of blocking UV and insect A product effective for preventing respiratory diseases that may be caused by allergies and the increased number of patients with allergies. B219
CA HARDWARE CA Hardware CO., LTD., established in 1988, is a professional hardware integration enterprise of R & D, production, marketing and international trade. More than twenties years, with the policy of “basing on the satisfaction and trust of our customers with high product quality”. We keeps on improving product quality, supplying product varieties, and developing on innovative technology. B235
CAIS ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. CAIS ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is a company specialized in electric & electronic parts manufacturing and developing parts and new products with injection molding. We develop, manufacture, and supply cable ties, fixing appliance for electric wire, and Cooling & heating Box /cosmetics refrigerator for vehicles. Since the acquisition of abroad quality certification in 1992, we have supplied major companies with the best quality and cheaper price products. We do our best to research for new products development and produce high quality products based on information on the advanced industries and have the substantial and stable operational policies in infinite global competition age. B257
CAMALEON CO., LTD. RUTIS creates your Top style by shoes with interchangeable covers, it is a new concept of shoes that are characterized by their ¨covers¨ and soles are interchangeable which helps them to adapt for every occasion(business, sport, outdoor,..) and that is transformed into light footwear and easy to save space during the trips. Exhibit: Magic zipper shoes, convertible shoes, zapatos convertibles, zapatos con capelladas intercambiables. A101~A104, A231~A246
CARNAVICOM CO., LTD. Carnavicom accompanies with clients. Carnavicom has continuously developed electrical equipment such as navigation, high-pass, black box, wireless charger etc after having been established in January 2001.The reason of concentrating on auto mechatronics parts by Carnavicom is that the car is a part of life where a lot of time is spent instead of just means of transportation, so developing directions of auto mechatronics parts have been changed quickly based on NEEDS of clients. Currently ICT technology has been moved to automotive industry sector speedily, and technology of pursuing convenience and safety is leaping into prominence quickly, so our company intends to concentrate technical developments on WAVE module, LiDAR sensor aiming at execution of long-term developmental tasks on self-driving cars which belong to future ones in addition to doing constant efforts to produce more stable products than current products in conformity with the times change. B241
CELTECH WORLD Celtech world is a professional R&D and manufacturer of smart home & building solution. Our smart solution provides a convenience and also save energy. B220
CHAPMAN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Chapman Technology Development CO., LTD. registered capital of 60 million yuan, Chapman brand has been committed to research and development, production and sale of Italian craft armored doors. May 8, 2014, with the first box Italian armored door of the official off the assembly line, marking the Chinese high-end armored door brand - Chapman brand was born. Chapman armored door R & D and manufacturing base is located in the state-level development zone - Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone Venture Road, covering 13,000 square meters, now has 150 employees, the production of armored doors 10000 Tang. Since the establishment of the company, always adhere to the talent-based, integrity Founding business principles, a blend of industry elite. Will be foreign advanced information technology, management methods and business experience and the specific reality of domestic enterprises combined. Chapman has been in Germany GEZE, Germany ECO, Italy MOTRRUA, Italy ISEO and other well-known European companies to establish a stable strategic partnership. D
CHENGDU CHUANLU PLASTIC GROUP CO., LTD. Chengdu Chuanlu Plastic Group found in 1986, is a brand enterprise specializing in manufacturing new-type chemical building materials, which is the earlist to research and produce thite PVC drainage pipe & fiiing in 1988. Chuanlu take responsibe as our own duty, focus on the producting itself, and alwaus adhere to one brand, one stand to serve the market. To supply all kind of service for both PVC pipes and PVC profile in China. D131
CHEONJUHYUNHWANG.CO.LTD Revolution series of the AIMEE newly established by the Chunjihuynhwang CO., LTD.. which has researched on Korea Ginseng for over 10 years since 2003 were given birth by Chunjihuynhwang’s performing joint research on the 3 R & D tasks with Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology during 6 years. B253, B254
CHILI DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Established in 1979, CHILI has become the biggest grinding factory in Taiwan. In order to keep tools longer, we innovatively use anti-rust material instead of carbon steel. We achieved the goal and did the technical revolution eventually. Now CHILI is serving tools OEM/ODM, manufacture, assembly, packing, goods collection, container loading, shipping, etc. To find the right tools and partner, CHILI is always your best choice. Exhibit: Scraper, Taping knife, Trowels, PVC Cutter, Garden Scissors A101~A104, A231~A246
CITIBANK VIETNAM Bank service A124
DOLSURE NUTRITION CO., LTD. 1. Nutrition Powder Milk: DOLLAC, DOLSURE, OLDLAC 2. 3in1 Café: KOOL3 3. Matcha KOOL 3 milk tea, KOOL3 green ginger tea B108
TECHNOLOGY ONEXT VIETNAM GROUP CO., LTD. Onext electric pan; Multi-function pressure cooker; YIERJIA multi-purpose electric pan; Sanky steam fan. D112
KIKENTECH TRADING & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Korean-imported Sungjin Industrial air-conditioning system comes with Inverter mode helps save 40% of consumption, and automatic operational system that can be monitored and controlled via Smartphones and/or PC A129, 130
FOOD AND NUTRITION DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING JOINT STOCK COMPANY 1 . LINH ĐAN BLACK GARLIC THE IMPRESSIVE PRODUCT OF VIETNAM - Black garlic is a type fermented garlic , used as a functional food .It is made under highly controlled conditions of temperature and humidity over the coure of several weeks . Linh Dan black garlic is made from white garlic from Lý Sơn and purple garlic from Thái Bình , Hải Dương ,,, etc - Black garlic ' s taste is sweet and syrupy . It loses the strong garlic smell but preserves the subtle aroma and nutritinal qualities . It also develops delicious balsamic acidity - The main effects of black garlic : detoxify the liver, balance digestion , strengthen the immune system , Provide 18 natural amino acid types 2. FOOD AND NUTRITION RESEARCH CENTE - Food and Nutrition Research Center FNC is the leading center in the field of food industry research , with engineers , doctors is the field of nutrition and food B264
VIEN DONG VPP CO., LTD. Stationery A227
TTP IMPORT EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY An enthusiasin for being the best, one, only a few will master, a luxurious appearance, we think it shows, we make shirts you’ll be proud to wear. A132
GALAXY WATER SOLUTIONS TRADING CO., LTD. GWS is the first and the only one company up till now that gives full residential water treatment solutions ever since. With the aim of introducing the most advanced technologies and products from the world class companies into Vietnam market, we have proudly obtained the distributorship of SELECTO , DOULTON, ARGONIDE , ECOWATER, PENTAIR WATER, CANATURE, UNION, ECOSOFT , AXEON, HAGUS, ATLAS FILTRI, ERIE WATER TREATMENT , OASIS-RDD , WILLAM, covering the area of residential, commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and hospital applications. We are not merely distributors but more solution-makers backed up by the most sophisticated expertise in the field. B104
AUNTEX CO., LTD. Manufacture and Distributor of The ECO-Friendely Material Gloves for House Works, Construction, Machinery & Maintenance, Leisure & Sprts, Delivery and etc. B261
AUNTEX CO., LTD. Manufacture and Distributor of The ECO-Friendely Material Gloves for House Works, Construction,Machinery & Maintenance,Leisure & Sprts,Delivery and etc. B261
CARMI CO., LTD. Carmi Carpets is a premium carpets brand which made in Vietnam with Korean technology, easily absorb water and dust, anti-slip, variety of materials and designs. A221, A222
DOMA VINA CO., LTD. Founded in 2004, the Doma Vina Production Trading Company has been manufacturing and exporting origami gifts since 2007. This is another kind of origami art, the Japanese traditional one called 3D origami. Our main product material is colored, corrugated paper. Eighty percent of our total outputs is exported. Europe is our main market, accounting for 70 percent of overseas shipments. Germany is the key destination there, while the rest is taken up by the countries in Asia Pacific Region, including Japan, Malaysia and Australia. Fifty percent of orders are made under OEM basis. A128
HD GLOBAL INT CO., LTD. Commo Vina CO., LTD. is an authority agency in Vietnam market. Address: 18 Me Tri Ha, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. The company distributing Glasslock products - made in Korea, gifts for businesses, partners… A223
KHOE DEP CO., LTD. ATZ Healthy life was established in late 2010 by two members who are experience and knowledgable in beauty and healthcare filed. ATZ Healthy life owns 23 outlets located in the most luxury trading centers and shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang , Can Tho, An Giang, Dak lak, Developing products in 3 lines: - health care, skincare, fragrance Being exclusive distributor of Yankee Candle since 2012. Mission: To bring to customers the solution of healthcare, skincare and creates a living atmosphere full of frangrance. B110
LURACO COMPANY LIMITED Massage Chairs, Nail Drill, Magna-Jet A106
HTD CURTAIN SYSTEM CO., LTD. Curtain, auto-curtain A125
THANH HIEN CO., LTD. Furniture, handicrafts. B101, 102
VIET LUONG GIA ONE MEMBER CO., LTD. Korea Kitchen Appliances B111
NHA TRANG NEST CO., LTD. Bird's nest B105
STYLE RETAIL VIETNAM CO., LTD. 100% import and distribution: Fitness and wellness equipment, Massage chair, Luxury Pens, Cosmetic. A107 , A108
MAI KHOI TRADE SERVICES CO., LTD. Mai Khoi is a multi-business company, specializing in consulting and executing industrial and civil refrigeration systems, providing all kinds of electrical appliances, refrigeration and household appliances for projects. Import and distribution of electrical appliances with Apechome brand, Masterkool, Chang from Thailand and Topsound, Eagle from Malaysia ... Founded in 1999, Mai Khoi has affirmed the persition in the market with the sentence "bring customers the best products and services". With a team of professional people, quality products, prestige service, we will bring to you the best solution, your satisfaction is our greatest pleasure. We wish you health and success! B103, B107
KIM MY ELECTROMECHANICS TRADING SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED KIM MY GROUP would like to give the warmest greetings and best regards to customers. We are the official distributor in high quality household fans and industrial fans under brand name Dasin nationwide. With modern production lines, oversea importing materials, Dasin products always achieve stable quality, diversity of designs, superior durability and safety for users. Besides, we are also dealing in reputation home appliances in Vietnam such as paper cup, plastic cup, paper plate, mobile air conditioner, dehumidifier.. Welcome to KIMMY GROUP, customers will be advised whole-hearted about our services, products, technical support, maintenance – warrantee. We are always in time to fix the problems, help minimize the unexpected arise. Moreover, our company can provide OEM/ODM service according to the special requirements of customers. With these strengths, in the near future we are confident that KIM MY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & TRADING CO., LTD. will become a traditional partner as a reputation supplier of household items with the most reasonable price, best quality and perfect after-sales service. Business philosophy: "Your satisfaction is our success" " KIMMYGROUP is honored to serve customers B130, 131, 146, 147
VERALL VIETNAM CO., LTD. Verall Viet Nam CO., LTD. is owned by Thailand, has been founded since 2014 and being the exclusive distributor in Vietnam products of Water Purifiers, Air Coolers under ALLFYLL® brand; Industrial Water Purifiers under ACROPORE® brand; Chromatography products under VERTICAL® brand which are manufactured in Thailand. Our water purifiers, air coolers, industrial water purifiers (equipments, filter media, membranes…), chromatography products use proven technologies by prestige International Organizations; being manufactured and installed by skilled technician to ensure the best quality products. A126
VIETNAM SHINE CO., LTD. SHINE group is Japanese manufacturers specialized in non-stick coating application. We acquired a Teflon coating license in 1979. We have been producing aluminum cookware with non-stick coatings in Vietnam since 2004, supplying in Japan as our major market and some other parts of Asia such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and etc... Approximately 90% of our Vietnam factory output is OEM cookware. However, our original cookware is available as well. On the other hand, we have been applying non-stick coatings to various industrial and household items for decades in Japan, China and Vietnam. B109
WALL STREET ENGLISH COMPANY Trực thuộc tập đoàn giáo dục lớn nhất thế giới Pearson,Wall Street English là một trong những trung tâm Anh ngữ đáng tin cậy dành riêng cho người lớn bận rộn tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Được thành lập từ năm 1972, đến nay Wall Street English đã có hơn 400 trung tâm tại 27 quốc gia trên toàn thế giới. Đã có hơn 3 triệu học viên đã và đang theo học tiếng Anh tại Wall Street English trong vòng 45 năm. A225
PHU THANH TRADING AND IMPORT EXPORT LIMITED COMPANY Phu Thanh Import and Export Trading Company Limited is a trading company specialized in importing products from Korea and Japan. Established in 2010, is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong, 2 branches, 1 in Hanoi and 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Currently, Phu Thanh's products are sold at supermarkets throughout the country and in the northern provinces of Vietnam. A123
COSMETIC SOLUTION K DEBEAUS Bio program (skin special care) Energy building up from inner skin DEBEAUS Bio program is a special product which is differentiated by adding high concentration of human fat cell culture extract and peptide that care from your inner skin and turn your skin time back. This magical program will make you feel a truly professional touch. DEBEAUS moistens your skin and fills vitality into your skin/With cell culture ingredients and various protein factors (EGF, FGF, IGF), it gives vitality to the skin lacking elasticity and builds up the fundamental autogenic power of the skin. Also, it is absorbed deep into the skin layer, makes the skin bouncy and smooth by increasing the skin elasticity and changes dull skin to clear and bright skin. B116, B117
CS CO., LTD. Promotion of restaurants! Use the big data-based mobile restaurant app. Management of restaurants! Exclusive POS system for restaurants (SW without charge) Accounting and settlement! Accounting program "Amnote-lte" (linked to firm banking of Shinhan Bank). A218
CUTTER KOREA Since 1995, we are a manufacturer of ceramic kitchenware, industrial cutter and ceramic beauty products. B224
D&FOOD CO., LTD. D&food CO., LTD. has been in business for over 10 years as a company that “thinks, works hard, researches and develops” and has established itself as a leader in creating good food culture. Under our corporate philosophy of “Good Quality, Good Taste and Good Service”, we have made efforts to produce safe and reliable food for people, ranging from children to the elderly. We actively strive to advance into the global market to introduce the taste of Korea and develop food that people in the world love. We are committed to standing by our customers and producing food that customers want and feel safe to eat. B246
DAEJEON BUSINESS AGENCY Founded to promote the active management of small and medium business through various support services such as general consultation for local businesses in Daejeon, provision of support information and data, support for new technological development, product exhibition and sales, operation of the business-care office and venture town, etc. B133~138
DAERYU CO., LTD. "DAERYU, A HUMANISTIC COMPANY" Our company think that human health is the most important thing which is why we make personalized medical equipment. Everyone who used our products was very satisfied. Our technology is well developed based on the inspection equipment we have made. We made special chargers for army and family situations. We also made medical equipment for hospitals and families. We have a lot of knowledge about how to make these products because of our long-running experience making them. We want to participate in the evolution of this industry and we will not stop making efforts for it. B213
DAESAN MEDICAL CO., LTD. 1. Personal pain therapy medical machine using the stimulation of biocurrent & low-frequency 2. Using the different heads according to purpose of use . Ball type : Blood circuration, Relieve exhausted muscles . Acupuncture type : Pain Relief (for medical use) . Flat &Facial type : Wrinkle reduction, improve skin elasticity (for cosmetic use) 3. The rated specifications : DC 3V (2x 1.5V AA Batteries) / 8Hz. 4. Power Consumption : 840mA. B199
DAEWHA FUEL PUMP IND., LTD. DAEWHA FUEL PUMP has invested production facilities daringly for improving the best quality of product and through technology development we make an effort to improve the quality of Fuel Pumps and Filters. we are building up best domestic company trusted by customers by providing quality products based on ISO/TS:16949. Also one of our main items, Mechanical Fuel Pump, has been awarded as one of the 2015 WORLD CLASS PRODUCT OF KOREA by Korea Government on December 16th, 2015. B122
DAINS CO., LTD. Dains corporation was established in 2014 with high moral philosophy that we make our products for the goodness of all mankind. Our factory has high tech facilities and we are at the leading edge of carbon fiber science and technology. Our flagship model, Glass nail Shiner, is a patented product using semiconductor technology. It is a healthy and eco-friendly product with a very sleek design and the highest quality materials. It has also passed the test for ROHS 6, which means it is certified as a non toxic beauty product. B260
DANYANG ORIENT MACHINERY IMP.& EXP. CO., LTD. Our plant was established in 2006, specialized in manufacturing premium quality TCT Saw Blade & Diamond Saw Blade. Our products are widely used in construction, decoration, stone industry & wood industry. B262
DARAK We want to complete customers' happiness through us for your happiness, 'Darak' is making healthy food, happy food, and enjoyable food using fresh ingredients and reliable, select functional ingredients. As the first fruits of this, we have launched a high-functional nutrition bar that keeps the health of seniors based on grain. We will work hard to grow the world, ourselves, and 'Darak', not to be confined to our ability to become a flowing water rather than a standing water. Happiness preacher who keeps the health of customers and makes the happiness. B202~B204
DENCLE INC DENCLE Company is a manufacturng and sales company of oral-dental care products Our Innovative products developed by a research organization composed of dental specialists and patent attorneys have earned international recognition of the quality of international awards overseas. We have the right to patent and design applications of the functional toothbrush including a trademark for the brand. We're currently focusing on the functional whitening cosmetic & Mask pack and developing organic toothpaste. We are expected to contribute to the oral health & beauty and prevention for many people by developing product differentiated from the existing products. B182
DIOCIAN DIOCIAN operates global music network platform service called ‘DIOCIAN’. We have extended our service to 4 different countries, including the head office located in Japan, USA, Korea and Vietnam. DIOCIAN is a music platform for artists and musicians that available both in WEB and APP versions. It's one-stop service that allows artists to release their music, collaborate with musicians, fans and producers from any part of the world and distribute their music to over 90 countries through 45 different channels. Additional functions include sharing news, music videos and songs to DIOCIAN, as well as to major social media services, such as Facebook. We run our service in 4 languages. The platform connects artists, labels and fans from all over the world. It’s a perfect service for any artist who has a talent for singing, writing lyrics, composing music, crafting instrumentals and ready to showcase it in front of the world. B170
DODREAM CO., LTD. DoDream is a story about love, compassion, and the willingness to help people lead healthier lives. The founder, David Yang, has dedicated his life's work to improving how we drink water so we can live fulfilled lives full of compassion and grace. The DoDream name asks you to do one thing—dream. DoDream wants you to be happy and healthy, so you can find meaning and purpose in your life. So, do dream of a brighter future, a happier life, and the possibilities of tomorrow. Our mission is to help our family, friends, and neighbors to be healthy so they can live a joyful life spreading the word of God. B256
DONGGUAN 7 COLORS PACKING CO., LTD. DongGuan 7 Color Packing Co Ltd. is a medium sized compound soft-packing material OEM/ODM manufacturer equipped with advanced computerized auto-production-line and is regarded as tier one CM in the industry. Management team introduced SOP and ISO9002 QC system to enhance quality control and customer service. The company produces aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, anti-ESD bag, Micro-wave bag, high/low temperature packing bag, suction nozzle bag, facial mask bag, ……etc., that fit into various industries such as foods, electronics & components, medical products, toys, fertilizers, daily use products, chemicals …...etc., that are highly related with consumption goods. A116
DONGGUAN ALLIKE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Dongguan Alllike Electronics CO., LTD. was established on Apr 27, 2002 and located at Chuancha Development Zone, Machong Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China.ALLLIKE is a hi-tech enterprise with its own patented technologies and strong R&D capability. B161
DONGGUAN CITY LE HE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Our company is located in dongguan Dan ShaJiao town industrial zone, is a professional production manufacturer of electronic audio equipment, the company has passed the BSCI certification, ISO9001 certification, and has 10 years of rich production experience. Is a completely independent development, design, production capacity of the electronics factory. B151
DONGGUAN CITY SHU PENG HARDWARE-PAPER CO., LTD. Shupeng company is found in 2015 , The company strives for survival by quality, and strives for development by service, main shoes , jewelly, electrical production, all kinds of packaging products,welcome new and old customers call service and face to face to talke about . Lb.34
DONGGUAN DE WEI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Dong Guan De Wei Electronic CO., LTD.,a professional OEM & ODM manufacturer, specialized in retro video game/portable handle game player and accessories series; Wired and wireless microphone and headset, founded in 1993, located in Chuang Ye Industrial Park, Xin He, Wan Jiang District, Dong Guan city, Guang Dong province, China.mainland wholly-owned private enterprises, covered totally 25000 square meters, owns GMC manufacturers quality certification, and ISO9001.2008 quality system certification. B162
DONGGUAN FU LI TONG ULRTRASOUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Dongguan Fu Li Tong Ultrasound Equipment CO., LTD. is an ultrasonic industrial automation equipment as one of the enterprises, specializing in R & D, production of ultrasonic non-woven welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic marking machine, ultrasonic automatic cutting machine, specializing in ultrasonic and other related products. Lb.35
DONGGUAN GLORYSTAR LASER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Dongguan Glorystar Laser Technology CO., LTD., Sino-German cooperation, focusing on laser technology & applications, after years of continuous innovation and development, has become a well-known large-scale manufacturer of laser equipment, the company owns office building, R&D building, machining shop, painting and welding shop, assembling shop, modern showroom and standard industrial factory. The company’s main products are metal laser cutting machine, non-metal laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine and bending machine. The annual production capacity of 8000 sets of products sold in more than 100 countries and regions. Lb.11
DONGGUAN GOSUNM MACHINERY CO., LTD. Dongguan Gosunm Machinery CO., LTD. , headquartered in the famous manufacturing city , Dongguan,owning a dozen of research and production-oriented enterprises as its subsidiary corporations.Gosunm becomes first-class one-stop shop packaging equipment supplier in the field of intelligent automation solutions relying on its mature modern management system, exquisite technology,in-depth expertise, worldwide eyesight, best service, extraordinary team. B155, B156
DONGGUAN GREAT ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Dongguan Great Electronics Technology CO., LTD. was established in 2009, with import and export rights of professional car audio manufactory , company registered capital of 1 million yuan, the plant area of nearly 5,000 square meters, now has four assembly lines,employees 100 people , professional speaker and amplifier design R & D team, it’s a design research and development, production and sales as one of the science and technology enterprises. B148, B149
DONGGUAN GUOYI PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. Dongguan Guoyi Precision Machinery is the professional manufacturer of high speed press,for Motor stamping,electronics contacts and steel sheet stamping with Tonnage range of 25---500Tons Lb.01
DONGGUAN HANGXIN MOTOR CO., LTD. Dongguan Hangxin Motor CO., LTD. (hereinafter called:Hangxin motor) is dedicated to R&D,manufacture,sales and service of gear motor. We are working to build and make it happen for No.1 brand in Chinese gear motor market. Our products are widely used in electronics, semiconductor, Medicine, laboratory, logistic&warehouse, package, printing and other fields. Our core culture is set up base on achieving excellent quality, mutual benefit and customer success. Hangxin motor is the company that you can trust. Lb.11a
DONGGUAN HUAHE LASER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. With more than 8 years of experience in laser welding, marking and cutting field, HuaHe can offer you professional laser equipment and perfect solution to meet your industrial application. Professional makes business easier! Lb.03a, Lb.03
DONGGUAN JIEMING ELECTRIC TECH CO., LTD. Dong Guan RuiTian M&E Technology CO., LTD.As a leading problem solver of high efficiency air knife system, has been researching,manufacturing and servicing air knife system and high efficiency centrifugal blower,high pressure blower,metal air pipes for many years Lb.21/Lb.22
DONGGUAN JINCONN NEW MATERIAL HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Company establish on year 2011, and passed ISO9001, 14001, TS16949 certification on year 2012 and 2015. We focus on manufacturing and engineering on Neodymium permanent magnet and magnet application products. Now, we are authorize supplier for well known company such as Microsoft, Harman, Hisense etc. Lb.33
DONGGUAN KAIFULL ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. DongGuan Kaifull Electronics Technology CO., LTD. Includes Research and Development dept production and sales of industrial automation parts with high-quality standard. We have strong capabilities of research and development, as well as advanced manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes to make sure product quality and consistency by advanced detective methods。Our stepper motor with excellent performance and stable quality gains a good reputationin numerical control Machine, medical equipment, laser engraving, textile printing, packaging machinery, electronic equipment,roboticsand other high-tech industries B163
DONGGUAN KELI ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Keli Electronic Equipment CO., LTD. was founded in June 1995, with nearly 20 years of history, is one of the intelligent manufacturing overall solutions provider which cover research and development, production and sales.Our company has the comprehensive development project process control and quality assurance ability, we have system management in the feasibility appraisal, capture the core technology, production schedule control, production line evaluation and acceptance etc, ensure to meet customer demand, continuously provide high quality integrated automation solutions, assist customer to improve efficiency, and reduce the production cost optimization. At present, our products are: off-line and on-line Router machine, in-line odd-form component insertion, high-speed in-line LED component Chip Mounter and Automation Production Lines etc.Our company goal: be the world's first class electronic automation equipment service brand, become the world's electronic automation equipment system solutions provider, and work together with our customers to create a better future! Lb.08
DONGGUAN LAIWANGLONG ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Dongguan Laiwanglong Electronic Technology CO., LTD.,established in 2009,is one of the most professional mobile accessory R&D, production and trade modern enterprises in China.We are integrating in power bank,mobile battery, earphone, . At the same time,we also provide OEM & ODM service for our customers all over the world. B160
DONGGUAN LEADER CLEAN TECH CO., LTD. Dongguan Leader Clean TECH. CO., LTD. devote to the R&D, production and services in the field of dust cleaning and sterile products. as well as establish and advocate the concept of our brand LEADER。 LEADER covers an area of 13,000m2, and has a world-class filter (1550mm in width) production line, various high-precision processing equipment (such as high-speed turret punch press and CNC bending machine) and advanced testing equipment for filters and cleaning/sterile products, enabling the Company to undertake the production of cleaning/sterile equipment such as Fan Filter Units (FFU), air filters, purification equipment and biomedical equipment. Our products have been extensively applied in semi-conductors, LCDs, optoelectronics, precision instruments, chemistry, biomedicines & hospitals, foods, research institutes, universities, aerospace and automobile manufacturing. B164, B165
DONGGUAN MINGYANG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Dongguan Ming Yang Electronics.,CO., LTD. was founded in October 2003,Focus on research, development and sales of high-power speaker voice coil. B
DONGGUAN REMOTE CNC EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. DongGuan YuanFang CNC Machine Manufacturing CO., LTD. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of CNC machine, and is being regarded as an integrated state-level high-tech enterprise. The company introduced first-class engineering, technical personnel and on-site management team from Taiwan & Japan to enhance products and services quality. Products are widely used in 3C parts processing, hardware, tool making, automotive manufacturing, communication & medical equipment, machinery, military, aerospace and other related industries. Strict quality control process and SOP management system was set up to control quality from design to engineering to manufacturing technology, to precision testing and final stages. The company insists to work with world known quality suppliers from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan …… for spare parts and raw materials for long term mutual benefit. After years of improvements , the company become one of the most quality recognized China CNC machine manufacturer with leading technology and a wide range of product specifications. Lb.15, Lb.16
DONGGUAN RUITAN M&E TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Dong Guan RuiTian M&E Technology CO., LTD.As a leading problem solver of high efficiency air knife system, has been researching,manufacturing and servicing air knife system and high efficiency centrifugal blower,high pressure blower,metal air pipes for many years Lb.17, Lb.18
DONGGUAN SCIENCGO MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Dongguan Sciencgo Machinery Manufacturing Co,.ltd was founded in 2006, which engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of all kinds of electronic components auto plug-in machine,mounter machine and other intelligent equipment.All our machines can insert various electronic components like resistors, capacitors, LED, rivets,Touch switcheds in the PCB with high- speed, hight –efficient and intelligence, helping the clients improves the production efficiency, and reduces the manufacturing. Sciencgo machines sell well all over the China and are exported to Europe,Russia, India, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries. Sciencgo cooperates with BYD-auto, , GREE,Midea,TP-LINK,FOXCONN,PANASONIC. Sciencgo insertion machines,Guangdong famous brand product,ranks third in the world and No.1 of sales in the world. Lb.04a , Lb.04
DONGGUAN SDUN INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. SDUN Intelligent Technology CO., LTD. Located in the high-tech corporation zone, Tianan Cyber Park in Dongguan China, SDUN Intelligent Technology CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in developing smart cabinet locks. Also SDUN dedicates to exploiting, manufacturing and selling software that connects locks to Internet of things platform. The company owns completely independent intellectual property rights. Because of energy-saving and lightness advantages, these integrative cabinet locks gain widespread approval in protecting privacy amongst users. Additionally, the locks have obtained many national as well as international patents and passed various certificate testings of international certification authorities. Therefore they are widely applied in office & household furniture all over the world, which has brought convenience and superseded mechanical locks. Anyway the smart cabinet locks have considerably improved quality of life by freeing people from constraint of keys. “Worship nature and love human, guard your dream for love” is the core value of the SDUN. B159
DONGGUAN SOP MECHANICAL & ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Dongguan City SOP Industry CO., LTD. specializing in the production and sale of high-pressure blower, whirlpool air pump, SOP displacement sensor.We adhere to the concept of "preferred quality, trusted by the world" , to provide customers with superior safety products and satisfactory service. At present, the products are exported to Singapore, New Zealand, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. We establish a strategic partnership with many well-known domestic enterprises ! We are the preferred supplier of machinery and equipment manufacturers! Lb.26, Lb.27
DONGGUAN VEITRON ENERGY CONSERVATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Dongguan wei cheng energy saving technology CO., LTD. Is a private enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of energy-saving appliances. The company was established in May 2008, since the tea products are introduced into the market, the products have been recognized by consumers. In the course of operation, we have vigorously developed product development and technological innovation, and successfully created many inventions and practical new patented technology products through hard work. Company production of furnace quickly, quickly boiled water, tea, tisanes, products with functions of energy saving, fast cooking, z-tone source control, intelligent China adjust the power size, maximum limit save energy; Product ultra thin smart electric tea stove, four safety protection systems, use more security (10 minutes without operation, automatic shutdown system automatic shutdown security system; Base hidden type, electrode contact safety system; The body is removed, the base automatic power off safety system; Non-water dry burning, ultra-high temperature automatic power failure safety system); Product purple and jade cold and hot pot, the filter net does not need to soak dry tea, avoid tea stains and bacteria breeding; The filter screen is easier to unload and clean. B154
DONGGUAN WUXIN AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Dongguan Wuxin automation technology company which is under Hongkong Wuxin group was founded in 2003. Its address is Jinniudun industrial park, Wangniudun town, Dongguan city, which covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. The company was named as [AAAA China quality creditable enterprise], [Guangdong province high-tech enterprise], and [Guangdong province smart equipment and robot research institute]. Our main business is to make automation equipment, order-made equipment and high precision fabrication parts, metal parts and high precision fixtures. We are a professional automation equipment maker with equipment development, machine assembly, debug and after service function. Lb.02
DONGGUAN YANGHAI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Dongguan Yanghai Industrial CO., LTD. was founded in early 2005, we are a radiator ,fidget spinner, fan, electronic, and hardware manufacturer with development, design, production and sales. B153
DONGGUAN YUJIA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Our factory founded in 1995,We have experience for OEM & ODM around 23years.We mainly sell Bluetooth headsets,Bluetooth Speakers, Wired headphones,in car chargers and so on.We have the More professional team More competitive price and More high quality service. B150
DONGGUAN ZHEN YING MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Dongguan Zhen Ying Machinery Equipment CO., LTD. is the leading manufacturer of soft PVC production machinery, Fabric embossed and silicone label transfer machinery in China, with 23 years’ experience of Research & Develop. We keep developing new machines to cater for market demand and product trend; meanwhile we keep improving our machines according to clients’ feedback. Our excellent R&D and marketing experience enable to provide reliable technology support and high productivity machinery. We had supported thousands of clients developing their business around the world. Lb.12, Lb.13
DONGGUAN ZHIYUAN CNC EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. DongGuan ZhiYuan CNC Machine Manufacturing CO., LTD. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of CNC machine, and is being regarded as an integrated state-level high-tech enterprise. The company introduced first-class engineering, technical personnel and on-site management team from Taiwan & Japan to enhance products and services quality. Products are widely used in 3C parts processing, hardware, tool making, automotive manufacturing, communication & medical equipment, machinery, military, aerospace and other related industries. Strict quality control process and SOP management system was set up to control quality from design to engineering to manufacturing technology, to precision testing and final stages. The company insists to work with world known quality suppliers from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan …… for spare parts and raw materials for long term mutual benefit. After years of improvements , the company become one of the most quality recognized China CNC machine manufacturer with leading technology and a wide range of product specifications. Lb.23, Lb.24
DONGGUAN ZHONGXIN ANTI-STATIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Dongguan zhongxin anti-static technology CO., LTD. is a professional production of anti-static table mat,and permanent anti-static table panel, anti-static PVC leather.With many years of development, anti-static series of products. The theoretical basis of the practical experience in manufacturing our each link from the factory to the production process of raw materials and products have a complete set of management and quality tracking system. B152
DONGSHUN KNITTING CO., LTD. Super invisible socks, children's socks, hosiery A154
DOO DOO CO., LTD. We are specialized in the development of new products for sports and leisure INRIDE is a new product that combines the benefits of In-Line Skating with Heelys ZIGSKI is a total three dimensional of Ski, Bobsled, SnowboardWintersport action B114, B115
DR.HASKIN We want to share the energy of nature with you. All the products of Dr.HASKIN are produced the philosophy of slow and ensure to elevate the level of life by supplying natural energy to your skin. Your skin will be regenerated when meets the nutrition of flower originated from roots. B120, B269
DUONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. DUONG, the professional factory of Mouse Glue Trap, was founded in Taiwan in 1990. Basing on the strict quality control and continue to research all kinds of varied Mouse Glue Trap, the complete acceptance of orders, the production, the commercialization service labor. Nowadays, DUONG are the leader trademark of the Mouse Glue Trap's market and a lot of large-scale shopping malls are placing orders and asking DUONG to produce their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing ) products.In 2003, we obtained THE WORLD QUALITY ACCREDITATION OF ISO 9001:2000. We make more effort to create new products liberated from the menace of the " TOXIC" sources, because of "we only have one earth". Exhibit: Mouse glue trap, fly trap paper, cockroach glue trap, cockroach gel & bait, electric insect catcher. A101~A104, A231~A246
EASY & SIMPLE Our brand name is ASIS-TOBE. we aims to develop and customize cosmetics that focus on what product that works best for your skin type. We take out harmful ingredients, unnecessary design under the our slogan "No more, No less". We guarantee that all products are dermatologically tested. Above all, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. B175
ECO GREEN PLUS Green the plus is a product that improves combustion efficiency, increases output, increases fuel consumption, and reduces exhaust emissions simultaneously, AT the same time! For Internal Combustion Engines, Fuel Efficiency Can Be Raised Significantly(By 5% Or Higher) Only Through Combustion Efficiency Improvement. As A Result Of Better Combustion Efficiency, Output Increase, Fuel-Savings, And Exhaust Gas Emission Reduction Can Be Achieved At The Same Time. This Technology Incorporates Scientific Theories Related To Coulomb'S Law, Fleming'S Right Hand Law, And Boyle-Charle'S Law Which Are Included In The 5 Convergence Technologies. Furthermore, 'Green The Plus' Heats Fuel To Improve Combustion Rate During Winter And Is The World'S First Product Maintaining Fuel Efficiency At Similar Level Throughout The Seasons. 'Green The Plus' Delivers Both Fuel-Savings And Exhaust Gas Emission Reduction! The five fusion technologies maximize their synergistic effects and are new technologies of at the same time that simultaneously increase the fuel cost and reduce the emission gas. B177
ECOMASS CO., LTD. Since the establishment in 2007, ECOMASS has specialized in development and application of bio-plastics, an alternative resource for petro-based polymers, and has secured differentiated technologies in the field of low-carbon biomass materials. In 2013, ECOMASS has set the enactment in Korea to standardize biomass synthetic resin products. Leading in the field of biomass by putting down the very first capstone in order to expand the sustainable environment in Korea. B222
EFT KOREA CO. EFT not only studies effective adhesives, but also studies effectively removed adhesives. People have generally made developments by focusing on sticking tape. But we have studied and developed so as to recycle the detached tape by minimizing the damage of the adhesive side after being removed. EFT is manufacturing useful and environmentally-friendly adhesives. The adhesive technology that cleanly detaches the tape and allows for reuses could bring changes to a lot of products in daily use. EFT primly studied from the chemical raw materials. The result, Retack Urethane Adhesive product is an environmentally-friendly adhesive to users. PU adhesive material that EFT uses minimal harmful substances to human body. This is proper to medical supplies such as band and infant supplies. B185
EGGTEC CO., LTD. EGGTEC CO., LTD. is the leading automated egg grading and packing machines manufacturer in Korea. For more than 30 years, we have been endeqvoring to become a leading enterprise in the field of the egg grading and packing system through research and development.We have designed machines that sort, weigh instantly and transfer eggs into buckets where the sorting eggs are automatically packed into trays based on their weigh and/or size. The process is fully automated and controlled by a central processing unit equipped with a touch screen software. We supply machines with a processing capacity ranging from 25.000 to 70.000eggs per hour. e, cheap and easy layout configuration. B134
EGO KISSEL Kino-mo Lts is an award-wining British company developing high-tech visual solutions. Since its official release in early 2017, Hypervsn solution by Kino-mo was named among 10 best technologies by Yahoo!, USA Today & Inc Magazine. Hypervsn is a revolutionary visual solution that allows 3D videos to appear floating in the air and being perceived as hi-resolution holograms. Hypervsn is a leading visualisation solution for bussinesses looking for the next big thing in the digital dispaly arena. A109a
EHWA KOREA EHWA Korea is a leading Korean Traditional art that has built on strong reputation in Korea. We are confident that our effort has contributed to creation of the new for man and environment. Najeonchilgi is an important part of traditional decorative art of Korea. This is the most popular Korea's traditional craft. A lacquerware jewelry box decorated with sea shells will make a good gift and is considered one of the best souvenirs by many foreign tourists. B 143
ELLA COSMETIC ELLA COSMETIC is the only pearl-themed Korean cosmetics brand offering products made from pearl, natural oriental herbs and vegetable extracts. (Acquired patents for developing water-soluble pearl powder and pearl powder products). The brand has sold their skincare products in the US market for a long time, which helped further upgrade their product quality, and is now seeking to enter the Asian markets including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, as well as the Central-South America. ELLA COSMETIC is committed to making best quality cosmetics products through constant research and dedication, under our vision to pursue elegant, gem-like beauty similar to what pearl has. B228
ENE CO., LTD. No Filter - No Chemical - No External Power - No Tank. ENSoo is using physicochemical energies of natural minerals and dissimilar metals No Filter, No Chemical, No External Power, No Tank Ionized Water Dispenser. B202~B204
ESPHACO CO. Established in 2015, ESPHACO CO. has started its business as an importer and distributor of professional cosmetics for dermatology clinics and beauty salons. As of today ESPHACO CO. deals with 3 brands from Belgium and Spain and is going to expand its business every year. With the product & market experience, we have launched our own brand ADP, a professional cosmetic brand which stands for Advanced Dermal Protection and its first product is facial sheet mask infused with ionized calcium and mineral water. Its efficacy has been proven by some thousands of users and is looking for a distributor in H.K. and worldwide. B120, B269
FRIGGA COMPANY FRIGGA toothpaste with natural anti-tooth decongestant which is acknowledged as "safe toothpaste" can be used reliably for children, babies sensitive to breast milk, and mothers during pregnancy because Fluoride free. A228
FUJIAN ARTWELL (HOUSEWARE) CO., LTD. High quality Melamine Tablewares,Children Dinner Sets,Serving Trays,Pet Bowls,Planters&etc. A209
FUJIAN NASHIDA ELECTRONIC INCORPORATED COMPANY FUJIAN NASHIDA ELECTRONIC INCORPORATED company specializes in researching and manufacturing household goods for more than 13years. We obtained more than 95 patents about our major product sensor trash can. Our products are popular in North America for 12 years. A191
FUJIAN NEWLONGMA AUTOMOTIVE CO., LTD. Keyton M70 minivan, Keyton Ex80 MPV, Keyton V60 SUV, Keyton M70 EV A203, 204
FUJIAN XIANGDA IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD. Tinplate easy open end, tinplate sheets, tinplate empty cans A187, 188
FUZHOU NINESTARS INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. Company specializes in researching and manufacturing household goods for more than 13years. We obtained more than 95 patents about our major product sensor trash can. Our products are popular in North America for 12 years. A192
FUZHOU NONGFU FOODS CO., LTD. Edible fungus A185
GBSA We, at GBSA, which belongs to Gyoeng-gi province, were first established in 1997. We have been helping many SMEs become adequately equipped and ready to meet international challenges. B196
GCI INC. GCI Inc. was established with the goal of becoming a global small-giant enterprise in wired/wireless convergence industry applying optical measurement technology and wireless modem technology. GCI Inc. will become a world-leading major company of Optical Measuring Equipments by pursuing lineup as top product by developing and applying in-house core technology. B191
GFT CO., LTD. . Global leader of 3D Techonology . Outstanding 3D effect Glasses-free 3D Display . 3D Camera and 3D equipment . Producing high quality of 3D Contents . Ready for 3D broadcasting. B265
GOOD LIGHT We are concentrating low-cost and high efficiency multipurpose portable lighting. The ‘iTorch Hands-free’ is our main product. This is all-in-one portable lighting equipment with all the advantages of various portable lighting. Its light diffusing tube equipped with the convex lens, LED PCB, safety cover and red filter are designed to rotate separately so that a user can choose direction and type of light by simple operation. When an accident, it can be used as a flash signal by putting a red filter on it. B191
GREENLAWN GARDEN PRODUCTS CO. "GREENLAWN" is a well-established Garden Tools manufacture in Taiwan since 1976. We supply our best quality garden tools world-wide, mainly to major DIY store and Garden Centers, as well as well-known company brand in this industry, such as HORNBACH, ALDI And LIDL (GERMANY), SPEAR&JACKSONS, G.F. , (ITALY) ETC. Most customers has been cooperating with us for over 15--20 even 30 years, and still working together. We also do O.E.M. and O.D.M. with customers, we have our own in-house R&D team, and we design special products and packaging for customers world-wide. We have also received many award for our tools, for designs, innovations, and developments, such as the Germany IF Award. Exhibits: Garden Tools and Watering System. A101~A104, A231~A246
GRIPIN INC. GRIPIN is a company specialized in manufacturing IT accessories & Professional design. -Planning and production of accessories needed for IT and in living. -Product planning, product design, visual design, product design. -OEM production. B174
GUANGDONG SPECTRUM INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Guangdong run Pu Industrial Equipment CO., LTD. is a professional engaged in modern logistics, industrial equipment research and development, design, manufacture and sale of solid enterprise. The enterprise has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, mature production technology and improve the pre-sale and after-sales service system, and fully help customers solve storage space Make use of a series of problems that arise Runpu homegrown brand to the global market, direct sales agent: tool cabinet, tool cart, tool cart, locker, table, desk, shelves, mold frame mold workshop station storage equipment customization Lb.30, Lb.31
GUANGDONG YUELIAN INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD. Our company is specialized in universal material testing machines, environmental test chambers, adhesive tapes, bags, and leathers industries test machines and so on. We gathered a group of talents with considerable qualification in the industry and accumulated a large number of customers at home and abroad through years of business. Now we have achieved several patents, certificates and awards, mainly as: TUV and ISO 9001 certifications; CE certificate; Qhee Equity Exchange Listing Code: 668017; China High Technology Enterprise NO:GR201644005361. Lb.06
GUARDIAN ANGEL CO., LTD. Going beyond sales and distribution of oral care products as a manufacturer and distributor specialized in oral care products, Guardian Angel CO., LTD. now provides total marketing service for preventive oral care which supports dental hospitals. B144
GUIN COMMUNICATIONS Since its establishment in 1998, GUIN COMMUNICATIONS has grown into a comprehensive design group that encompasses visuals, products, and public design with the goal of becoming a global design group. B211
H&B CO., LTD. Health & Beauty - H&B Inc. Good ideas, good men, good companies. It was founded on June 1, 2016. Core Business [The manufacture of daily necessities] - Manufacture of toothbrushes : The brand ‘RIGHT LIFE’ [Online sales] - Item : toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup soap - Channel : Social network(Coupang, Wemakeprice, TMON), Open market(Gmarket, 11st, Auction), and many others (Business downsizing). B205, B206
HAEMITEU CO., LTD. Soft and luxury toothbrush. A110
HAENURI Agriculture Corporation Haenuri (Ltd) Paprika is a low calorie food of 20kcal per 100g. It is rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, and fiber. It contains various components such as phytochemicals, carote-noids and capsaicin, and is one of the health foods widely popular. All our paprika products are fresh from Gwangyang Because we pick paprika directly, you can be assured that it is made with more healthy and dean paprika. B112, B123
HANBIT KOREA CO., LTD. The Beautiful skin starts from face washing. We, Hanbit Korea, have been successful for the last 16 years based upon the solid trust of our customers and this led develop the best skincare products with the highest quality Biodynamic, Organic and Natural ingredients. We have a strong belief that soap is the foundation of skin care that made us to develop the bamboo-salt soap for the first time in the world. Since the early 1980s, we have facilitated the emergence of a functional beauty art soap market to prevent skin problems. Our products include red ginseng, brown rice, bamboo and salt body scrub with the light acid cleansing foam (pH 5.5~6.0) all of which created by the inventive minds of our skin care specialists. Our products over 400 different kinds distributed domestically were soon exported abroad. B245
HANFOODS CO., LDT. We produce basic seasoning for Korean food such as a sesame oil, perilla oil, Redpepper powder, Roasted sesame etc., A sesame oil's flavor used in Korean food is little bit different from South-East Asian's. We roast the sesame first then press the roasted sesame to gain oil from it. Thus, Our sesame oil has rich flavor. B124
HANS Based on the opening of our new HANS Co,. LTD. Factories in Moc Bai, VIETNAM and Daejeon, S.Korea, we come a step closer to our goal of becoming a comprehensive and internationally recognized company. HANS is dedicated to producing safety shoes for customers and industries. Since its establishment in 1993, HANS history is full of challenge to creative innovation and the future. Our innovative products realized with advanced technical power are everywhere in the industrial sites. For the 24 years, HANS Industries has taking the initiatives in safety boots industry of Korea. To meet the increasing demand, we have expanded manufacturing lines with test equipments that can produce high quality safety boots, in additon to developing new materials and designs. A comany that is creating the future of new safety boots! An excellent enterprise loved by the customers and employees! B125
HANYOO SYSTEM CO., LTD. - Company was established in 1991 and has been located in Seoul, Korea. Three factories are at Gyunggi province, Korea. - It is specialized in manufacturing many different kinds of public seating at affordable prices and high quality and it has been installed and supplied seating all over the world. - It continually emphases on improvements of different kinds of public seating in order to meet and satisfy clients’ and markets’ wants and needs. - The productions streamline mainly includes supply, fabricate and deliver and it provides clients trust on our professional operations. B207
HAOR INC. We have expertise in the beauty industry, and our product lines include cosmetics, inner beauty, and salt. The main product, Avolapeaute, is a cosmeceutical brand, an amazing cosmetic product developed using raw materials, like PDRN, PLLA, Stem Cell, used in hospitals. Currently, dermatologies and plastic surgeries are supplied as a management program, and the products are also sold to general consumers. B173
HEALTH&THRILL.CO., LTD. Reports and thrilling thrill extremes with out the conctraint of location and obstacles. B112, B123
HEBEI HHUAFA EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY CORP CO., LTD. Hebei Huafa Education Technology Corp., Ltd (HF) is one of the national high-tech enterprises, specializes in the researching and manufacturing of LED multi touch screen (all-in-one), smart interactive whiteboard for smart classroom, school and conference, owning dozens of software copyright and software registration certification. HF emphasizes the needs and development of man-machine high-tech products, insisting on the principle of professional, focus, keep vitality ahead and pragmatic innovation, strive to be the one of top supplier in this field, to make life more convenient and healthy. All products have been widely promoted and appreciated from the various markets of the world. D
HEBEI MODEM STEEL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Is located in qiaotou industrial zone, wuyi county, hengshui city, hebei province, with a registered capital of RMB 118 million yuan. Is specialized is engaged in the army camp supplies, colleges and universities, primary and secondary school buildings, furniture, such as apartment bed, fluctuation bed, military bed, desks and chairs, etc.) and office furniture, set product development, production and sales integration of modern enterprises. The company has more than 400 employees, more than 100 overseas sales staff, and the products are sold all over the country, which is the largest local production enterprise. With Italy, Japan, and well-known large enterprises to introduce large hydraulic plate shears, panasonic welding robot workstation, automatic large precision cutting saw, edge banding machine, sanding machine and cleaning machine equipment. There are special personnel to adopt CAD and 3D design, and strictly follow the national execution standard production. Member of China furniture association, Beijing association of furniture industry outstanding enterprises, has passed the GB/T 19001-2008 / iSO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, GB/T 24001-2004 / ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, GB/T 28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification, certification of Chinese environment mark, etc., and won the "certificate of secondary institutions purchasing furniture enterprises in hebei province", by hebei law submitted to the "rule of law, heavy credit, promote service" enterprises. The main products of the company are: enterprises, institutions, schools and special steel furniture, such as apartments, beds, military beds, desks and chairs. Clients involve government agencies, enterprise groups, colleges and universities, troops and so on. Our products are rich in variety, fashionable design, exquisite workmanship, strict selection of materials, not only pay attention to the quality of the products, but also attach importance to after-sales service, which is well received by the customers. Hebei modern steel will provide you with the "efficient office, easy learning, harmonious life" more perfect comfortable office, study and living space! Chairman xiao aimin together with all staff to create brilliant! D
HEBEI PAPER MACHINE CLOTHING CO., LTD. Hebei Hehuang Paper machine clothing Co,Ltd. is a high and new tech enterprise specializing in the production of Paper maching clothing. Our high tech production line:twelve sets of weaving machines from Juergens, Jäger and Texo; Two sets warping machine; Six sets WIS automatic seaming machine; Four sets heatsetting machines from KE and Jäger. Our main production are series of froming fabric and dry fabric for the paper. Forming Fabric includes: single layer fabric, Two layers fabric, Two and half layers fabric, and triple layers fabric. Dryer Fabric includes: Double layers round yarns dryer fabric, one and a half layers round yarns dryer fabric, single-flat warps dryer fabric, double-flat warps dryer fabric. D
HENAN YONGXING BOILER GROUP CO., LTD. Henan Yongxing Boiler Group CO., founded in 90s,covering area of 230 acres, 3 production factories, six subsidiaries, registered capital of over a hundred million, with A-class boiler and pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualification. The group has passed through ISO 9001 international quality system authentication, ISO 14001 environment management system certification, A-class quality and credit enterprise of Henan province honor and other industrial enterprises authentication and certificates. A157
HERBEARTH Hair Product Special list with natural ingredients. We want a partner who can work with us in trust for success. We got unique items for Viet market with good price. Come & be my partner! B259
HJ INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC CO., LTD. HJ Industrial Electric CO., LTD., established in 1998, we have accmulated a lot of experiences in the field of electric design for a period 19 years from establishment of the corporation in Korea. We have excellent technology and competitiveness against other competitors especially in the electric. Specialized products developed by HJ Industrial Systems provides reinforced safety against the damages from electrical accidents. Multiple protection distribution boards developed by HJ Industrial Systems has been standardized separately as distribution board for house hold, PM, LM. These distribution boards meet the domestic fire safety standard for the emergency light (NFSC 304) and are equipped with safety device protecting electronics from over voltage and surge damage. B140
HOKAIDO VACUUM TECHNOLOGY (INT'L) GROUP LIMITED RH Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuumn Pump, Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump,RC Oil Free Claw Type Vacuum Pump ,RSP Series Vacuum Pump,RVT Roots Vacuum Pump Lb.32
HUANGHUA FAITHFUL IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. Huanghua Faithful Instrument CO., LTD. is a specialized supplier of scientific and laboratory instruments and have our own brand TYFSF and FAITHFUL. Faithful has established enviable reputation for its ability to design and manufacture high quality products, now we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing instruments as well as distributing world-renowned products and offering unmatched scientific performance and proven value. We have obtained CE certificate and passed the ISO9001. Our main products include: Drying Oven, Incubator, Magnetic Stirrer, Heating Mantle, Stainless Steel Water Still, Growth Chamber with Humidity Control, Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace, Water Bath, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Disintegrator, Vortex Mixer and etc. Not only the good quality products sell in the Domestic Market, but also exported to Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Iraq and etc. And we have received widely good reputation from worldwide customers. We sincerely thank our customer for the supports, and we are willing to build long-term cooperation with new and old friends. D
HUWANT Everyone is in a convenient, healthy and happy world. - We are manufacturing and supplying healthcare products to improve the quality of life for the socially disadvantaged, such as the elderly and the disabled, and for the healthy and convenient daily life of all people. - We are striving to localize rehabilitation aids and daily necessities for rehabilitation of the elderly, the disabled, and patients. - We are seeking import substitution and export by developing and producing IoT healthcare products that incorporate ICT technology. B218
HYUNSOO CO., LTD. 100% hand made directly, it is natural soap. Rooibos oil, Aspalathus Linearis Extract are basically blended into a soap base. Supplying beneficial ingredients to your skin from infants to the elderly, deep moisturizing power and clean cleaning power is a natural soap that helps your skin health. B120, B269
IDC CO., LTD. Specialized in smart device accessories, multipurpose smart hand grip stand "Tok Tok Ultra Anti Shock Film, Flexile Anti Shock Full Cover, Surface Cover film". A111
INCHEON FREE ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY Working, living and enjoying all take place in one place, IFEZ. IFEZ is a unique and futurist city where global businesses blossom and life becomes rich. Developing into an area of international business receiving global attention, IFEZ is writing a new history of success. When the leading competitiveness of IFEZ and your vision meet, nothing is impossible. IFEZ will run with until it becomes the center of the world. B255
INECO CO., LTD. INECO coporation is specialized in functional eco-friendly building materials. The environmentally friendly function of controlling humidity in space, cleaning harmful substances, and removing bad smells is performed by itself without external help. In addition, INECO's technology has the function of blocking the access of mosquitoes and the convenience function of improving immunity. Our products improve the environment of the space with the above functionality, creating a healthy and beautiful space. B202~B204
INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY LAB CO., LTD. ITL CO., LTD. has 5 key business fields such as IP consulting, IP technology transfer/business, Technology strategy consulting and standard research, standard consulting, Bio-business etc. ITL offer the best total solution to clients bases on differentiated know-how and ability. The Bio-business is planning / developing / producing customized health functional foods and beauty products that can manage the rough life cycle from infants to the elderly. In addition, we plan to develop foreign current producing products based on overseas demand which focus on Korea's cosmetic and health functional food. Pipeline products consist of demand-based line (Probiotics, Dietary fibers, Foam cleanser, Acne soap), Cooperative development line (Joint and liver health functional foods) and self - developed line (environmental diseases, hair loss). B180
INSUNGENPLA CO., LTD. We make the best product that contains the soul and create customer value, and will strive to become a company that contributes to core foundation industries of the country. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has been growing as a one meeting global standards based on enhanced product competitiveness through the constant quality improvement with the goal of customer satisfaction. We are committed to play a key part in the growth of the national infrastructure industry by focusing on parts industry and localization in Korean automobiles, mobile phone, precise optics and LED, etc. we will try our best to grow and develop to a hidden champion of the first global vendors by a continued focus on research and development in the armed spirit of make something out of nothing. B232
INTECH CO., LTD. Ergonomic Design mask with replaceable filters with fashion and function to achieve new generation masks. Non- toxic Materials and it can be boilded. No fog on the glasses though mask is worn. B183
I-SPACE CO., LTD. If our children grow better, smarter and more creative, this world will be a better place. ISpace CO., LTD. was established in February 2015 with the development of educational toys for children and special purpose paper for industrial use. B118, B119
ITVILLAGE CO., LTD. In 2017, Itvillage CO., LTD. announced the "All IT in itvillage" as its slogan, offering the vision of "All IT services in Itvillage". Through Itvillage's technology, people can trust each other. I want to make a new experience so that I can communicate with the world in peace, Business Area: 1. IT Consulting & Development 2. System Integration & Maintenance 3. Retail Solution & Service. B197
IVY STATIONERY CO., LTD. Premium gifts and Stationery A226
J.FASHION CO., LTD. As a manufacturing company specializing in functional underwear and no show socks, J.Fashion produces no show socks for women, men & children,fashion no show socks, functional no show socks, indoor slippers, insulated no show socks, seamless functional underwear, arm warmers, leg warmers,and warmers.Researchers and technicians of J.Fashion continue to research and develop products, and keep working hard to make more comfortable, stylish,practical, and sensual products. Furthermore, we produce each product with utmost care. Our products are sold domestically at department stores,marts and markets under the brand name VERNUBE, and exported to all over the world including Japan, USA and Europe. B129
JC MACHINERY CORPORATION LIMITED JC MACHINERY CORPORATION LIMITED, Located in famous industrial production base Dongguan china。Specialized in CNC machinery research,manufacturing and sales,with its products covering WEDM-MS series、Hih-speed EDM microhole Drilling Machine series、Electrical discharge machine series and CNC machine tool. Lb.28, Lb.29
JINIT CO., LTD. JINIT, an enterprise specialized in digital video/broadcasting equipment which has done its best to develop and supply digital video equipments since established in 1996, has supported the development and establishment of integrated video broadcasting system as well as digital multimedia reservation broadcasting system, digital video edit system, internet broadcasting/network broadcasting system. JINIT is a firm to grow along with customers by the willingness of engineers with the highest technical skills and constant R&D. B230
JSK BIOMED Inc. JSK Biomed Inc. was established in 2015 to create revolutionary solutions to the anti-aging industry. Currently we are focusing on developing medical devices for cosmetic procedures, especially new types of injectors used to give anti-aging treatment in hospitals or clinics. B120, B269
KIM'S CHEM CO., LTD. Kim's Chem CO., LTD. Is a company specializing in eco-friendly kitchen products and a company continuously growing with product expertise. B167
KISED *About KISED: Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development *Purpose of Establishment: -Contribute to the development of the national economy through the growth of startup businesses and job creation by cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit and promote the technology-based startups of future entrepreneurs B166~192, B258~260, B210
KONGMAEUL. LTD Convenient capsule food for busy modern people Natto's unique smell is not medicine in capsule, it is health food. B166
KOREA BRUSH CO., LTD. Korea Brush started the business of manufacturing precision brushes for dental cosmetics and other industries in 2009. Korea Brush is specialized in the field of oral health and hygiene items for the basic healthy items in Korea, such as interdental brushes, dental floss, tongue cleaners. We have 70% market share in pharmacy and on-line market. B145
KOREA DOCTOR The“Korea Doctor”is a company dedicated to export products around the world, including China, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. The main manufactured items of our company consisting of industrial protectors, hospital protectors, and protectors for sports. The company pioneered exports of various excellent products to overseas. Double - happiness' is the company slogan , focusing on doing the best for the great result. Protectors known as second muscles to strenghten the joints. In order to optimize it function, the protectors is designed thinner, softer, non-sweating and structured with minerals into the fabric using Copper Powder Manufacturing Method which integrate four skills to produce the patented protectors. We appreciate your support and encouragement. We promise to give full efforts to extend our exports market in the future. B195
KOREA ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Power Phoenix (secondary Portable Battery) - Lithium-Polymer battery cell - enhanced safety use by Auto-amperage control circuit PCB - High-speed Charging function - Slim design compared to capacity / aluminum material - Shake function : Check the nattery power level when you shake. B132
KYUNGSEO E&P We KYUNGSEO E&P was established in 1992 in KOREA and leading manufacturer of commercial Extractor and Liquid Packing Machine. Many other companies are using our products, in Vietnam there are many national hospitals and they are using our product for making and packing health care food and liquid. Also food, drink, pharmacy industry are using our products. Today KYUNGSEO E&P is exporting its products to about 24 countries. B221
LANWEI OPTICAL CO., LTD. Our customers are online marketing, Outdoor Club, Government organs, and military organizations everywhere in the world A135
LEDIXON, INC. LEDIXON, INC. is a R&D company to provide LED Lighting Remote Control System, wireless solution and manufacturing the products under its own brand name. LEDIXON is formed of the principal professional engineers who have a plenty of development and engineering experience about wireless and system control. LEDIXON keeps a good relationship with the customers with based on trust for a long time. - Mobile & WLL supply to EVNTel - Wireless Remote Control Device Develoment and manufacture - Street LED Development and manufacture - M2M Solution provider (LTE, 3G, NBIOT so on.). B187
LEEDANGTEX Leedangtex is a curtain factory specializing in handmade curtains. As a curtain manufacturer, Leedangtex produces handmade and manually printed curtains as its stable products. A121, A122
LENA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. LENA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is dedicated to find natural and innovative skincare and cosmetic product. Simple, fast and effective are the basis of all LENA products. We use natural ingredients to balance our skin and adjust skin metabolism, makes skin healthy and beautiful. OEM & ODM: Our professional staff can assist unique company like you to create your own unique skincare and cosmetic products. We promise to give you the best price with high quality products.. Exhibits: Cosmetics, Skin care, Brush, Scent products, small beauty equipments A101~A104, A231~A246
LEPAO TOYS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Lepao Potential Development Puzzle Education Building Blocks. Lepao mainly simple 8 different shapes of building blocks and the combination of ever-changing random-like way can easily play unlimited creativity, increase self-confidence of learners. And complete the combination of solid structures can be used as a general toy products, more market other blocks do not have instruction manual and DVD teaching, better help children learn. A101~A104, A231~A246
LIFECORE INSTRUMENT INC Distributors having experienced to sell healthcare, home & houseware, electronics products, distributors having good distribution network in TV shopping, Multi Level Marketing and department store. B139
LOGOSCRAFT LOGOSCRFT CO., LTD. is one of the reputable leading manufacturers of kitchenware in Korea. The main items are Kitchen Tools & Baskets. We mainly supply our products to major domestic hypermarkets. Since 2005 we also have exported to overseas markets such as the U.S. and enjoyed good reputation there because of the good quality and reasonable price of our goods. B225
LONGYAN HONGSHUN TRADING CO., LTD. Weight bench, inversion table, power cagele, etc. Sport equipment A206
LUUTECH.CO., LTD. Korean-made sports/bike LED light development & manufacturer. Company brand, "LUU Light" is distributed nationally and exported internationally. E-bike motor kit is in the process of launch in 2017. B214
LYCL INC LYCL has been running Korean biggest mobile beauty service(UNPA, 2 million downloads) for 5 years. From big data we have such as skin tone and skin type, product review score, we can find unmet needs succesfully. Also we can tune product to market thanks to our users by testing sample and interview with. UNPA. cosmetics can be purchased at OLIVE YOUNG(Korean biggest H&B store) and SHINSEGAE DUTY FREE. B169
MEDICOCO CO., LTD. KFDA medical appliances manufacturing approval (No. 2626)KFDA medical appliances manufacturing item approval "cocomedi"(No. 08-77),Acquisition of invention patent “Male sexual enhancement device using vacuum pressure”.The device is an approved formal medical device that is used to improve blood flow inside the genitals such as the clitoris and corpus spongiosum etc. by applying physical energy with negative pressure to the genitals. 1.Erectility Enhancement Effect, 2.Penis Boost Effect , 3.Premature Ejaculation, Improvement Effect. B141
MENGHANXIU KNITTING FORM Meng Hanxiu Knitwear Commercial Company has been dedicated to producing all kinds of sports socks and football socks for 16 years and factory house keeps.Adhering to the business philosophy “Good Faith First & Product Quality First”. Currently, we have owned loyal customers from many countries and regions such as Europe, the US, the Middle East and South America. Friends from all fields are welcome to visit us, give us suggestions or negotiate business with us A147
MINIROBOT CORP. Minirobot is the developer, manufacture and seller of various humanoid, education robot and robot contents, which are called METAL FIGHTER/ ROBONOVA II, MINIROBO. Featuring the unique design and technology with an excellent line of Robot, Minirobot's products are being used in various filed of Robot world and Minirobot is recognized as a professional manufacturing by worldwide customers. Minirobot is the company which is trying hard to give dream, hope and pleasure to the people and it bring us the great reputation in Robot world. B250
MITI SYSTEMS INC MITI Systems has developed a polyhedral microcrystal technology that creates micro channels in the skin that increase absorption of active ingredients. The technology has been used to skin care applications. MITI Systems also has a range of additional complementary products such as the Microneedle Roller and Stamp. MITI Systems was founded in 2008, is based in Daejeon, South Korea. B137
MORNINGTOUCH CO., LTD. Morning Touchspecializes in the in the production of functional packaging productmaterials and has developed as a leading company in logistics packaging industry through innovative logistics wrapping paper that was applied with multi-layer film technology. Morning Touch has been best-positioned in the field by producing functional films that are highly usable in overall areas in the industry including double-sized parcel film, safe envelope, and heat-resisting PE film from the development of resources and multi-film. B201
MORRIS PEN CORPORATION Morris Pen Corporation has been fast-growing as a market leader of the stationery industry and develping many kinds of new product every year. With our continuouse effort to improve our techinical skills and product quality, we have been able to obtain good reputation as well as many world-wide patents and certificates which make us recognized in the recent market challenging, competitive more and more. With Morris pen, you can enjoy your writing! B234
N-CHOICE CO., LTD. N-Choice is a food company specializing in the development and production of foods under the corporate philosophy that it will supply new-concept foods using materials harvested from nature that will be beneficial to our body. B121
ND ELECTRONICS (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD. ND Industries is US.No.1 self locking and coating solution provider. It is based in Detroit,Michigan US. It has offices and plants all over the world. Please contact Asia head office for details: A162
NEI QIA TE KE (TIANJIN) INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. The company was founded in September 2011. Japan's imports of industrial products (chemicals, equipment, spare parts, lubricants, adhesives, etc.) auto packaging products (shipment with logistics equipment, factory turnover with utensils, on-site production line equipment, auxiliary production labor loading fixture) design development and production, including electrical parts 】 【 about steel structure welding, electrical maintenance tally fortifications, etc D
NIGERIA-VIETNAM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Nigeria-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and industry (NVCCI) in Collaboration with small and medium enterprises development agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) Products of Nigeria Exhibition (Ponex 2017) A224
NINGBO S&D METALWORK CO., LTD. Ningbo S&D Metalwork CO., LTD. is a professional Metalwork Company and Dock Hardware Distributor in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, specializes in Fasteners, such as Bolts, Nuts, Threaded Rods and Washers, with standard ANSI, ASTM, DIN, BS, ISO, etc, Stamping parts and Casting parts, according to CAD drawing and samples. Welcome to the Custom Design. A160
NJYBIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. NJY has made a huge effort to develop new materials for preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth with a combination of multiple herbal extracts for the last 15 years and finally made it succeed. We’ve got its effects and safety confirmed and verified with some clinical trials conducted on animals and human bodies. Along with this advancement, we established a corporate laboratory for consistent R&D and manufacturing better products for all. We are now developing brand lines based on our novel techniques and producing high quality cosmetics by OEM/ODM orders not only for local customers but also those worldwide. B244
NORTH DISTRICT OF GU 'AN COUNTY INDUSTRIAL PARK Automobile oil pump, water pump, steering gear D
OLON INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. 100% cotton Towel A101~A104, A231~A246
OUYALUHE INTERNATIONAL TRADE (TIANJIN) CO., LTD. The company is a professional research and development, production of LED lighting equipment technology enterprises. The company has sophisticated production equipment and testing equipment, through a variety of testing and certification, key parts, parts adopts international famous brand products, high quality core parts are kori, osram, philips, Addison, puri, such as, the company provides. The products of our company can be manufactured by strict testing and inspection, so as to ensure the reliable quality. This company's product application field widely, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting decoration, such as airports, ports, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, hospitals, Bridges, roads, residential, villa, home, leisure, entertainment, etc. Products are: LED lights available, LED flood light, LED ceiling lamp, LED cup lamp, LED bulb,LED wall lamp,LED mining lamp,LED track light,LED bean gallbladder,LED panel light,LED washing,LED underwater light etc。. If customers have special needs, can design and manufacture products according to the customers' wishes to meet the lighting requirements of various states. Our tenet: quality first, customer first, service first. Rigorous scientific and technological innovation and perfect after-sales service, as the foundation of the company, establish a good corporate image and brand image. D
PALBO TRADE Established in 2014, Palbo Trade produces and exports sports goggles and polarized sunglasses. With our own brand 'Albatro', we are committed to exporting our products which boast its over 60 different designs. B215
PLUSWING Company : PLUSKIN Slogan : Everyone has brilliant Moments. - Our products use strictly selected ingredients and prescriptions to shine your every moment and pursue efficient and reasonable skin care routines. A natural costetic brand created by skin specialists. Constantly researches and strives to maintain the best skin condition of consumers by using advanced professional aesthetic treatments and nature-friendly raw materials so that modern people can always enjoy their healthy skin and life even in busy life. B186
PNK HITECH CO., LTD. We have a 70% of market share in DC to AC inverter in Korea and have excellent quality and price competitivenes/ and export to USA , Iran etc. B251
POP-TECH Since the start of business with Dent Cleaner in October 2007 and registration of trademark of ORALPIK in 2012, Pop-Tech Co. has been trying to become the best company to maximize customers’ satisfaction by providing excellent after-service and continuous investment in R & D. B247
PT. SINAR ANTJOL Established since 1942, our journey started from one product - a laundry bar in a home industry environment. In line with the development of time, the need for high quality detergent with affordable price is increasing. This change is well anticipated by our company as proven by the innovation of the first cream detergent in Indonesia in 1970's. Now, with more than 80 items ranging from personal care, hair care, toiletries, detergent, household cleaner, and factories capable of producing hundreds thousand tons of cleaning products for local as well as international market, PT. Sinar Antjol has become one of the major players in the consumer goods industry in Asia. A 215, 216
R.O.C.K CO., LTD. High Snail Cream contains snail mucilage extract ingredient 20% (saponin) which contains red ginseng. It enhances the anti-inflammatory effect, hyaluronic acid which has excellent calming and absorbing ability, whitening, sunscreen extract of Tanaka extract (Rimnia ascii extract) Contains ceramide (2,000ppm) to brighten, rough and dry the skin and moisturizes the skin. Puttist is the world first "putting meter" and what putting meter does is to help players build a sense of each putting distance from 6ft to 50ft. The longer the better. Of course, we all do this on the green everyday but what Puttist can do better is to save your precious time in the most innovative way called 'One-Ball Solution". Don't wait to see your ball to stop from rolling or why waste your time to even fetch the ball? These are the time that we thought inevitable but think about it, when the putting distance becomes longer, time being wasted will exponentially increase! B176
RANKISS CO., LTD. A Company that strives to create healthful and elegant beauty. We produce skin care and cosmetic products that we are satisfied with and that are wanted by all the customers out there, RANKISS’ goal of creating better-functioning, healthier and safer cosmetics made us who we are today. Our Brand La Bellona product is a high level of hydration and nourishment, softening and improving the skin texture by natural ingredients. Prevent water evaporation to skin surface with moisturize. Give a sleek smooth the skin and maintain the mistrusting effect to dry skin and keep moisture retention. Three kinds of ferment filtrate help keep skin healthy. B242
RAPPOL "A brand by researcher mom and dad" who experienced the pain of two children. A sleepless night due to a scratching sound and a hopeless cry holding small hands. Only those who have experienced these know the best. Our customers have experienced a miracle in which two chidren running away with painful, hurting skin brought Rappol and apply it on themselves on their own. To repay our customers' continuous love, we are working very hard day and night to make milder, more effective healing cosmetics. B112, B123
RESS GROUP CO., LTD. Ress Group CO., LTD. established in 1995, owns a number of production-oriented factories. At present, ranked the Taiwan domestic market in mainly gas water heater tank and secondly in parts supply; specializes in providing customized merchandise for overseas customers and recommend products for performance, specifications, assembly technology has provided a wide range of expertise, and continue to develop a new generation of high-quality products; to provide quality and efficient long-term support services for overseas customers. Exhibit: Gas Cooker, Water Heater, Water Distiller , Induction Cooker, Ultrasonic cleaner. A101~A104, A231~A246
RETO KOREA ■. Clean Contact Lens ■. Hydrogel Contact Lens ■. Comfortable Free Base Curve ■. Contact Lens Zero Gravity Blister Packaging ■. ECO Blister Packaging B116, B117
RUIDA IMPORT & EXPORT LIMITED COMPANY Ruida import and export trading company mainly engaged in various types of calculators, timers and so on. Have good reputation guarantee, welcome new and old customers to buy A144
SAEANG CO., LTD. Saeang CO., LTD. is the traditional herb-oriented hair cosmetics company pursuing the healthy hair and scalp professionally. Saeang CO., LTD.' representative herbal hair cosmetics brand "Saeangmeori" released the "Saeangmeori Oriental Herb Eoyumi" shampoo set which is authorized as a sanitary aid that is effective in preventing hair loss. "Eoyumi" shampoo sets are being sold in 25 retailers throughout the country. B254
SANDSMART (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Sandsmart (Shanghai) CO., LTD. is a UK-invested professional manufacturer of foam-based abrasive sanding products located in Shanghai, China. Our products include sanding pads, blocks, discs, and manicure items in various sizes, grains and colours. The main application areas of our products are electronics, automotive, woodworking, home improvement, D.I.Y., and manicure fields. They are used to remove the uneven parts of metals, woods, paints, walls, and other workpieces, and to achieve a uniform and smooth surface. A158
SEJITECH CO., LTD. SEJITECH is designing and manufacturing mixers of optimized type according to the characteristics and purpose of various raw materials. Particularly, the mixing process, which is one of the most important processes in the industrial field, requires precision (quality) and rapid (productivity) mixing. We have 30 years of experience and know-how in this field, and we are a specialized company of powder mixing equipment that continuously conducts R & D. B223
SEKWANG TECH CO., LTD. "Realization of Customer Satifaction and Customer Impresion" Sekwang Tech CO., LTD. Is a manegement philosophy. Since its inception, we have been proud of costomer satisfaction and customer satisfaction. As a result, we have gained important positions in the domestic and overseas medical and comestic industries, and have become a leader in reliability and advanced technology. This robust growth is a result of cosistent management philosophy, " technology that puts the health that is in the first place in hand first" and mind-set that puts faith and trust first. Sekwang Tech CO., LTD. is confident that we will grow fast in medical devices and beauty devices in the future. We promise to be a company that is impressed by all the costomers who are treated not only to treat the health of the body but also to the mind. B231
SENIOR CARE INNOVATION LIMITED Cosmetic and Medical cosmetic B106
SEOUL JANGOO CO., LTD. Established in 1962, the Seoul Korean Rice Liquor Brewing Association is the nation’s largest and oldest brewer of the traditional Korean rice liquor, MAKGEOLLI. Walmae Makgeolli has been developed to suit the tastes of the younger generation and foreign customers and provides a great blending of carbonate and Makgeolli. Walmae Canned Makgeolli can be preserved for a long time and carried around conveniently and easily. Red Ginseng Makgeolli is a premium drink that harmonizes red ginseng and makgeolli. Using a 6 years old red ginseng, you can feel its smoothness and strong flavor. It contains healthful ingredients of rice and red ginseng. B268
SEUNGWON Portable gas stove, Pot, Frying pan, Memory Foam pillow. A220
SHABATH CO., LTD. Shabath CO., LTD., specializing in household items pursuing emotional designs, has grown into a leading company in the same field in Korea. B243
SHENG C HUN TANG PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Li Kang Biotechnical CO., LTD. was founded in 1990 as a newly established biochemical manufacturer with modernized factory and advanced facilities qualified to produce nutraceuticals and functional food. GMP accredited company. Throughout 3 decades plus of expertise and experience, rhe Group pledges to do more and better in order to produce excellent products for consumers under its principal, Innovation, Quality and Service. Exhibit: Chinese herbal pain relief plaster, western pain relief patch, pain relief balm, pain relief spray A101~A104, A231~A246
SHENZHEN CYLAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Clever Dog, is committed to improving the living quality of global users by providing a new generation of household intelligent hardware devices, like Dangdang Smart Doorbell and Smart Camera series. In 2015, Cylan put forward the concept of “Make life better with science and technology". And from the enterprise strategy, Clever Dog also trying to customize kinds of smart home solutions for users. All we do is for a smarter life. A214
SHENZHEN PULIERDE TECH CO., LTD. ShenZhen Pulierde Technology CO., LTD. is a Chinese consumer electronics company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. We are the largest Android-base TV boxes and smart TV boxes manufacturer in China native market. In 2016, the annual shipment of Pulierde was over 3,580,000 and the total activity users reached 10 million. We have strategic cooperations with Rockchip, Allwinner and Amlogic to support us design competitive and innovative products. For R&D department, there are 50 engineers and programmers, and our company has over 300 employees in totally A175
SHUH DEAN FARMING & INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Environmentally Friendly. Soteck Emphasizes Product Safety, Quality, Function and Design. Soteck Corporation was founded in 1992, specializing in producing hacksaws, pruning saws, knife sets and tool sets. Soteck has passed the ISO-9001 and the factory evaluation of BSCI, earned multiple product patents and GS product standard certification from Germany. In material choices, we insist on using plastic materials that doesn’t contain PAHs and REACH; on quality control, we imported the latest measuring machines; we also imported several fully automatic machines; we also own the most professional R&D team which is able to meet the needs for OEM and ODM from clients. Our major markets are Europe, North America, Middle East, Japan and Southeast Asia. Exhibit: Pruning saw, Hand saw, Hack saw, Knife A101~A104, A231~A246
SISCO FLOW CONTROL CO., LTD. SISCO FLOW CONTROL CO., LTD. is a quality oriented exporter specializing in designing, manufacturing and distributing butterflyvalve, wafer check valve, and other industrialvalves. The company was founded in 2005 in Tianjin China with aninitial capital of RMB 50 million (approximately USD 7.7 million).Most of our products are exporting to United States, Britain, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Poland. The average annual turnover for last 3 years is USD 30 million. Our products have been highly recognized by many customers and enjoy great popularity in European and American markets. D
SJ TECH CO., LTD. We bring convenience to our customers lives with advanced technology. Founded in 1974, we ,SJ Tech CO., LTD., are specialized manufacturer of seals for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, which is the key mechanical components identified in the national Parts and Material Development Road Map. Our customers include Hyundai Heavy Industries, Doosan Infracore, Volvo, Parker, Kato and Festo etc. B127
SMART CO., LTD. Smart CO., LTD. Was constituted by completing and launching products 'SMART SHEET(LGP film)' and 'WATER ZERO(advertising self-adhesive film)' through for long period of research and development by experts who were in BLU fields, LED light box fields, Panel light field, optical technology field, and more other fields. Hereby Smart CO., LTD. will grow to a company who can offer total solution in digital printing media field with SMART SHEET and WATER ZERO. B184
SMARTCITYGRID CO., LTD. Company Vision: A software engineering firm that is specialized in Smart Networking using Beacon and IoT based system. Business Mission : Beyond the Service, Beyond the Experience, Beyond the Trend, Beyond the Value. Business Areas : 1. Smart Air (Climate change adaptation service) 2. Environment∙IoT Solution. B171
SMARTRON POWER CO., LTD. Since its establishment in February 2011, SMARTRON POWER CO., LTD. has become a leading company in waterproof type LED converters by investing in R&D and reliability, and is a POWER company that develops waterproof LED converters, chargers and renewable energy fields. B192
SONGHWA FOOD SongHwa Food, devote ourselves to always trying to provide customers with the best quality products at the reasonable price under the management principles that no company pursuing profit only can survive in the 21st century food market and all staff and executives in our company are trying to make a company First, putting top priority on customer health. Second, pursuing the best quality product. Third, realizing to set price reasonably. Thus, we are confident that we can grow together with customers when we put top priority on customer health and when we supply customers with the best quality products that customers can always trust and want to buy. B240
SUNBONG FOOD CO., LTD. The name Sunbong comes from the Chinese characters Sun(宣 ) with the meaning of“beingkind” and Bong(奉 ) with the meaning of “respect,” and the word represents the company’s enterprise spirit. Even when developing a single product, the production is based on the philosophy of developing only reliable food products.It does not hire marketing staff and only competes with quality thus making available high quality products that can satisfy all customers Its management philosophy and objective is to provide high quality delicious food products. B237
SUNYUL CO., LTD. About FINI Organics Purely, Gorgeous Organic Skin Care, Solution For Youthful, Healthy Skin. Our organic and holistic skin care products are created with great care and are bring harmony, balance and rhythm to your skin. Natural substances are selected to interact with and support the healthy functioning of the skin. B188
SYSTECH-ONE CO., LTD. * Table Heater: Table heaters with excellent space utilization and low power consumption. It can be used alone by attaching it to the bottom of the table. Power consumption of 110Wh per person. Heater to get warm effect of knee attached to table. * Dial Password Digital Door Lock: A security-enhanced way of entering passwords. Enter a password that is visible only to you. Low-cost digital door locks for high security. Convenient freezing system using smartphone. B190
T.Y.M CO., LTD. We are specialized in development of car dash cam with OEM&OEM production to satisfy customer's demand. We have been exporting over 10 years in this industry to more than 10 countries. B229
TAEJUNG Taejung has been specializing in manufacturing fine rubber products for cars, industries and various electronics for 30 years since its founding in 1985. Taejung designs, develops, produces and sells products according to the various demands of consumers and the social need and also sets the company's top priority as pursuing customer satisfaction in service activities. Taejung promises our customers that we will establish the best quality with affordable price offerings as the a leader in fine rubber component manufacturer and will realize our customers values through customer oriented management. B233
TAILUP CO., LTD. Tailup provides the best conditions to enjoy the sports. We provide the reliable products with the idea that sports people choose the best brand which has both the stylish design and the function. We are selling BONHUER line, DUEL line, Badminton goods etc. B212
TAIZHOU LI AN MACHINERY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Our company specializes in manufacturing various types of wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist. Our capacity from 300kg to 35t. A159
TANGSHAN AN LONG TRADING CO., LTD. Founded in August, 2013, registered capital of three million yuan, located in the tangshan high-tech zone. The company mainly deals in fluorite, ceramics, information consulting and merchandise import and export business. Products of this exhibition is "the sea cucumber peptide series products: active peptide is a substance in the body, it can promote cell division, adjust the metabolism of cells, guarantee the quality and quantity of protein synthesis in cells and speed is in normal state, the reasonable utilization of protein, which control the body's growth and development, aging and disease. The "bioactive peptide" is the biological function of the "active peptide", which is the essential "liquid cake" of the human body. D
TBEA TIANJIN TRANSFORMERS CO., LTD. TBEA TIANJIN TRANSGOTMERS CO., LTD. was found on 28th July, 1999, which was held by TBEA Stock CO., LTD. and Tianjin Electric Industrial Stock Group Company and specialized in manufacturing Dry-type Transformers.The technical research in the top position in domestic transformer industry. Relaying on the powerful ability of technology development and excellent technical expertise team of TBEA, the company has been awarded by Tianjin Municipal Government as Technology Innovation Enterprise of Tianjin and Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center in the year of 2003. Within the few years,TBEA Tianjin Transformers CO., LTD. has finished the research and development for distribution transformer, traction rectifier transformer, earthing transformer, dry-type transformer with H class insulation, amorphous metal dry-type transformer,arc-suppression reactor, 18,42 pulse wave rectifier transformer,SSC9-10000/35 three phases dry-type transformer and other special transformers and non standard dry-type transformers and dry-type reactors and also won two national level patents Among them SC(SCB)10-30-2500/10 cast resin dry-type transformer was awarded the National Key New Product Certificate, the 18 pulse wave rectifier program was also presented as second award of Technology Innovation of Tianjin,SSC-10000/35 was presented as first award of Technology Innovation of Tianjin and ZTSC-630-5000/6-18 pulse wave medium voltage rectifier dry-type was also be recognized as the Technology Achievement in Tianjin. D
TCT NANOTEC CO., LTD. TCT Nanotec CO., LTD. was established over 40 years ago and was the first manufacturer of Melamine K/D furniture, first major furniture chain store in Taiwan. We have since built our reputation through excellent R&D, produce and supply a series of ergonomic products that are designed with the following considerations: • Health and comfort are our first priority. • Alleviate pressure on the neck, shoulder, arms and intestines. • Protect the spine and avoid eye strain. Our materials include wood, paint, powder coating and adhesives that do not harm the body or environment. Sản phẩm: Adjustable tilt ergonomic desk for kid and adult Adjustable ergonomic chair for kid and adult Sit-stand tilt electric desk for kid and adult QMoMo Adjustable Baby High Chair (adjustable to fit adult) QMoMo Adjustable Toddler Desk Chair set A101~A104, A231~A246
TECHMINTON Techminton has spent years researching and conducting practical tests on supplies and coat sizes that can reduce the burden on the body. And I was studying the flying distance in the shuttlecock for the excitement of this sport. The name of this sport, which has been completed through years of research and practice testing, is called Techminton. It is a company that oprimizes shuttlecock, racket and coat sizes and establishes overall game rules in Techminton. B217
THE 3.0 CO., LTD. Professional Medical Skin Care at Home. As Featured on Korean TV Chief researcher Dr. Eun Ju Hwang has graduated from Seoul National University, the most prestigious school in Korea and has been introducing her recipe for revitalizing the skin nature on many TV programs such as the most popular TV show on healthy lifestyle “Umjieui-jewang”(roughly translated as the ‘king of thumbs-up’), episodes ‘Return to Youth’, ‘Secrets to everlasting young skin’, on MBN, and other shows on MBC, Channel A etc. B258
THERACION BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. Theracion Biomedical Corp., outstanding research group in the field of biomaterial based medical device and pet-care products, has concentrated its in-house technology of biocompatible / biodegradable polymeric biomaterial. Such biomaterial platform technology of Theracion Biomedical Corp. is dedicated to develop cutting-edge medical devices, especially topical hemostat for human and styptic products for companion animal. In this 2017 Vietnam expo, Theracion Biomedical proudly presents the newly-developed styptic products, AniClotTM, a superior concept in power, gel and pads type to control bleeding due to nail cutting, tail docking and minor superficial cuts and incisions on dogs and cats. B193
TIANJIN BINHAI JINFENG AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. Auto parts such as Damping bracket, Warm wind pipe, Pipe clamp. D
TIANJIN DEVELOPMENT ZONE LIHUA OFFICE FURNITURE CO., LTD. environmental management system certification, in June 2011 by the occupational health and safety management system certification in July 2012 through the product certification of Chinese environment mark, in December 2012, the company's registered trademark was identified as tianjin famous trademarks, in August 2015, Chinese environmental protection product certification, in 2016 China education equipment industry association. Now our company has a modern standard workshops and advanced machinery and equipment and management technologies from Europe and America, over the years for the tianjin region and Beijing, hebei and other places several well-known enterprises to provide quality products and services. For many years, tianjin municipal government procurement fixed point unit. D
TIANJIN DING HE SUPPLY CHAIN CO., LTD. Tianjin Dinghe Supply Chain CO., LTD. is a financial services platform enterprise which specialized in the import of automotive, its registered capital is 20 million RMB. Tianjin Dinghe Supply Chain CO., LTD. is in the XINJINHUI car city , which located in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. The company has Ministry of market development department, warehousing management department, port business department and customer service department, the total number of employees in the company is 30.The specific business of company including acting registration business, bill business, tariff financing business, trade car pledge business, import customs clearance business and so on. D
TIANJIN DONGFANG HUAYA FURNITURE CO., LTD. Office furniture: furniture … D
TIANJIN FLYING PIGEON BICYCLE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. “FLYING PIGEON”-which is the remarkable brand of TIANJIN FLYING PIGEON BICYCLE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Experienced more than 80 years of washing and accumulation, and becoming the focus of the world. “FLYING PIGEON” trademark is listed as one of the “national key trademark protection brands” by SAIC. “FLYING PIGEON” is granted as “China time-honored brand” by Ministry of Commerce. “FLYING PIGEON” is the first bicycle brand in China, enjoy the reputation of “Chinese first bicycle”. It is the designated supplier of United Nations procurement; It is the designated unit of national gift. “FLYING PIGEON” bicycle as national gift is presented to foreign leaders many times. Flying pigeon bicycle has won the national silver medal, the golden award of the international fair series of light industry, the best-selling domestic product and the national best after-sales service award, in successive Chinese cycling quality assessment. For a hundred years, "flying pigeon" has always been flying in the sky of the great times and has a great power to turn history. D
TIANJIN FLYING PIGEON BICYCLE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. TIANJIN MEIKE TRADING CO., LTD. founded in 2015,We mainly produce and sell coatings for wood furnicture.We have many products ,such as PU paint /water-based coating /filler /plant oil .We are experienced in furniture spraying process,We can specify a reasonable process for the customer according to different wood,We also can modulate different colors according to customer requirements.If you want paint for wood furniture ,please contact with us. D
TIANJIN GOODRUN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. At the same time, our company also represents many domestic and foreign famous brands of laboratory equipment and instruments. For each new and old customers to provide more complete, better service. Yonglida will be waiting for your advice and guidance. D
TIANJIN GUANGYITONG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO,.LTD Enlarged in early 2009, Tianjin Guangyi Tong International Trade CO., LTD. (hereinafter represented by the “GYT”) is mainly engaged in the international trade and bidding, project management and consulting. GYT engaged in international trade, which integrating technology, equipment, instrument as well as the preparation of the raw materials.We focus on the principles on the management which include people-oriented, quality for survival, and unremitting innovation and guidelines on the quality and quantity that means improving the quality, providing good services, and expanding market. D
TIANJIN MACHINERY IMP.& EXP. CORP Tianjin Machinery Import & Export Corporation (TMC) was established in 1956, and serves as a limited liability corporation mainly engaging in international contract engineering projects, the import and export of electromechanical products, industrial investment at home and abroad. We have Credentials for Contract Engineering Project in foreign countries and A-class ... D
TIANJIN PORT FREE TRADE ZONE RUIXINHEPING INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. Our company is an integrated group of companies consisting of functional housing, steel and interior material manufacturers combined with a trading business. The joint venture advantages enable the company to develop a wide range of functional houses highly used in tourist and military camps, construction sites, temporary dormitory in disaster-affected areas and other remote environments. This company has been rewarded by the Tianjing Vice President Import & Export Chamber of Commerce and won a Medal of Honor issued by the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and the Tianjin Municipal Government for building temporary residential houses and contributing greatly to the reconstruction of the area in Sichuan that was affected by a natural disaster. D
TIANJIN PROCESS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Our company is proud to provide an extensive range of wet filtration fabrics imported from Clear edge filtration group & Saati filtration group . With more than 10 years of experience finding solutions for customers, we have a deep knowledge of the many types of filter media, as well as experience in manufacturing press cloths, bags and belts to suit practically any process equipment. D
TIANJIN SHANHAIGUAN BEVERAGE CO., LTD. Company Profile Tianjin Shanhaiguan Beverage CO., LTD. is located in Tianjin Airport Economic Area, covers an area of 70,000 square meters. It is a holding company of Tianjin Bohai Light Industrial Investment Group CO., LTD., with total investment of RMB 100 million. To ensure high quality, we have world-top-class filling production line & processing workshop, modern production equipment imported from Italy and USA, advanced warehouse management and efficient logistics distribution, integrative R&D base. Meanwhile, we launched a strategic cooperation with well-known microbiology institutes and testing centers in Tianjin to assure products safety, health, nutrition and reliability. SHANHAIGUAN is our self-owned brand of canned tomato paste and we can also supply OEM service as per customer’s requests. We can manufacture different products to meet clients’ requirements. Sincerely we look forward to cooperating with you and we will provide best product and service for our customers. D
TIANJIN YONGLIDA LABORATORY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Tianjin yonglida laboratory equipment CO., LTD. Was established in 2003. It is a professional manufacturer of laboratory equipment and instruments.Since its establishment, the company has been committed to laboratory equipment and research and development. Combination of advanced technology at home and abroad constantly, specialized production all steel, wood, steel wood material such as middle and laboratory equipment, products widely used in chemical, biological, organic synthesis, analysis of different categories of many fields and all walks of life the laboratory. With the aim of "one-stop" service, we will provide more professional, quality and comprehensive system service for the majority of users.For different customers, our company is specially designed to produce satisfactory products. Humanization design, high quality material selection, strict every procedure, and passed iso9001:2000 international quality system certification we are deeply trusted by the majority of customers. And the five-year quality guarantee of yonglida products, the 24-hour after-sales service hotline and other service concepts comprehensively eliminate the customers from the products and services. D
TIANJIN YUYI INDUSTRY & TRADING CO., LTD. Disposable barbecue stove and straw carbon D
TIANJIN ZHONGFANG TOURISM PRODUCT CO., LTD. My company pursues to honor the contract and keep credibility, product guarantees, and leader of the main body of culture is our common values, is constantly creating and developing culture, is a development in creation, leap in the development of culture. It is the condensate of material, system and spirit, it is the employee group ethics, it embodies the boundless loyalty and love of enterprise and enterprise. D
TIANJIN ZOSENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Zosent Technology CO., LTD. is an hi-tech enterprise specialised in research and development, production, sales and service of glass panel, liquid crystal display module, LCD glass manufacturing equipment and touch screen equipment. The company has high-quality R & D, manufacturing and management team. With many years of professional experience in manufacturing, we are committed to providing customers with the most economical and rational planning program, the implementation of scientific processing management system and a sound after-sales service. The company mainly produces and sells a series of products: a variety of high-precision film size, flat-panel cleaning machines and all kinds of customized non-standard equipments and automatic production lines. D
TIMESYSTEM CO., LTD. Since establishment of company, we have been focusing on our customer and employees for 10 years. By strengthening our internal system of IT fields, vision of Time-system Co. ,LTD is to grow our company as one of a competitiveness company in IT fields, root of our company. Our newly established Bio-Business department can help to understand variety of physiological chemistry problems which are based on many diseases related to skin and aging. To recover skin diseases such as Atopy, Pimple, Psoriasis, Seborrhoea and etc., we proceed to develop specialized products related to basic research and expand our products group. B138
TOBE TECH CO., LTD. TECH has worked relentlessly to develop the perfect, reliable Wireless on site messaging systems, as the leader of the industry in korea. TOBETECH's Easy call , Smart bell brand products are recognized for their excellent technology and competitiveness in various business and service areas. we create the best systems for today's service industry requiring speedy communication. B118, B119
TOKEN ALUMINUM PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Token Aluminum Products is a Chinese manufacturer of quality aluminum products since1992. Token takes pride in our workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our capabilities include tooling, ingot casting, extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, CNC, fabrication, and assembly. This complete vertical integration enables quick turnaround and competitive pricing. With over 700 employees and an annual throughput of 40,000 tons, we serve the world’s largest companies in markets worldwide. We have produced over 2GW of solar panel frames, and over 200MW of racking systems, both custom and stock solar products. We are eager to earn your OEM business, welcome to contact us at or B157, B158
TPFTZ AIXIN FOODSTUFFS CO., LTD. Aixin Group Subsidiary: Subsidiary company: Sino-Japan Joint Venture Aixin Foodstuffs CO., LTD. Aidian Imp. & Exp Trading CO., LTD. Everstrong INC. (America) TPFTZ Aixin Foodstuffs CO., LTD. is a joint venture enterprise specializes at researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing health tea, sugar free food, instant food, leisure food and raw material for biological pharmacy etc. With the creed of “people first and customers first”, the company has obtained rich scientific research achievements with strong technological force, advanced experimental testing means and instruments. Equipped with brilliant technical staffs, scientific production management and high standard technological design, we aim at providing excellent and safe food. The staffs in Aixin elaborately develop quality products for the health and happiness of man. All are for customers. Welcome talents from different places to join in this large family. We share trials and hardships together with you. Aixin Group, health creating. D
TPP HOIST MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. TPP Hoist specialized in R&D, production and marketing, products covering high-quality lifting tools, webbing sling and other lifting equipment with features of various styles,complete specifications and large scale. A156
UBS INC CO., LTD. UBS INC CO., LTD. is leading manufacturer for shower filter and alkaline water filter in Korea and hold various patents of appratus and design for products. And, we acquired ISO 9001 and operating R&D division. B226
UNION FORMOSA BIOCHEMISTRY CO., LTD. Feeds & Feeds additive. Pet foods and nutrition supplement. A101~A104, A231~A246
UNIWORLD AUTOTECH CORP. Uniworld Autotech started business based on poly urethane in 1999 and as a result, we have secured our position in society as a trustful company. Uniworld Autotech has invested production facilities daringly for improving the best quality of product and through technology development we make an effort to improve the quality of poly urethane. We are building up best domestic company trusted by customers by providing high quality of bigger and modernized product based on ISP/TS:16949. We recently has taken over a 14-year-old specialized in automotive remanufacturing company and been producing the remanufacturing parts. Now we supply the Reman-products to domestic and overseas customers under the brand "UNI REMAN". B123
VALUE CREATION Teddy bear baby tableware is eco friendly product made from corn. All enjoyable design with non-toxic ink makes you happier and more safe. Guarantee harmless for your family. B205, B206
VERTEX KOREA CO., LTD. CYBOWING dust filter mask. CYBOWING dust filter mask filters up to 0.3 micron size fine dust particles. It will protect give maximum protection for people who are exposed to outdoor activities. It can help prevent respiratory disease caused by air contaminants such as fine dust, pollen, engine exhaust and even ultra violet ray when used with the scarf. B227
VISUALNET INC. VISUALNet is a global company providing next-generation genuine product certification solutions based on the micro optics and super-precision molding, high-tech ICT convergence, and ultra-fine semiconductor manufacturing process. VISUALNet is producing and globally selling tag(VisualTag®), the world's first tag checking the genuine products with the naked eyes. IT-based mobile genuine product certification solutions that can be combined with VisualTag® are applied, so it makes duplication practically even more impossible. VISUALNet seeks enterprise value of making a reliable society through protecting the rights of manufacturers and fundamentally preventing the customers’ damage from counterfeit products. B168
W & P KOREA (WATER & PEOPLE KOREA) WATER & PEOPLE KOREA, an enterprise of high technological products, found in year 2001, located in Incheon Korea. We are mainly engaged in the designing, development and manufacturing of high-quality, high efficiency and high tech, series of electric submersible pumps, mixers, reducers and cum skimmer etc. B252
WAND SAND INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. Wand Sand Industry & Trade Co Limited is an enterprise organization of manufacturer and trade type who is specialized in Scissors. Our main products include kitchen scissors,household scissors,stationery scissors and outdoor scissors etc. With 12 years' unrelenting efforts, we show the firm enterprise strength. In recent years, through industry promotion and effective resource integration, we got strategic alliances and technology cooperation with some international excellent enterprise, such as Philips, Suremark,Roco, Elephant,Erich Krause and Safe Tools etc. A161
WAVEPIA WAVEPIA was established in 2014 and Our WAVEPIA is the professional IC design company which provides our customers with Total-solution from the RFIC/MMIC designs to set-up based on accumulated know-How by the experience of research and development and designs. We have various patents and ever since our company was founded in 2014, our company enjoy continuous growth. While peers have the issue of export limitations in selling GaN and Reference Free Silicon Crystal products, our company does not apply to the restriction of exports item, it possesses high characteristics according to products and has reliability monitoring function. In addition, it is a company that is technically cost competitive by lowering the manufacturing difficulty of products. We promise the best quality, price, delivery service.. B198
WELL KNITTER INT'L CO., LTD. Well Knitter Int'l CO., LTD., has a long history in hosiery field since 1999. We had the advantage of materials and processing factories, and took OEM orders for brands Speedo, Champion as well as importers worldwide at beginning. With the company's growth, we become a specialist in seamless bodystocking, dress, thigh high, tights etc.., our mission is urged to bring innovation and fashion. Well Knitter will be the spokesman of sexy, attractive and trend leader for women. Exhibit: Hosiery, Compression socks, shapewear, sexy seamless fishnet dress, Headband/wristband A101~A104, A231~A246
WHITE GLOVE CO., LTD. We specialize in manufacturing of high volume natural latex gloves for household and industrial applications. B249
WHITECOTTON INC. White.Cotton is a mobile selected store of objets, which means art meet merchandising in french. We provide innovative and unique art, design & interior goods with affordable price and we dream a beautiful world that everybody can enjoy art in their real life. Art your Life! B189
WIZCHEM CO., LTD. 1. Company: WIZCHEM CO., LTD. has been accumulating novel technology and know-how of pharmaceutic and functional cosmetic products based on our cutting-edge and effective R&D results. Our technology provides excellent skin regeneration to aging and damaged skins, skin whitening to melanised skin by sunburn, and skin barrier to sensitive, dry & atopic skins. 2. Brand name: "GluCA®", Innovative solution to restore healthy and beautiful skins using nature and skin physiology for dry, sunburn, damaged, aging and melanised skins. B 209
WOOJIN CORPORATION Since 1999, Woojin Corporation is the number selling and exporting company in the gas torch and stove industry. B208
XINGTAI KUAIBO GLASS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Xingtai Kuaibo Glass Technology CO., LTD. located in Economic Development District, Shahe City. To the east, Xingtai Kuaibo cross the Jing-Shen Expressway, west 107 the national road, south Xing-Lin Expressway, has excellent location and convenient transportation. Xingtai Kuaibo was founded in 2012, Our main product are all glass and glass products, such as float glass, sheet glass, and glass processing product, which are mainly used into ambry, door, partition wall , bathroom mirror and dressing mirror furniture decoration supplies. Our product sales throughout the whole country, in addition exporting to India, Egypt, East-North Asia, Africa, and South Africa country and regions.Our company has high speed product update, and implements the famous brand strategy, product processing tracking management to win a high admiration and is widely trusted at home and abroad. D
YIWU JINGHENG ELECTRONICS FACTORY Yiwu Jingheng Electronics Factory was established in 2006, we focus on the production of LED digital clock, mainly in foreign trade. We focus on quality, the price is also very advantageous. We sincerely cooperate with you. A146
YIWU BAIYU IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. Hebei hongyuan pipe factory was established in 1997, with more than 20 years of production experience. A151
YIWU CIYAN ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. The new generation of safe, intelligent and environmentally friendly civil electronic firecrackers are handcrafted and combined with modern production technology. By means of micro electric technology, they not only can simulate the sound of traditional firecrackers, but also make the sound and light of fireworks simultaneously, thus achieve real effect. Besides, they are reusable. With the increasingly emphasis on environmental protection, they will become an ideal substitutes for traditional firecrackers. Because of exquisite craftsmanship and stylish appearance, the electronic firecrackers are not merely the preferred decorations for festive celebration and home decoration, but the best gifts for friends and relatives. A139
YIWU EAST COAST IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD. YIWU EAST CAOST IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD. is mainly engaged in food, stationery and office supplies and import and export trading CO., LTD., we operate chicken essence, candies, neutral pens, folders, etc. The products sells webapps overseas A145
YIWU FANWEI BABYCAR CO., LTD. Yiwu Fanwei babycar Co.Ltd was established in 1994, started the specialized production tricycle, baby walker, baby stroller etc. The company production facility advanced technology, strength is tremendous, own the advanced automation production line, enterprise talking form the chain designing that exploitation creates supporting estate selling a coordinated process. Our company insist on managing putting quality first and treating the customers as supremacy idea. A138
YIWU GELAN LACE CO., LTD. Producing and marketing all kind of lace,subsidiary Material of clothing A137
YIWU JIACHEN SOCK CO., LTD. Dongyang DANNAI Knitting CO., LTD., established in 1999 as Yiwu Xialuozhai KAIDI Socks and moved to Dongyang and changed its name to Dongyang DANNAI Knitting CO., LTD. in 2015, is a professional production enterprise for low-cut socks, silk stocking, pant and other products. With six thousands plant area and more than one hundred staffs, the company produces seven millions socks annually and sells its products to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other more than 20 nations. Under operation ideal of "Fine work both inside and outside" the market-oriented company not only has integrated research, develpment, production, domestic sales and foreign trade, but also has devoted to consistently researching and developing new technology, strengthening internal management andimproving products quality. Upon years of hard work, the companyhas won great appraisals and cultivated good cooperative relations with domestic supermarket,e-commerce customers and life chainshops A140
YIWU JINGGEN TRADE CO., LTD. YIWU JINGGEN TRADE CO., LTD. and YiWU ShuangTing Daily Commodities Factory have a collection of production and sales.Our main products are bed nets. Welcome to select and purchase our products. A148
YIWU JINRU TOY CO., LTD. Yiwu Jinru Toy CO., LTD. has an area of over 7,000 square feet and has more than 200 employees. It is a professional toy company integrating R & D, production and sales. A153
YIWU KAIBO PAINTING MATERIALS CO., LTD. Yiwu Kaibo Painting Materials CO., LTD.focuses on AR (Augmented Reality) technology, focus on early education products; painting, coloring games for kids. Our vision is to use technology to make kids get happy learning during the real interactive experience. To motivate children’s multi-angle sensory stimulation through the cards, screen and voice, then to exercise the children's language imitation ability, interactive touch and hand-eye coordination abilities. Enhance the child's memory and imagination, make the learning more funny. A142
YIWU KANGSHUN PACKING MATERIALS CO., LTD. Our factory is founded 1995, loaded near NINGBO PORT and SHANGHAI PORT,We are manufacture of stretch film,lamination film,PET & BOPP film,laser film.Good quality,Good price. A152
YIWU LITIAN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTD. YiWu Litian Electrical Appliance CO., LTD., established in September 2003, is China's biggest producer of mosquito swatter with an annual output of 15 million pieces. It passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification in 2010. A165, A166
YIWU MEINI TRADING CO., LTD. Our company specializes in the production and sales of various types of stealth socks, socks, knitwear。 A136
YIWU SHUANG YI DRESS CO., LTD. Yiwu Shuangyi Dress CO., LTD. is a leading manufacture and distributor of waterproof zipper in China. It is an enterprise approved by the State and evelopeded from the Dongguan Hongyi Waterproof zipper manufacturing CO., LTD. which was founded in 2000. With 16 years of efforts to explore, develop and improve, we have two production bases in Dongguan and Fujian . We also have offices in Yiwu Zhejiang, Changshu Jiangsu, Beijing and Hong Kong .We have our own factory which is more than 5,000 square meters of standard factory buildings and 30 sets of machines for making waterproof zippers and 5 sets of machines for making waterproof slider film . Full set of production line are imported from abroad. Now we become the one with international advanced production level and professional production equipment of large waterproof professional zipper manufacture enterprise. The zippers in the OKO brand not only have passed International Quality Organization's, ITS and SGS testing, but also acquire the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 international green product attestation certificates. A163, 164
YIWUKEMEI ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CO., LTD. We main produce and sell men’s shaver,lady shaver,hair clipper,hair styler,hair dryer,face washer,teeth brush and and other kind of electic appliances for personal care. A149, 150
YONWOO PNEUMATIC CO., LTD. Since our inception in 1987, YPC has been allocating its resources to specialise in the development and manufacturing of pneumatic products, cylinders considered the core of factory automation. B200
YOUNG INNER FOAM CO., LTD. Young Inner Foam is a company that specializes in Brassire Cups, SwimwearCups and other lingerie materials; producing and distributing No Sewing Underwear products. Launched as 'Young Mold'in 1999. Young Inner Foam produces lingerie materials and No Sewing. Fusing Underwear promising to continue to research and develop to go head by head with other competitors in the industry. Young Inner Foam supplies brassire cups, lingerie materials and No sewing products to the leading local lingerie and swimwear manufacturers. We also export to global brands in the US, Europe and Japan. Young Inner Foam is currently operating manufacturing companys in Korea, Kaesong and Cambodia, and we promise to continue research and develop for improved quality and price competitveness. B126
ZENITH KOREA CO., LTD. A company leading environment-friendly construction considering men and environment Zenith Korea, a company "leading environment-friendly construction in consideration of men and environment," researches and develops environment-friendly construction materials and does manufacturing and construction. Zenith Korea tries to preserve environment putting priority of all values on men and to become a company to lead happy life with neighbors, in order to make a contribution for green growth through developing environment-friendly construction materials and to make a 'men-oriented,' 'environment preserving' society where all members can live together. B172
ZHANGZHOU BUILDER HARDWARE CO., LTD. Concrtete tools, drywall tools, tiling tools A198
ZHANGZHOU DEHENG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. ZHANGZHOU DEHENG ELECTRONIC CO.LTD is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter.We have kinds of various styles of metal, glass, wooden, resin clocks. With skilled technicians, professional designers and our own hardware factory ,we can do the OEM&ODM product request of our customer. A193
ZHANGZHOU GANGCHANG INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. Canned pork Luncheon met, Canned sardines in Tomato sauce A207
ZHANGZHOU ZHIGUANG PAPER CO., LTD. Baby diaper .adult diaper . under pad .sanitary napkin A196
ZHEJIANG JINBAO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. The company was founded in 1999, was founded in 12 years since, in the vast number of consumers to provide high-quality, high value-added products at the same time, also as the important Jinbao chemical company production base, products are sold all over the world. The company is the United States Jinbao cosmetic International Holdings branch Enterprise CO., LTD.., located in the world famous commodity market distribution center in Yiwu, the company covers an area of 15 acres, plant area of 25000 square meters, more than 80 employees, 5 engineering and technical personnel. And in Yiwu International Trade City H district has 3 stores, is the production and sales integration enterprise. The company introduces advanced foreign technology and the latest formula, specializing in the development of "clothing, home, care" detergent, and "camphor pill, insect pill, incense ball" and other insect deodorant products research and development. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, and ISO14001:2004 international environmental system certification. Products sold throughout the country and exported to Spain, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia and other regions, won the "quality trustworthy product" and "reliable quality, consumers trust products" title, and has joined the world famous Council member. Companies adhering to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy. "To seek innovation and development, quality of survival", and constantly introduce new products of good quality and low price, to meet consumer demand. A143
ZHENGJIANG FENGWEI MACHINERY CO., LTD. Zhejiang Feng Wei Machinery CO., LTD. engaged in plumbing industry has 20 years of history, mainly produces all kinds of valves, connectors, PPR, POM nylon joints and accessories. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, self to the product design, production, testing, sales and tracking services etc. many business activities. And according to customer requirements, providing a variety of sample processing and ancillary services. A114
ZHONGSHAN JC ELECTRIC APPLIANCE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. Zhongshan JC Electric appliance manufacture CO., LTD. was set up in 2007 in Zhongshan city. We make full range of induction cooker, infrared cooker, electric pressure cooker and IH rice cooker. We started to launch our own brand jinge since 2012 A155
ZHONGSHAN UNITED STAR ELECTRIC APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Specialize in the electric fan field from 2008, and set up our own factory from 2013, 28000 square meter factory with hardware workshop,  injection workshop,motor workshop, mould workshop and assembly shop.CE Rohs with many kind of fan.More than 10 year experience of export. Have profession export team and have our own shipping department. D110