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ABIO INC. ABio Inc. established as a basic cosmetics manufacturer in 2012, has been launching its products through continuous research and development. In 2018, we also launched one new product. In November, we transferred our company to expand our business and expanded our professional facilities and manpower. Cosmetic OEM/ODM B363
ADAM CO., LTD My company farms raw materials directly. Mugwort that the main materials are korean herb. Mugwort that the main materials are certified non-pesticide. Makes Mugwort resin, Mugwort tea, Mugwort pack, Mugwort soap and so on. B249
AMECH CO., LTD For 29 years, AMECH Co., Ltd. has been providing Precision Finishing Systems in electromagnetic polishing machine deburring & polishing machine manufacture. B, E, S, T Associations (Burr, Edge, Surface Condisations, Technologies) Japan's Precision Finishing Systems Convergence Technology Alliance and Human Technology Convergence Sign Patner Ship, Precision Parts Deburring, Polishing Cleaning & Drying Finishing Systems We are constantly researching and developing for development. B354
AMICELL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Amicell International Co., Ltd. is a globalized cosmetics manufacturer and marketer. With a strong reputation, both domestic and international, for quality, service and reliability, We are a global Korean cosmetics company who can provide buyers one-stop solution for OEM / ODM contract manufacturing and marketing. We have differentiated multifunctional cosmetics in best quality. We have satisfied customers with the superior quality, our products are renowned for quality and good prices to the buyers. We, Amicell produces and sells with the hope that giving all women the chance to become more beautiful and become more beloved one in her life. Amicell is the company who seeks for happiness of customers and buyers. B264
ANN SHOES CO., LTD Basic function of shoes should be increasing efficiency of walking and working with saving original function of feet well. Since ANN SHOES Ltd. was established in 1991, we have produced professionally men’s shoes (Michelangelo), ladies’ shoes(Decembre), Golf shoes (SINOMA), Hiking boots (Sanwoolim, Sino Mt.) and produced directly products of domestic leading companies like K Co., B Co. and J Co. . We are producing healthy and functional shock-absorbing product mixing ergonomic design with science for modern people and moreover, have supplied to sell best hand-made golf shoes to department store, golf club and special stores for golf. B246
AUGY GLOBAL MARKETING SDN BHD Augy Global Marketing Sdn Bhd is home textiles and homemade cookies manufacturer and distributor. With the experience of more than 10 years involved in trading and supply sectors, which drew the company interest to move more aggressively, producing various types of products to customer to fulfil the demand of entrepreneurial field. Aware of this fact, the company has thus established the objective to be one of the largest catalogs and online catalog sale provider in Southeast Asia B307, B308, B309
B&D LIFE HEALTH CO., LTD. As a leading eco-friendly household goods company, B&D Life Health Co., Ltd. is manufacturing the products certified such as “Korean LOHAS”, “Korean Eco-Mark”, and “USDA certified bio-based by United States Department of Agriculture”. And as listed on KONEX, Korean securities market, we believe our company is a reliable business partner. Our main products are liquid detergent, multi-purpose detergent, and high quality detergent. Besides, we produce a variety of house-holding(cleaning) products such as stain remover, kitchen cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. B251
BELARUSIAN STATE CONCERN FOR OIL AND CHEMISTRY (BELNEFTEKHIM CONCERN) Comprises largest enterprises that substantially influence the economic potential of the Republic of Belarus and to some extent the world market; - Full cycle of works connects with oil exploration and extraction, transportation, processing and oil product sales; - The most important directions of the concern’s activities are oil products, production of mineral fertilizers, caprolactam, chemical fibers and yarns, fiberglass and products on its basis, paint, tires for cars, trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses, trolley-buses, road-building and industrial machines, tractors and agricultural machines B188 ~ B218
BELARUSIAN STATE FOOD INDUSTRY CONCERN BELGOSPISHCHEPROM Implements a coherent economic, technological and technical policy in the food industry; - Create the conditions stimulating the production of food resources and agricultural raw materials; - Increases the efficiency and competitiveness of affiliated companies, to expand the commodity distribution network and promote the exports of affiliated companies B188 ~ B218
BELARUSIAN STATE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Engaged in the training of highly qualified specialists and scientific research in the field of technical, construction and agrochemical purposes, technologies for obtaining new substances, synthetic and natural polymeric materials and scientific foundations of the forest management system B188 ~ B218
BELARUSIAN STATE UNIVERSITY The integral complex consisting of academic, research, production, social and cultural, administrative, auxiliary and other units; - Includes 6 Research Institutes and Scientific Centers, 5 innovative enterprises, more than 40 research laboratories; - Cooperation with foreign partners from more than 50 countries; - Unitary enterprises of Belarusian State University organize production of modern and competitive products; - Sphere of interest in Vietnam covers the whole range of areas of aerospace technology, industrial production, mechanical engineering, constructional engineering, agriculture, public health; - Offers Vietnamese partners cooperation in scientific, technical, innovative and educational fields B188 ~ B218
BELARUSIAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF INFORMATICS AND RADIOELECTRONICS, EE The leading Belarusian university in the sphere of informatics, radioelectronics and info-communications, big educational, scientific, research and innovation complex of the Republic of Belarus; - Has great scientific potential, moderrn scientific base, cutting edge testing equipment; - More than 50 research laboratories and centers in 9 spheres: from micro- and nano-electronics to complex radiotechnical devices and systems, biomedicine, infocommunications, space technologies and Big Data technologies B188 ~ B218
BELARUSIAN-RUSSIAN UNIVERSITY, EE Conducts training of top-qualification specialists and scientific research in the area of improving the efficiency, quality and performance of metal structures and machine parts, improving the engineering products competitiveness. B188 ~ B218
BELARUSSIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Incorporates more than 2000 members representing the whole range of Belarusian entrepreneurship ranging from the representatives of small businesses to large enterprises and holdings, ministries and state committees; - Is an organization integrated into the World Chamber System B188 ~ B218
BELAZ — MANAGEMENT COMPANY OF HOLDING BELAZ-HOLDING, OJSC Dump trucks with payload capacity range from 33 to 500 short tons; - Dump trucks of cross-country capacity with hydromechanical transmission; - Construction and road-building vehicles and equipment for servicing of mining and transport operations: recovery tractors, watering trucks; - Loaders, bulldozers; - Equipment for underground mining: underground dump trucks, load-haul-dump units, underground truck mixers; - Equipment for metallurgical works: slag carriers, heavy-load carriers; - Special purpose vehicles: aircraft tugs, multipurpose chassis, compactors, electric cars, semitrailer concrete mixers, concrete pumps, hydraulic booms; - Freight rolling stock: hopper cars for transportation of fertilizers, grain, cement, eight-whell cars, flat cars, box cars; - Forging machinery and equipment for foundries; - Handling equipment; - Consumer goods B188 ~ B218
BELCARD JSC., The manufacture of wide range of auto components (driveshafts, universal joints, shock absorbers, gas springs, brake chambers) to motor-cars, motor-and-tractor, agricultural machinery, road-building, specialized and other automotive machinery in the CIS area B188 ~ B218
BELLAKT VOLKOVYSK, OJSC Mass production, highest technologies, recognized brand, successful company with strong traditions and commendable heritage B188 ~ B218
BELMED, RUE Has several unique production lines and it is the only Belarusian producer of insulin, endocrine and biotechnological medicines, pharmaceutical products to treat oncological diseases and tuberculosis, narcotic and psychotropic medicines; - Produces almost all dosage forms: tablets with different coating and without it, hard and soft gelatin capsules, solutions for injections and infusions in vials and ampoules, liofilized and sterile packaged powder for injections and infusions, eye drops, ointments, creams and gels, sachet packaged powder; - It’s facilities meet the requirements of the international GMP standard B188 ~ B218
BELPHARMPROM – PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDINGS COMPANY We have 38 companies which: - Develops the export potential of the holding participants; - Attracts investments for the development of the holding participants; - Determines priority directions of scientific and technical, and innovative activities of the participants of the holding. - Represents the interests of the Belarusian manufacturers participating in various international organizations, including the eaeu, coordinates the activities of companies of pharmaceutical sector abroad and controls the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Belarus B188 ~ B218
BELSHINA, JSC The producer of over 300 tire’s types for passenger cars, trucks, heavy-duty trucks, road building and handling machines, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery; - Operates OTR Tire Plant, TBR Tire Plant, PCR Tire Plant, and Mechanical Plant, social facilities and other units required for tire production and marketing; - Maintains business relationships with more than 70 countries around the world and are open for mutually beneficial cooperation B188 ~ B218
BELSOLOD, OJSC Exports to the market of Europe, Central Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Brazil and Malaysia) and the Caucasus for 25 years; - Provides malt shipments in bulk and in bags, by road and rail transport, delivery by sea containers is possible B188 ~ B218
BIOHEALTHDOCTOR Healthy life,convenient and economical sauna Far infrared / Negative ion Domes Sauna B262
BIOPOLYECH CO.,LTD Our company, found in 2004, produce mask packs and collagen products B265
BIOSAL We are a leading company in researching and developing the fossil ROCK SALT MINERA CrysTai with traditional herbal extracts which are used as the main raw material to manufacture crystal rock salt soap and biosal crystal bath salt for body. Our eco-friendly and non-chemical products have received a certificate of patent, ISO 9001 and HACCP. The benefits that our products brings are to re-generate aging skin, prevent wrinkles, soothe atopic skin, cure acne skin and so on B362
BIRKIN INDUSTRY, INC Laminate Flooring; PVC Flooring; Sanitary Ware; Door; Window B334, B335
BOLDS CO., LTD Updating... B258
BORIMED, JSC Uses more than 300 technologies, which allows us to produce a broad range of drugs covering more than 200 medical products in 12 pharmacological groups; - Supplies its products to the domestic and foreign markets (CIS countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Macedonia, Serbia, Egypt, Yemen, Vietnam, Cambodia and Mongolia) B188 ~ B218
BRANCH KHIMVOLOKNO PLANT, GRODNO AZOT JSC The manufacture of polyamide-6 (PA-6) and PA-6 based composite materials, polyamide industrial yarn (including twisted and spun dyed), polyester HMLS yarn (including twisted), greige and dipped cord fabric for tire industry (including from polyamide-6, polyamide-6.6 and polyester yarns), polyamide BCF texturized yarn for carpet industry (including twisted BCF Heat Set), technical fabric B188 ~ B218
BREST STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, EE Conducts training of top-qualification specialists and scientific research in the following fields: construction, architecture, electronics, machine engineering, economics and ecology B188 ~ B218
CHANG HE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (TIANJIN) CO.,LTD CHANG HE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (TIANJIN) CO., LIMITED is technical enterprise that integrates machine building technical development, tool design, numerical control tool metal material, electromechanical products, IT electronics in China. "Long-term to create value, Joint effort to build quality”, CHANG HE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (TIANJIN) CO., LIMITED is a brand enterprise which gathers dozens of experts in China who possess over 20 years technical experience in field of whole cutting of imported goods, integration of technical R&D with advisory services built by them. E223
CHANGCHUN MOMEI TRADE CO.,LTD The Ying Xin trading Co.,Ltd is mainly for Crafts, gifts, household goods, electrical appliances, northeast native products .We insists on providing a high quality products, technical support and after-sales service to customers. By the high quality products and professional sales and technical team, The Ying Xin trading Co.,Ltd keeps striving to develop and expand B127
CHANGSHA VIBO WEARABLE MATERIALS CO., LTD VIBO is a professional manufacturer of wear-resistant spare parts for mining, construction, cement/power plants, waste recycling and other heavy industries, focus on Wear Solutions. VIBO has more than 16 years experience in wear products that made by different metals and by various process. VIBO products have been widely distributed throughout USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, etc. D215
CHINA NATIONAL POWER BATTERY TECHNOLOGY (BEIJING) CORPORATION China National Power Battery Technology (Beijing) Corporation (“CNPB”), is a subsidiary of Zhongneng Dongdao Group. China National Power Battery Technology (Beijing) Corporation was established in December 2016 with a registered capital of RMB 300 million with its three subsidiaries. CNPB is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales & marketing, service, investment, industrial resources integration and operation of power batteries. We have batteries, battery packs and BMS (Battery Management System) core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, we can provide one-stop full-service customized according to customer demand D213, D214
CLINICS OF BELARUS Offers services for the diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for foreign citizens; - Cooperates with healthcare institutions and medical centers, where specialists who have gained considerable experience in creating new medical technologies for the preventation, diagnostics and treatment of various diseases work B188 ~ B218
CONFECTIONERY FACTORY SLODYCH, OJSC Is known for 90% of the inhabitants of Belarus; - The products of the factory take about 30% of the local market, it is exported to EU and the CIS countries, USA, Israel, Canada, Serbia, Mongolia, China; - Produces more than 100 different types of biscuits: sugar, hard, butter, glazed, diabetic biscuits and crackers B188 ~ B218
BSR VIETNAM JSC., Updating... B110, B111, B112
VIETNAM DELICACY JSC We provide dried fruits and sugar-free dried mango, which are suitable to children and pregnant women. Our main markets are Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and HCMC D271
TAKICHI PHARMACEUTICAL VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY Takichi Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is proud of being a leading Vietnamese company in the field of research and production of successful treatment of hemorrhoids. Dilutemination has the effect of enhancing the anti-cancer capacity, regulating blood pressure, regulating immunity, against kidney degradation, enhancing the effect of blood circulation, regulate blood sugar levels, increase Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, tonic rejuvenation D266
PHONG PHU NGOC TRAM JSC., Agarwood oil with warm and sweet scent is the essence extracted from rare medicinal herbs and known for more than 2000 years. Essential agarwood oils help you reduce stress, fatigue and increase vitality for men. Women can use it as a perfume. This kind of oil is alsio used in ritual customs, meditation room or yoga to remove evil spirits D269
MICRO LIFE VIETNAM JSC As an international pharmaceuticals corporation, Novum Pharma provides high-quality STARBALM series to over 60 countries in the world. We have representative offices in Bahrain, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Dubai and Holand B293
VD GROUP Vd Group Is Manufactures And Sells Massage Product, including Massage Chair, infrared Heating Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Detox Machine, Beauty Machine, Healthy Machine, etc. With 14 years of experience in manufacturing massager chair and massager products, we have exported to more than 80 countries and enjoy a high reputation in international market. Our company is committed to providing quality products and excellent service to each client to achieve win-win goal B347
VILACONIC JSC., VILACONIC has established since 1980 is the largest manufactures and suppliers of all agricultural products with good qualities from Viet Nam and around the world. After 33 years of experience, the company has constantly affirmed brand position in the market and trust with customers. At present, the company's products have been exported to many countries and regions, along with the extensive distribution system in the country. RICE ( Long grain White rice, Jasmine, etc.). PEPPER ( Black pepper / White pepper, etc.). COFFEE BEAN and OTHER PRODUCTS B288
KHANG TRANG IMPORT EXPORT JSC Khang Trang Imp. and Exp. JSC is an importer of Korean draps, blankets, cushions and bedsheets branded "Hana Hana - Give love to sleep". 100% made from natural cotton materials and dying colors, our products are 99.9% antibacterial. We are proud to provide high-quality and durable products B343
LOGIVAN TECHNOLOGIES PTE Transportation Technology Mobile App is developed for fast truck booking online and realtime tracking in the whole country of Vietnam; Optimizing free and empty returning truck to reduce transportation cost; and enhancing the capability of Vietnamese transportation and logistics companies B304
MIXMILK INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT JSC Milk tablets help increase resistance, calcium supplements - vitamin D3, only 2 tablets / day / person D268
PHU THAI INVESTMENT JSC., High quality products come from Thailand with hi-tech content and competitive price B286
HIMALAYAS VIETNAM JSC Zi Bazaar is the unit that provides the products of carpets, scarfs and art crafts from Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, etc. Zi Bazaar focuses on Iranian carpet, Saffron Iran and Kashmir, Pashmina scarf, art crafts. With a sound understanding of Silky Path, Zi Bazaar is confident in consulting in setting up the interiror decoration in hotels, offices, cafeteria which is imbued with mysterious colors of Silky Path. Zi Bazaar is a busniess channel to boost trade and im-export B291
DAT Y VIETNAM CO., LTD High end melamine tableware D267
HENGSAN VIETNAM CO., LTD Hengsan Vietnam is a leading of production and distribution SanDry® Oxygen Absorber, SanDry® Desiccant, Super Fresh®, Super Clean® Ethylen Gas Absorber, Super Magnetic Absorber, Super Clean® Deodorize Bag. Our products are imported to American, European, Middle East markets. The success and satisfaction of customers are our motto in business B115
LELAN DECOR VIETNAM ONE MEMBER CO., LTD Interior decoration and furniture B295
THANH HIEN ONE MEMBER CO.,LTD Fine Art Furniture THANH HIEN come from a traditional handicraft village in the north. Our products have been in the South market for many years. With the diversity of sample and reasonable price, our products are really to please and create the reliance on the customers. Therefor, we always try to bring the best quality in order to meet the demand of the customers B339-B340
PASITHEA LONDON CO., LTD Candle House - Bring fragrance to your home! Candle House is a place where you can feel peaceful and enjoyable because the quality of products are manufactured in a modern line, strictly controlled and complied with international standards. Our products do not affect the health of consumers. Besides, with the variety of designs and tastes of scents, customers will have multi choices in finding the best scented candles. Come to Candle House and experience the new trend and enjoy the special aroma! D261
LAZADA VIETNAM Lazada is the number one e-commerce platform offering different products in fashion, healthcare, beauty, sports, tablets, accessories, interior decoration, etc. S01
SAM VINA CO., LTD Sam Ngoc Linh is also known as "medicinal remedy marks" of ethnic minorities Xe Dang. Previously, the ancient village of Xe Dang often took this medicine to cure malaria, healing wounds for many officers and soldiers. However, in 1973, this drug was found by the Central Pharmacy and named Ngoc Linh ginseng D257, D258
HUONG QUE CO., LTD Cinnamon-favored Slips; D257, D258
THIEN THIEN FOOD SERVICE TRADING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Seasoning lemon salt is a combination of natural lemon and sweet chili in southern Vietnam. Marinat meatball sauce is a blended combo of natural spices (sugar, salt, honey, garlic, chilli, pepper) and flavor. Seaweed Spice is a combination of Khanh Hoa traditional jams and fatty sesame seeds and spices, which is suitable for vegetarians D271
TAM LINH KHANH HOA CO., LTD If a incense stick emits a fragnant smell when it is burned, it means the product has a great quality. People believe that burning incense sticks helps dismiss exorcism, bring luck and connect them with spiritual world D270
GALAXY WATER SOLUTIONS TRADING CO.,LTD GWS is the first and the only one company up till now that gives full residential water treatment solutions ever since. With the aim of introducing the most advanced technologies and products from the world class companies into Vietnam market, we have proudly obtained the distributorship of SELECTO, DOULTON, ARGONIDE , ECOWATER, PENTAIR WATER, CANATURE, UNION, etc., which covers the area of residential, commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and hospital applications. We are not merely distributors but more solution-makers backed up by the most sophisticated expertise in the field B341
SUNUMI FUCOIDAN CO.,LTD Sun Umi Fucoidan Co., Ltd. is an importer and a distributor of Sriracha chili sauce products of Huy Fong Foods, a famous brand all over the world. Inspired by many famous chefs, Sriracha is an indispensable ingredient in their cookbook. Sriracha chili sauce is made from 100% pure chilli but not too spicy with great food safety and no preservatives. In addition, our company also offer genuine Fucoidan AHCC products B294
KIM MY ELECTROMECHANICS TRADING SERVICE CO.,LTD Kim My Electromechanics Trading Services Co., Ltd specializes in importing and distributing products such as paper cup, paper bowl, plastic box, plastic cup, etc., from Taiwan. Kim My Co.Ltd., is the exclusive retailer on the market at Vietnam brand DASIN for the line of electrical home appliances such as rice cooker, steam cooker... Our products are all certified in validity, diversified in models, exquisite in stability, and are safe for users. With our strength, we believe in the near future, Kim My Co.Ltd will be a trustworthy partner with you, represent as the source which provides electrical home appliances with the most reasonable price, the highest quality, and the supreme after-sales service B283~B285,B296~B298
VINA TRESETTE CO.,LTD We provide world-class made-in-Korea suitcases, backpack and bags with fashionable designs. Tresette is a "one-stop" company which manufactures and distributes products directly to customers, thereby, offering high-quality good with competitive prices. For the convenience of customers, we trade products via many trading channels like online shops and traditional stores. B289
VIKEN SPORTS VIETNAM CO.,LTD We are the manufacturer and distributor of Viken Sports Shoes in Vietnam B116
WALL STREET ENGLISH CO.,LTD As part of Pearson Education,Wall Street English is one of the best English language schools for busy adults in Ho Chi Minh City. Founded in 1972, Wall Street English operates in over 400 centers in 27 countries around the world that has successfully taught English to more than 3 million people in the last 45 years. Company products are FLEX English Course, IELTS English Course, IELTS Foundation; IELTS Advanced, IELTS Gateway: Intensive IELTS Speaking and Writing course B114
WHITE GLOVE CO.,LTD Natural latex gloves for household and industrial applications B103
NASTO HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE TRADING IMP.&EXP. CO.,LTD We specializes in Japanese cotton towels and other household products B287
CUTTER KOREA Ceramic Life has been focusing on industrial machine tools based on tungsten carbide and ceramic and precise machining since its establishment in 1995. We especially have designed and manufactured beauty products including razors for men and women, straight razors, eyebrow trimmers and face rollers with ceramic blades.. B242
DAEJEON TECHNOPARK Promoting foreign trade and fostering the development and application of technology B357
DARIS(TIANJIN) ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD/ TIANJIN PAUWAY POWER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD Pauway Energy focuses on diesel, gas, biogas generator sets R&D, manufacturing and sales. Pauway products are widely used in Intelligent isolated island power station, data center emergency power supply, construction projects of large foreign power plants, main power sources for mining, commercial buildings, civil standby power supply, etc total nine fields. Pauway Energy is a full-service provider of high-quality diesel generators, power plants, distributed energy, new energy micro grid, is in the position of top class in the generator industry E222
DE HUA CHENG INTERNATIONAL TRADE (TIANJIN) CO.,LTD De Hua Cheng International Trade(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. has strong economic foundation, strong network of relations, complete technology and personnel allocation. To further meet the needs of traders, importers and exporters, our company has carefully built door-to-door one-stop service of businesses. We have made remarkable achievements through the unremitting efforts of all staff. Our company has a backbone team which is proficient in business and strong in operation. While providing customers with a variety of marketing solutions, we can also explore overseas markets for customers to find market outlets, it provides professional, personalized, all-weather and all-around services. E169
DESIZON CO.,LTD DESIZON CO.,LTD brings #MASURI Deodorization Dehumidifier to the Exhibition this year. - It is FRESH: double humidifying power to remove harmful substances from shoes, clothings, furniture, etc. - It is SAFE: SILICA GEL component which is widely used for food or medicine industry. - It is ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Repeatable use with the automatic humidity control function. B261
DL TECH CO.,LTD DL TECH Co,.Ltd that prioritize customer satisfaction through rapid product development and production. We does not hesitate to advance into a new field for a constantly changing world B229
SUONG NHUNG PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Anh Duy grape wine is fermented from grape juice after it is brewed with white sugar during 3 - 6 months with delicious and pure taste D270
LONG THUAN PRIVATE ENTERPRISES LONG THUAN ENTERPRISE, located at My Thanh hamlet, Song Thuan commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province, founded on 30/4/200. Formerly as a Pomelo Flower attar establishment, now Long Thuan Enterprise is specialized in production, processing, trading of cosmetics and foods made from pomelo. The products have been recognized on quality such as GMP-ASEAN Standard, ISO, HACCP, ORGANIC, HALAL Vietnamese High Quality Product and other national prizes. Our products are distributed in the supermarket system and agents nationwide B292
DONG-A PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. Since its establishment in 1968, Dong-A Precision Ind. co. ltd. has gone through much hardship and difficulty to finally become one of the best manufacturers in spray gun market. Dong-A is currently composed of two business units, Diecasting dept, Spray gun dept, which turn out the best quality products that everyone will recognize as the best goods. We pledged to become the world’s best company and produce the best products in order to repay their support. B241
EASYLITE "Smart Grid Light" improves management efficiency and reduces costs by organizing its operations using two-way communication based on the information gathered through advanced sensors. (Reduction of electricity cost 90% and maintenance cost 59%) B274
ECOB INC. ECOB INC. It is a Living, Environment, Improvement, Innovation Company. It manufactures, sells and distributes TALTAL Mat. B224
ETG (TIANJIN) CO.,LTD ETG Tianjin, a subsidiary of ETG Group is a professionally managed company engaged in domestic and international trading of fertilizer, having product portfolio of 20+ commodities primarily DAP, ammonium sulphate, agro-commodities and agrichemicals. The company trades with 15+ countries and is also actively engaged in China domestic trade.The succeed of ETG China is largely attributed to the strength and vision of its management and leadership and also its strategic business relation with suppliers and customers, which are mutually beneficial for all parties across the trade. E201
EUGENE BIOTECH Eugene Biotech has been leading domestic health functional food manufacture, distribution and development for over 15 years. We do our best to raise the expecation for the healthcare industry all over the world. All of us in Eugene Biotech devote our energy and effot to become a leader in global healthcare industry to help your life happier and healthier. B364
EXPRESS LUCK Express Luck Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises as one of main supplier of intelligent LCD TV, 3D LCD TV, LED TV, 4k2k TV and other TV product. Since established, the company has been adhering to the road of own brand, and more than 95% of products for overseas market, which are sold to more than 60 countries and regions. We also work with Wal-Mart, Carrefour, JVC, BestBuy, Hyundai and set up very close partnership with Samsung, LG, Innolux, CSOT, BOE, AUO, etc. The company has passed many system certifcation and the test of quality and safety. Come and join us, let us join hands and create brilliant! B145 B146
F. SKORINA STATE UNIVERSITY OF GOMEL, EE Conducts training of top-qualification specialists along with scientific research in the area of new materials and technologies, laser equipment and technologies, information technologies and environmental issues B188 ~ B218
FACEFOODING Facefooding is korea cosmetic brand. We manufacture natural soap to suit customer's skin. Typically, there is an athlete's cool soap and cream soaps. B250
FARMERS RIVER INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD Company manufactures and markets products from oats based with Masterchef brand. Company was established on April 2012. There are 4 main products from Masterchef brand which already enter international market such as Brunei, Phillipines and Indonesia market B307, B308, B309
FDATA CO., LTD Finance Metadata Information Solution (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high technology company specialized in “Internet + Finance” hardware and software development. FDATA offers customized solutions including smart payment, mobile payment, fiscal/tax control system, logistics (express) system, lottery gaming system, cash register system, smart property system, smart ticketing, smart customer service, smart transportation, financial innovation, IOT (internet of things), and cloud computing etc. E105 E106
FIVE CONTINENTS WINE FACTORY, LLC 30 sorts of wine B188 ~ B218
FLEXBO (TIANJIN) LOGISTIC SYSTEM HI-TECH CO., LTD Flexbo International Ltd is an Italian invested company cooperating with international partners. The company has been designing and developing highly sophisticated energy saving and liquidpackaging solutions in Europe, making use of barrier packaging material for many years. The manufacturing facility in Tianjn, China is certified according to the highest standard for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Products are engineered in Europe and manufactured in China according to specific requirements.The production facility is made up of a clean room and is equipped for the production. E208
FLYBALL ELECTRONIC(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD Multi-channel speaker systems B319, B320
FUJIAN JARHILL CO., LTD Stainless Steel Cookware D162
FUJIAN JIMEI ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD Quartz Clock; Quartz Clock Movement D265
FUJIAN JINRUIDA METAL PACKING CO.,LTD Tinplate easy open end, tinplate empty can, tinplate, Aluminum easy open end, twist off end D255
FUJIAN PROVINCE JINJIANG CITY FOREIGN TRADE CO.,LTD Baby diapers, baby pants, adult diapers, adult pants, women period pants, wet wipes. D174, 175
FUJIAN SENDA FOREIGN TRADE CO.,LTD Kid Furniture and Household Appliances (Table & Chair set, Multi-Bin Toy Organizer, Bookcase, Standing easel, drawing table and chair) D202
FUJIAN STEVENDECOR CO., LTD Wooden furniture D203
FUJIAN XIANGDA IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD Tinplate easy open end, tinplate empty can, tinplate, Aluminum easy open end, twist off end D256
FUJIAN YEUFENG AGRCULTURAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Dried Black Fungus, Dried Mushroom, Hemerocallis Citrina, Tremella Fuciformis, Dictyophora Indusiata D158
FUZHOU C. RICH TRADING CO.,LTD Jacket, Body Warmer, Soft Shell Jacket, Parka And Rain Coat D196
FUZHOU ENUO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD Wooden LED alarm clock, AM/FM radio clock, USB/SD/AUX/FM digital audio player D201
FUZHOU FARWELL IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD Essential oil, hydrolat, natural aroma chemicals, aromatic chemicals D187
FUZHOU GRAND SLAM TEXTILE CO.,LTD Lace trimming, lace fabric D206
FUZHOU GS TRADING CO.,LTD Kitchen Supplies (Fruit Peeler and cutter; Blend, Mix, Smoothie, Ice Crashing Machine) D200
FUZHOU ICARE INTERNATIONAL INC Fashion jewellery and accessories; Jewelry box /plate/holder D207
FUZHOU PREMIERE CRAFTS CO., LTD Gift, garden decoration, bird-care ware, kitchenware, toy, kid furniture, stationary and promotion products D188
FUZHOU REALLY TRADING CO.,LTD Motorcycle Parts & Brake Pad D199
FUZHOU SHANGSHENG LIPING CORP.,LIMITED Pure Natural Lacquer jewelry, gift set and souvenir with thousand years painting techniques and created by morden fashion D185
FUZHOU SOUTH STAR I&e CO.,LTD Dried Food (Mushroom, Dried Black Fungus, etc.) D204
FUZHOU TE IM&EXP CO.,LTD Eletronic products D189
FUZHOU UNIQUE HOME DECOR CO.,LTD Wood and matel wall décor, wood wall plaque, wood and matel table D178
G.T. PAPER CO., LTD. PUTIAN FUJIAN Baby diapers, baby pants, adult diapers, adult pants, women period pants, wet wipes. D172
GMP CO.,LTD A server-based mass message sending system for privacy and message security. B273
GOMEL CHEMICAL PLANT, JSC Production of complex phosphate fertilizers under the brand name BelFert; - Production of ammophos, ammoniated superphosphate, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers for various crops B188 ~ B218
GOMEL FAT FACTORY, JSC Has the closed cycle of production from preparation of oilseeds before production with high added value (margarine and mayonnaise production, vegetable oil, ketchup and mustard, toilet and economic soap) B188 ~ B218
GOYANG PRINT CULTURE SUPPORT CENTER Goyang Print Culture Support Center is a one-stop support center established by Goyang City(Rep. of Korea), Gyeonggi Techno Park, Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and Goyang Print Culture Support Center in accordance with the 「Special Act on Supporting Urban Small Manufacturers」 for the activation and development of small manufacturers industrial complex B348, B349
GRODNO AZOT, JSC Production of nitrogen fertilizers (urea prilled (700,000 tons/year), urea granular (400,000 tons/year), liquid nitrogen fertilizer Urea Ammonium Nitrate solution (UAN) (720,000 tons/year, from 2019 – 1.1 mln tons), ammonium sulphate (400,000 tons/year), caprolactam (140,000 tons/year), methanol (80,000 tons/year), hydroxylamine sulfate (4,000 tons/year) B188 ~ B218
GRODNO MEAT-PACKING PLANT, JSC The main activity is the production of meat, the production of meat products; - Has the certificate of German accreditation system DAkkS of compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001-2008; - Is the first company in the meat processing industry of the republic that received a certificate of a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP B188 ~ B218
GUANGZHOU BOSONG BAG TECH CO.,LTD Laptop Bag, School Backpack, Lady Handbag, Trolley Case, Outdoor Backpack, Ipad/Iphone Case D232
HANBIT KOREA CO.,LTD Hanbit Korea developed various cosmetic lines with highly effective ingredients - ATONA for eczema, ACNA for acnes, Mobalna for hair growth, Doll-lash for eyelash growth. B238
HANYANG (HANGZHOU) CABLE CO.,LTD Hanyang(Hanzhou) Cable Co., Ltd. belong to the Superlink Holding Limited with "Super Link" as our brand name. To maintain our high quality standards, we always use high-tech equipments and upgrade quality control procedures. Our products are produced in accordance with IEC and have already passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification."Quality first, Service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet the customers" is our principle, We sincerely hope establish long and friendly business relationship with clients from all over the world D216
HE BEI YAWANG RUBBER & PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD Hebei Yawang Rubber& Plastic Technology is a integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the reseach and development,production ,sales and trade. As a manufacturer of all kinds of EPDM sealing strips with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in automobile fittings for high grade cars, fast speed trains, ships and buildings of all kinds of varieties and other industries.  E226
HEBEI DEKANG AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO.,LTD Hebei Dekang auto parts manufacturing company is committed to the development, design, production and sale of automotive engine mounts, cables, seals, hoses, rubber products, professional manufacturers. E185
HEBEI DIJING CASHMERE CLOTHING CO.,LTD Hebei Dijing Cashmere Clothing Co., Ltd is a high-level international clothing brand enterprise that integrates with R&D, design, production and sales of cashmere sweaters. In 2018, the company was identified as the national-level high-tech enterprise. The company was located at No.38, Pujiang Street, Qinghe Development Zone. E234
HEBEI HENGKAI CEMENTED CARBIDE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Hebei Hengkai co., ltd is a professional company integrating research, development, production and sales of cemented carbide tools. The company has a history of more than 20 years and has 200 million fixed assets. Germany and Switzerland have introduced equipment of world advanced level and formed an advanced production line with world-class product quality. Annual output of 10 million pieces. E183
HEBEI JUNAI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD Hebei Junao Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise integrating scientific research, production, domestic and international sales and service. Mainly produces air conditioning filters, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters. From research to production, the company has a professional R&D team and enterprise technology center composed of several senior engineers, production, research, Nd research platform around the development of filtration products, and the development of automotive manufacturers' filtration systems. Develop the design at the same time. E189
HEBEI JUNDAO AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD Hebei Jundao Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of filters products. The company mainly produces a variety of oil filters, diesel filters,air conditioning filters, air filters and so on. Mainly used in various construction machinery, generator sets, air compressors, automobiles, ships and powder coatings, industrial dust removal, environmental protection,Purification systems and other industries have accumulated more than 2,000 varieties. Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions, and Provide supporting services for many domestic automobile manufacturers. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate. E177
HEBEI KINGAN PLASTIC & RUBBER SEALS CO., LTD KINGAN PLASTIC & RUBBER SEALS CO.,LTD has over ten years experience in extrusion area of gasket, sealing strip applied to construction, automotive industry and lights. KINGAN have only one value : create maximum value for our customers, shareholders and employees base on our spearhead competence within polymer (Plastic,TPE and Rubber) materials and a high level of extrusion technology, combine with functional solution and systems design to meet the needs of our customers. E178
HEBEI NUOKAI CASHMERE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Hebei Nuokai Products Co., Ltd. is a private company established on April 24, 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 3 million. Its business scope is: processing and sales of plush and cashmere apparel; Sales of cashmere products; Import and export of goods, technology import and export. E232
HEBEI PENGHONG RUBBER & PLASTIC MANUFACTURER Founded in 1982,Penghong company has become one of the largest extruded rubber& Plastic in the eastern China, located in Qinghe County, Hebei province. We has provided top quality products in extruded rubber, rubber hose,molded rubber, molded plastic ,extruded plastic as well as elastomer solutions for customers worldwide E180
HEBEI QINGHE TIANRUI FILTER MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD Hebei Qinghe Tianrui Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd covers an area of 12000 square meters, has a clean workshop and 80 staff. We committed to the developmen of the global filter high-tech products of professinal and R&D comprehensive manufacturers. Our products are exported to the USA, Russia, India, Australia and more than 30 other countries.We now have 2 sets PU filter production line, large injection filter production line (No. 6), filter filter vacuum a set of experimental equipment and other professional production equipment more than 20 sets. We guarantee users for stable quality, reasonable price and efficient products E179
HEBEI RUIOU AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD Hebei Ruiou Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of car filters. We focus on air filter, oil filter and cabin filter many years. With good quality, reasonable price and sincere service, we enjoy a good reputation. Products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, the Southeast Asia and so on. E182
HEBEI XINGCAN AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD Hebei Xingcan Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer dedicated to developing high-tech products of global filters, integrating research, development, production and sales. The company quickly established a nationwide marketing network and exported to the United States, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Middle East and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. Since the products were put on the market, they have won praise and praise from Chinese and foreign customers with excellent quality, reasonable price and good after-sales service. E188
HEBEI ZHIGAO AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD Hebei ZhiGao Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of County Auto Parts industry. It is a private enterprise integrating production, scientific research and sales. The company spirit of "quality products, integrity, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement" of the quality policy, is committed to establishing a long-term and stable partnership with customers, provide quality products and perfect service for domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and customers, product sales network covering Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Changchun, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xi'an and other large and medium-sized cities in China and Europe and the United States. E238
HEBEIDONGJIEAUTOPARTS CO.,LTD Hebei Dongjie Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of automobile shift knobs, dust jackets, filters, seals, rubber and plastic products, plastic parts. It is a production and trading company, mainly selling Asian and Eastern European markets. , North American market, Southeast Asia, Middle East market customer group international trade, sample development and customization. E186
HENGAN (CHINA) PAPER INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Tissue,baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin D169, D170
HJC (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD HJC (shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002, mainly exporting ceramic tableware for oversea market. We a variety of dinnerware, coffee sets and so on which are made of stoneware, porcelain and new bone china. After more than ten years of steady development, HJC has been recognized by customers for its good quality, fashionable style of product and professional service B149, B150
HMC IMPORT EXPORT MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Bột giặt tẩy Hàn Quốc dành cho bé B350
INE INE seeks the sound co-existence between humankind and the environment. Advanced research on nature; Endless research on the root of true beauty; INE re-invents beauty from the amazing power and energy that derives from nature. The strength of beauty can be discovered in nature. INE efforts to provide healthy beauty for customers with the benefits of nature and to actualize an eco-friendly green life that treats nature with respect. B236
INFOBANKS CO. ChangChun MoMei trade company is a trading company with producing power who specially focused on export. The company has two factories which produce Fiber and Ecological Board. The main purpose of the business is providing ecological healthy and safety decoration meterials so as to let the worlds know the quility of the Chinese industry business B125
ING DESIGN ING DESIGN is a certified industrial design company that provides Total Service in all aspects of brand development from brand consulting, brand research and analysis, planning and development and promotion. All the branded products that have been developed are recognized for originality and creativity. We will be a partner of successful business by solving problems with creative experimentation spirit and effective way from brand to vision, packaging design and web project. B355
INSTITUTE OF BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF BELARUS, STATE SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION The biggest scientific research center leads fundamental and applied researches in chemistry, structure and functions of bio-polymers and bio-regulators, including proteins, nucleic acids, prostaglandins, phospholipids, steroids, brassinosteroids and ecdysteroids; - Research in: Development and experimental and industrial production of diagnostic sets for immunochemistry and molecular biology for usage in medicine and veterinary; development and production of pharmaceutical substances, hormonal drugs, biospecific hemosorbents; development of production and application technologies of growth stimulators and plant protection products; experimental and clinical pharmacology, pharmacy and drugs technology, toxicology, biochemistry of human and animals, biomedical and pharmaceutical chemistry; pre-clinical, bioequivalent and pharmaceutical studies B188 ~ B218
INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY OF NEW MATERIALS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF BELARUS, STATE SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION Activity in: thin-film and nano- structured organic materials of various functional purpose; new composite materials with given properties on the basis of wood- and petrochemical products and technologies of their production; methods of synthesis of new organic compounds as potential physiologically active substances B188 ~ B218
INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGY OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF BELARUS, STATE SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION The leading research center in the area of biotechnology focuses its efforts on solution of vital social-economic problems – protection of environment and development of competitive, eco-friendly and energy-saving biotechnologies for manufacturing medical and veterinary products, food and fodder additives, plant biological control agents and biofertilizers B188 ~ B218
INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS LAB CO,.LTD. Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co.,Ltd. (iESLAB) is a key high and new technology enterprise of China and a key software enterprise in the national plan of China. The main business including Smart Grid, Smart Gas, Smart Water, Smart Energy and Information Security. IESLAB has organized and participated in over 40 standards of national and industrial levels, has got more than 60 patents, 200 computer software copyrights, and over 60 national and provincial awards. With the market principle of “Expert Service, Satisfy Customers”, The IESLAB products have spread the markets in 31 provinces, 300 cities in China, and export to South East Asia countries like Singapore and Thailand B118, B119
JACKSON’S WINERY (FUJIAN) CO.,LTD Brandy, vodka, whisky D192
JAPAN IMPORT COMPANY CO., LTD Japan Import Company (JIC) was established in 2007 in Gify City, Japan. We transferred the technology and quality control of Japanese quintessential charcoal to factories in Vietnam to produce quality white charcoal, black charcoal and sawdust briquette charcoal to import to the Japanese market. In addition, JIC also provides agricultural products such as bamboo rattan products, agricultural tools and fertilizers. Currently, JIC is supplying imported Japanese chicken fertilizer monopoly in Vietnam market. B342
JEONG WON CO., LTD Jwong Won supplies customer an article of the highest quality. We have been making an effort to produce better quality by all employees the same. As not only a Ginseng Product manufacturer, but exporter as well, we have been devoting ourselves to this business so we have been enjoying good reputation from Vietnam, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Italy, Egypt and Japan, handling this product. In order to guarantee our products quality, we certified GMP, HACCP, SIO22000, ISO14001, ISO9001, Clean Factory and established INDUSTRIAL R&D CENTER. B252
JEONWON TECH CO.,LTD Automation material detection system B277
JILIN MU ZI HOUSE DAILY NECESSITIES CO.,LTD InfoBanks Organization Co.,Ltd. a different startup in the north-east of China, is a crossover of creative pioneer of telecommunication, media&new-technology in which emerging of internet, AI and public data to applying for invention, creation & and design only for a better life for people, in people and by people. In addition, Infobanks is the unique complemetory solution provider of China for whole-life education, furthermore, the Science and Livings Technology Museum is the sole online museum for purpose of design transformation service of worldwide inventees, therefore, the IBO Smart Jewellry is the best and smallest combination art of intelligenct mobile terminal and scene of people expression B124
JILIN PROVINCE XIN XIN TRADING CO.,LTD Changchun Jiuli Commodity Co., Ltd. is a professional household goods enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company mainly produces and sells household goods. With excellent quality, our products have been sold well all over the country, and to enter Carrefour, Tesco, Dafuyuan, home world and other major supermarkets. In addition, our products are also favored by overseas markets, and have been exported to Korea, Japan, Russia, Korea, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries, with an annual sales of 20 million yuan B126
JINAN AUJIAN ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD Ji'nan Aujian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of massage health equipment, fitness equipment, small appliances, high-end gifts and other high-tech companies. Our company adheres to high-quality products, consumer demand-oriented, frst-class service as a guarantee, in the feld of massage health care equipment. To create a green health care world and to be a pillar of a healthy society, Aojian Electronics will assume the responsibility of giving full play to its industry advantages and being the mainstay of social development in the future industrial development B120
JINAN HUG IMPORT&EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD Jinan HUG Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd has been developed to a hydraulic, pneumatics and machinery manufacturer with R&D and trading company from a single manufacturer.The main products of hydraulic cylinder factory are telescopic cylinder, agricultural cylinder, medium excavator cylinder, and cylinder for engineering machinery, water conservancy, and construction machinery, with high (31Mpa) and medium (16-30Mpa) pressure, and high-speed (>600mm/min) B123
JINAN SUDIAO CNC ROUTER CO.,LTD Jinan Sudiao Cnc Router Co., Ltd is a professional CNC Factory that manufacture intelligent panel production line, intelligent drilling and cutting machine for customized wardrobes and cabinets. Five-side Drilling Machine, laser model side drilling machine, assembled solid door process center and wood cnc process center.We obtained many cetirfications and trademark registration authority. Our CNC machine have been exported to USA, UK, France,Germany, Canada, Mexico, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East to worldwide. In more than 18 countries and areas, we have formed long term comperator and agents B151~155
JINAN ZHONGHENG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Jinan Zhongheng Mall was is a comprehensive wholesale and retail market as one of the earliest wholesale markets in Jinan. The commodities cover almost all the daily industrial consumer goods and can meet the needs of different levels of consumers. As the mall has always adhered to the supremacy of credibility, market construction has made remarkable achievements, now, has become a set of small commodities wholesale market, stainless steel kitchenware wholesale market, communications equipment wholesale market, lighting wholesale market as one of the integrated mall B121
JINJIANG HONGHAI PLASTICS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Disposable milk tea cups, yogurt cups / bowls, plastic knives, fork spoons, plastic products, etc. D167
JOY FOODS (ZHANGZHOU) CO.,LTD Canned Mushrooms, Canned Fish D248
KAITO ENTERPRISES CORPORATION Small home appliance B299~301, B312~314
KIMDEOKGYU TIMING The most accurate response to the speed and power state of a golf swing. 1) Speed detection system set to 3 levels 2) Technology that lights up when set speed is reached 3) Maximize golf swing practice by providing lesson contents Practice tools that instantly check, correct, and master swing speed and power status by setting the swing speed step by step. B356
KING PIGEON COMMUNICATION CO., LTD King Pigeon is a global leading Cellular IoT Data Acquisition and Monitoring System Manufacture. More than 13 years design and global market experience, professional OEM/ODM customized service support. Complete products lines covered Wireless/4G/3G/GPRS/GSM/NB-IoT/LoRa communication technology.Provide whole front-end solutions,from sensor to wireless transmission,Cloud Platform APP and remote Web monitoring. E121
KOMMUNARKA, JV JSC We produce sweets, chocolate, hard candies, candy drops, cocoa powder; export its products to Russia, USA, Israel, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Arab Emirates B188 ~ B218
KRASNY MOZYRYANIN, JSC Product development is carried out in the direction of maximum use of new raw materials, which give the product therapeutic and preventive properties; - Factory products are made from natural and high-quality raw materials; - Distinctive features are the wealth of recipes, fresh, decent taste, wide range, usage of natural additives, absence of preservatives; - Natural ingredients are used in the production of the marshmallow, pastes, jellies, candies, toffee B188 ~ B218
KRASNY PISCHEVIK, OJSC Produces such confectionery as: zephyr, fruit jelly, dragee, toffee, halva, sweets; - Is well-known in the markets of Russia, the CIS, Europe, America; - Uses classical technologies, formation of traditions and experience since 1870 B188 ~ B218
KRINITSA, OJSC Produces beer, kvass, non-alcoholic drinks and food concentrates; - Exports beer and kvass to 15 countries on 4 continents B188 ~ B218
LESBEAUXAMIE LesbeauxAmie cosmetics use extracts (peptides) as the main ingredients to boost double functionalality for skincare. LesbeauxAmie is changing benefit from the nature to true women's beauty. B266
LIGHT OF LIFE VENTURE Light of life is a company based in Penang, Malaysia producing 17 kinds of products consists of health & beauty and foods & beverages products. Light of Life Venture products already enter Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia market B307, B308, B309
LONGHAI YIDE INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO.,LTD Frozen vegetables and fruits D254
LONGYAN CITY SAMHAR MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD Grinding mill, Powder mill, Chemical impact mill D163
LONGYAN WANTENG AXLE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD Longyan Wanteng Axle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in axles for more than 25 years. We provide the best-quality axle with optional technology parameters which is specially suitable for all kinds of the driving tractors, forest felling vehicles and used in agriculture, commerce, military and engineer. D165
LONGYAN YIFENG MECHANICAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Grinding Mill, Vertical Mill, Coating Machine D166
LTEEL CO., LTD “LTEEL Co.,Ltd.” World’s best Eco-friendly technology company, runs the business of construction and machine manufacturer, We secure the best technology and quality through the cooperation of the construction department and the machinery department. Also, We have created a new value with our technology and enthusiasm in the world stage. B240
MACCOMM CO., LTD McCom Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of stationary, industrial and architectural products and provides innovative, high-quality products at an affordable price. Being a consumer with a positive attitude and a constant effort. We promise that we will always spare our best efforts to reach the world as a company recognized by society. B223
MADI We can clean air!!! MADI Empathy with environment, people and consumers MADI is a company specialized in gas removal and materials, manufacturing products that can improve conditions of industrial sites, automotive interiors and home interiors based on its technical competence. MADI values purposes of users, convenience, design and reliable technology and will continue to manufacture products that can converge into customers. B361
MANI MANDAP CRAFT COMPANY PVT.LTD Typical handmade Nepali metal craft, statues, white metal jewelry, Buddhist traditional goods, antiques, etc. Also Thanka (pauba) paintings, gift items, ritual items, etc. We also take order, wholesale, retail and excels in fine arts. B306
MARUMATSU FOODSTUFFS CO.,LTD LONGHAI Canned mushroom, canned sweet corn, canned fishes, canned fruits and canned vegetables D247
MIN HOU HONG-CRAFTS CO., LTD Metal flower pot; metal tray; metal box D183
MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Performs policy of public administration and regulation in the field of the agricultural industry, fishery, fish breeding, production of foodstuff and also in the field of seed farming, a sortoispytaniye, a quarantine and protection of plants, preserving and increase in fertility of soils, breeding business, veterinary science, quality assurance of food staples and foodstuff, melioration, mechanization and electrification of agricultural production B188 ~ B218
MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Provision the national education system of Belarus; - Continuing education system development; - Introduction of new technologies, materials and equipment developed by the universities B188 ~ B218
MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Pursues state policy and standard and legal regulation in health sector, obligatory medical insurance, drug circulation for medical application, including questions of the organization of prevention of diseases B188 ~ B218
MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Provides creation of conditions for effective work of industrial enterprises of the country; - Develops forecasts of technological and financial and economic development of the corresponding industries; - Performs state regulation of metallurgical production, cars and the equipment, electronic and optical equipment, vehicles; - 16 holdings and more than 200 organizations are a part of jurisdictional enterprises B188 ~ B218
MINSK AUTOMOBILE PLANT – MANAGER COMPANY OF BELAVTOMAZ HOLDING, JSC The producer of vehicles’ model range: truck tractors, side-board trucks and chassis on their base, middle-capacity trucks, dump trucks, truck chassis for various municipal and industrial equipment installation, timber trucks and short-logger trucks, vehicles with increased passability, auto-cranes, special vehicles; - The producer of trailers and semitrailers, including board and tented intended for transportation of goods in different spheres of the national economy, as well as for the long-distance transportations; - The producer of passenger vehicles: urban, suburban, intercity buses and special buses, trolleybuses; - Exports in more than 40 countries of near and far abroad; - Has assembly enterprises in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Venezuela, Iran and Egypt. Representative offices successfully work in Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria, UAE and South Africa B188 ~ B218
MINSK BEARING PLANT, JSC The manufacture of spherical roller bearings of 25 – 980 mm diameter and 200g – 800 kg mass; - Exports in more than 50 countries in the world: Poland, Lithuania, Vietnam, India, Iran, Serbia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Bulgaria , Estonia and etc B188 ~ B218
MINSK KRISTALL – MANAGING COMPANY OF HOLDING MINSK KRISTALL GROUP, OJSC Exports vodkas, alcoholic beverages and spirits to more than 25 countries of the world; - The holding's products are manufactured on high-tech equipment using modern technologies and natural raw materials; - Is certified the food safety management system for compliance with the requirements of FSSC 22000 (the food safety system certification standard is the latest international certification scheme for food producers) B188 ~ B218
MINSK MOTOR PLANT HOLDING MANAGING COMPANY, OJSC Specializes in design and production of modern 3-,4-,6-, 8-cylinders engines within the power range from 35 hp to 460 hp conforming to ecological standards EURO-0/1/2/3/4/5, Stage 3А/3B/4 and ranks first in the number of engines produced as part of agricultural machinery (tractors, combines), cars, buses, road construction equipment (loaders, excavators, graders, asphalt rollers, street sweepers, concrete mixers, concrete pumps), forestry equipment (harvesters, chippers, forwarders), off-road equipment (swamp buggies, snowmobiles), mining equipment; - Produces diesel generator stations, stationary and mobile compressor stations, special equipment: foam generating stations for fire services, food tanks, concrete mixers based on trucks, diesel pumping stations; - Exports in more than 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America B188 ~ B218
MINSK SPARKLING WINE FACTORY, OJSC Is the flagship of the wine industry of Belarus and one of the best among the similar enterprises of the CIS; - Produces more than 15 million bottles of sparkling wines a year; - The products are certified for STB ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Standards and food safety HACCP System B188 ~ B218
MINSK TRACTOR WORKS, OJSC The manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery; - Providing its products through service centers, representatives, dealers and distributors worldwide B188 ~ B218
MINSKINTERCAPS, UV The leading company on the production of the medicines in the form of hard and soft gelatin capsules in the national pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus; - More than 70 types of medicines including drugs used in the neurology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, gastroenterology; - The most famous brands of our company are Essencicaps®, Chondrosamine®, Pyracezin®, AnGriMax®, Antioxicaps®, and Ursocaps®; - The first producer of drugs in the form of vaginal and rectal capsules in CIS countries ; - The company maintains dynamic business with foreign manufactures of drugs: joint business with VEROPHARM OAO, Russia, under License Agreement for manufacture of the drugs and with company GEDEON RICHTER, Hungary; - The production facilities are famous world leaders like TECHNOPHAR, Canada; GIC, The USA, IMA, Italy, BOSCH, Germany; - The production of drugs in SGC and HGC, empty HGC complies with TKP 030 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP); - 20 % of our products are exported to the CIS countries, the medicines are in demand in the countries of the European Union, Southeast Asia, the Middle and Near East countries B188 ~ B218
MOLOCHNY MIR, JSC The range of products reaches more than 300 kinds: whole milk products, rennet cheese, demineralized whey powder, butter, ice-cream etc; - Ready to cooperate with wholesale companies, which work at dairy market, also with distribution networks, food industry enterprises etc B188 ~ B218
MOTOVELOZAVOD, LTD. We can boast a full production cycle and it's own. We are the only mass motorcycle brand on the today's market which has the State quality mark of the USSR B188 ~ B218
NAIL ACE CO.,LTD. Founded in 1992, Nailace Co.,Ltd. is currently one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of nail files, nail buffers, image shine buffers and foot files, located in South Korea. We have exported these items to the major markets in EU, US and ASIA and so on since 1992. And we have made great strides in our new techniques and products through the continuous research based on our longstanding business experiences. B237
NANUM CO., LTD NANUM is a leading company in animal blood recycling, and holds nine patents, green certification, organic certification, and new technology certification by Korean Government. NANUM's unique technology is eco-friendly recycling technology by biological method using enzym, and it makes high quality amino acid fertilizer, feed additives and bioactive materials. B254
NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF BELARUS Organizing and coordinating fundamental and applied research performed by all subjects of scientific activities; - Conducting fundamental and applied research and developmenting in crucial areas of natural and technical sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences in order to acquire new knowledge about a human, society, nature, artificial objects, and to increase scientific and technical, intellectual and spiritual potential of Belarus B188 ~ B218
NEWTOP CORPORATION MyJae is created by Top Group since 1984 in Taiwan. MyJae is the leading brand both in China and Taiwan by providing top-notch products and services. The MyJae products have covering Cling Wrap, Plastic Bag, Glove, Wiping Cloth, Scouring Pad, Mop, Disposable Products/ Appliance and Garbage Bag. We want to make our consumers enjoying their housework in convenient, easy and relaxing life. MyJae is aiming to become the market Leader of Household Commodity. We are seeking for the professional distributors/ agents in marketing our products in Vietnam channel. Looking forward to your corporation together to forge a brighter future. 60 Years of Excellence Cultivates the TOP Gold Standard. B101, B102
VIETNAM – RUSSIA JOINT VENTURE BANK Our bank provides financial & banking services for both individual and enterprise customers with modern banking model under the principles of sustainable, effective, secure, and integrative development, meeting all safety indexes of normal operations of international banking practices. Especially, one of our mission is being the leading bank to finance for bilateral trade and investment activities between Vietnam and Russia B104, B105
VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK FOR INDUSTRY AND TRADE Attractive interest rate from only 7.7% per annum “Lãi gắn kết, thỏa sức vay” is the most attractive long-term interest rate program from VietinBank. The preferential interest rate is 7.7% per annum with a period of up to 12 months for customers disbursing loan with a term of 36 months or more. B106-B107
DAI DUONG SEAWEED STORE Dai Duong Seaweed D257, D258
NINGBO AICHEN HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES CO., LTD Ningbo AICHEN Household Appliances Co., Ltd. has developed into a manufacturer of Washing machines, Water dispenser, Refrigerators, Air conditioner, Gas burner, Electric and many other products. With advanced equipment and technology and quality assurance system, our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, primarily for the European, American, African, Middle East and Southeast Asia markets. Variety of products with certificate of SASO, CB, CE, SGS, ROHS. We sincerely hopes to cooperate with customers at home and abroad, establish partnership to create prosperity! D218, D219
NISUS ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD NISUS ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., established in 2006, focus on charging applications more than 10 years. We are professional because we pay attention to find out our customer’s real need! E108
NOW FOODS SDN BHD Now Foods Sdn Bhd is producing and marketing health supplement pastilles (also called gummy) which is good for all ages (kids until adults) . This products is without conservative ingredients. Latest product has launched in the middle of this year which are Pastille For Him and For Her. Products already enter Indonesia and China market B307, B308, B309
NPO CENTER, OJSC NPO CENTER, OJSC is the leading manufacturers of equipment for ore and non-metallic materials processing; the unique professional manufacturer of cutting, casting and centrifugal equipment applied both in industry and for scientific and medical purposes. We are engaged in its design, development, sale and further maintenance B188 ~ B218
NUMERUNO Numeruno started from R&D on products that increase the number of hairs and strengthen the scalp. Numeruno manufactures highly functional basic care products, cosmeceutical products, with technology for manufacturing scalp products. Bamboo skin care series: The bamboo extract, a natural component of the bamboo series, carries deep nutrients to the skin. SS Serum: A healthy, fresh scalp without any worries about the scalp. B263
PASTEL FACTORY COMPANY We provide kid clothes called Doctormoms which are made in Korea and 100% from organic cotton. Our products are certified to be suitable for sentitve kid skin B108
PENANG REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (PERDA) PERDA is one of the agency in Penang, Malaysia that helps to develop, provide machines & tools, grant and loans to enterprises in Penang, Malaysia. PERDA have more than 500 SME companies which mostly come from rural areas and we help them develop until they are successful in operating a factory, plant, and finally become an international supplier for the market. At Vietnam Expo 2018, PERDA bring 5 companies which produce various products from F&B, health and beauty industries B307, B308, B309
PHARMA TESKOL Do you know what K-Beauty is? Do you want your SELF-BRANDED COSMECEUTICALS with top quality and powerful function? Here we are developing and producing all THE BEST COSMETICS that meet the need of INTERNATIONAL ODM-OEM ORDERS with our cutting edge R&D system in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. B257
PHILLIPS CONTROL CO,LTD We are a wireless switch, wireless touch switch, lighting control, development and manufacturing company B276
PIME Time-system Co.,Ltd aims to grow our company as one of a competitiveness company in IT fields. Our newly established Bio-Business department can help to understand variety of physiological chemistry problems which are based on many diseases related to skin and aging. To recover skin diseases like Atopy, Pimple, Psoriasis, Seborrhoea and etc., we proceed to develop specialized products related to basic research and expand our products group. Time-system Co. ,LTD are effectively manufacturing OEM & ODM way to cooperate with professional manufacturer. We would like to be honest company by sharing these beneficial things with customers. Therefore Our company promise to keep obligation & responsibility by sharing all things with customers to be better place, society B359
POLOTSK STATE UNIVERSITY, EE Conducts training of top-qualification specialists and scientific research in the area of geodesy and land management, building construction and their elements, oil and gas recycling, strengthening technologies in mechanical engineering B188 ~ B218
POLYMER & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Since founed in 1984, P&T CO., LTD has grown into a learding manufacturer with qualified staff and sophisticated technolgoy and equipment, the coporation provides service in the wood-working application for Over-lay, Wrapping, Membrane, Post Foaming and Flash Panel. We also provide packaging, book-binding, glue stick, industrial adhesives with the best price and quality. B245
POP-TECH Co. ORALPIK cleans between teeth as well as between teeth and gums which cannot be reached with brushing with 1,400 times of strong flowing water. ORALPIK massages gums gently with low water pressure which will stimulate blood circulation and activate cell activities which will give you healthy gums and prevention of plagues. B235
PRIMEMILK, LLC PRIMEMILK, LLC has the full automation of production processes and the ability to visually observe all the stages of production. We export products worldwide and produces more than 70 tons of finished products per day B188 ~ B218
PURESYS Puresys all-in-one siries are made up with best quality and world-wide design. Puresys`original technology of AIR MAGIC perfectly gets rid of not only remaining germs and viruses but also ozon and harmful chemical gases after filtering minute dust particles with threefold filters and going through 11 stage of chain reaction of electro catalysis and chemical catalysis. B358
QINGHE COUNTY HONGGUAN CASHMERE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Qinghe hongguan cashmere products co., ltd is an enterprise mainly producing yarn cashmere sweaters and knitted uppers. E191
QINGHE COUNTY RONGXU AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD. We specialize in the production of air filter plastic mould, and accessories, oil filter, air filter, air conditioning filter. E187
QINGHE JUXING FILTERS CO.,LTD Air filter; air conditioner filter E225
QINGHE KAIXUAN CASHMERE PRODUCTS CO., LTD Hebei Nuokai Products Co., Ltd. is a private company established on April 24, 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 3 million. Its business scope is: processing and sales of plush and cashmere apparel; Sales of cashmere products; Import and export of goods, technology import and export. E137
QINGHE WEI ZE AUTO PARTS CO., LTD The factory specializes in the development of automotive filters, development, production and sales. The company occupies 1 million square meters of clean workshop more than 4800 square meters, existing staff more than 100 people. Our company has advanced production equipment and scientific management. Under the new and old customers the support and our tireless efforts to make our company has been rapid development. Ensure stability for users supporting the production quality, reasonable price, new and efficient filter. E236
QINGHE ZHENYUAN AUTOMOBILE FLEXIBLE SHAFT FACTORY Qinghe Zhenyuan Car Flexible Shaft Factory is a collection of scientific research, production and management as one of the professional motorcycle, auto parts manufacturers. The company has always been "quality first, reputation first" as its purpose, with a good image to win customers' trust and praise. Product coverage is nationwide and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe and other countries and regions E184
QUANZHOU XINGYUAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD Baby diaper, Adult diaper, sanitary napkin, under pads D228
DANANG SCULPTURE FOUNDATION The Danang Sculpture Foundation, a non - profit and non - governmental organization, operates for the development of culture and sculpture, founded by the Danang Union of Literature and Arts Associations and the Danang Fine Arts Association D257, D258
RETRO-MAX PRIVATE CO.,LTD – VIETNAM BRANCH We provide recreation equipment and amenities ranging from dry and wet playgrounds, fitness corners, EPDM rubber flooring, park furniture and furnishings, and outdoor musical instruments. We are representative for famous brands from US and UK countries that meet the international standard of safety and quality like Landscape Structure and Water Odyssey. We also pride ourselves for providing responsive and prompt after-sales services B305
ROMIS TRADING CO., LTD We are Romis Trading Co.,. Our products are are various such as machine carpet, handicrafts and food stuff and all are from Iran with unique, elegant design and high quality. Our products are exported to many countries in Middle East such as UAE, Qatar, Oman, ect. B278
RONG LIN WAH INDUSTRIAL (SHENZHEN) CO.,LTD Ceramic tableware, glassware B135, B136
SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL MATERIAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF BELARUS, STATE SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION Solves the following tasks: the creation of new magnetic, ferroelectric, semiconductor, metal, superconducting, superhard and optical materials in the form of crystals, ceramics, disordered systems, nanomaterials and nanostructures B188 ~ B218
SEMINAR INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR INTERNATIONAL is specialized 100% Made-in-Korea stationary and accessories for your desk circumstance with special product lines: - HIGHLIGHTERS: excellent design and stability of the quality; non drying function even when closing cap for a long time - CASES: for pencils and ball point pens B259
SEOKWANG COMPANY Household products from Sillkys Seokwang B275
SHABATH CO., LTD The SCANDINA series will make your interior design with stylish scandinavian. Be with No.1 Global Business Shabath Company! B243
SHANDONG PACIFIC OPTICS FIBER AND CABLE CO., LTD Shandong Pacific Optics Fiber And Cable Co., ltd was established in 1999. It’s a collection of production and sales and service as the high-tech enterprises which one for optical preform, optical fiber, optical cable, optical and electrical hybrid C D220
SHANDONG UNLE IMPORT&EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD ShanDong UNLE Import&Export Trade Co.,Ltd. is a hydraulic, pneumatics and machinery manufacturer. We have 2 production lines for hydraulic ylinder and power unit, 4 production lines for pneumatic components and cylinder, capability of 1200 ton/month metal plating and rivet weld, and are able to precision cut metal plate and deal with surface treatment. We have provincial technical center responsible for product design, process planning and quality control which features the company fitted specialty, and expert management. With great efforts, we have achieved a steady continuous development benefted by good technical, production and HR management B122
SHANDONG YINGCHUANG PLASTIC CO.,LTD Shandong Yingchuang Plastic Co., Ltd was established in 2008, we mainly produce PVC foam sheet and PVC rigid sheet, three types such as PVC free foam sheet, PVC celuka sheet and PVC co-extruded foam sheet, now we can produce high hardness PVC cabinet sheet, we can make laminated PVC wood flm on its surface, our products are widely used for advertising, construction&decoration, vehicle and ship building, furniture making and industrial engineering, welcome for your visiting B117
SHANGHAI GUANTOU ELECTRIC CO., LTD We are a professional supplier of wiring accessories, of which we are more proprietary professional SUPER - GLAND waterproof cable fixed head series products, product variety project is various, widely used in electronic science and technology. Machinery manufacturing. Communications equipment. Mechanical and electrical control. Monitoring instrument. Good quality, in line with the national product safety certification UL CSA VDE CE IP68 SGS sell well both at home and abroad are popular with the customers all over the world. E213
SHEN ZHEN CITY HUA SHENG MEI INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD Shen Zhen City Hua Sheng Mei Investment Development Co.,Ltd is an excellent domestic ceramic manufacturer and distributor of the household goods, ranging from dinner set, plate, bowl, cup & saucer, mug, cookware, cutlery, flatware, kitchen utensils. Our huge factory network and good relationships guarantee the best price and the strong focus on quality. We can support our customers with complete retailing solutions, customized pattern packing. Under our endeavor, our company establishes the business relationship over more 10 countries and regions worldwide, such as the Africa, Middle East ,Southeast Asia, etc B315, B316
SHENZHEN ANTOP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ANTOP, a state-level high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales and relevant services, is specialized in digital TV antenna, professional antenna for TV & yachts, intelligent antenna for multimedia, satellite multiswitches and other related products B302, B303
SHENZHEN AOOLIF TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Shenzhen Aoolif Technology company has been specialized in product development and design for more than 10 years, and being a manufacture for 8 years, serving more than 100 customers worldwide. We got 4000 square meters workshop, more than 100 workers and professional experienced salespeople, 6 engineers, we control all things from product design to productions. Our main customers are Zippo, Mark’s, MEDION, Brigma … OEM & ODM orders are welcomed. E117, E118
SHENZHEN BRIGHT FUTURE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Shenzhen Bright Future Industry Co., Ltd. have been in the business of producing and exporting commercial and consumer porcelain, glass dinnerwares for more than twenty years. Aside from being authorized as " one of the top 300 enterprises of Shenzhen " for remarkable business potential by the Shenzhen Association of Enterprise in 2002, we also passed many international Standards Quality Management Attestation. Meanwhile, we are chosen as "AAA” top credit grade enterprise"and"China ceramic industrial famous brand products" by China Ceramics Industrial Association B317, B318
SHENZHEN CASUN INTELLIGENT ROBOT CO., LTD. Shenzhen CASUN Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd is one of the Chinese leading manufacturers in mobile industrial robots. Till now, CASUN has set up subsidiaries or branches in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing, Shenyang, Xi’an etc major cities across China. E124~129
SHENZHEN CHINA SAWA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD Shenzhen SAWA Abrasive Co., LTD established in 1985, is a professional company engaged in developing of resin bonded abrasive wheel, production, sales and services, is also completely independent brands with independent intellectual property rights and export enterprises. SAWA resin bond fiber reinforced wheel trademarks and cymbals wheel products cover four series more than 1,000 varieties B141, B142
SHENZHEN COXO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD SHENZHEN COXO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, founded in 2009, is a professional manufacturer in LED strip light. We mainly focus on LED strip light research, solution and production. E130, E131
SHENZHEN DIVIDENDSTREET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Shenzhen Dividendstreet Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of Healthy Home product. We focused on creating clean and innovative technologies,to provide intelligent, clean, safety and healthy home environments for customers. Insisit on superior customer service, top quality products, we are currently recognized as a leading anufacturer for air purifer, Smart life, cleaning Robot products B331
SHENZHEN DONGJILIAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Shenzhen Dongjilian Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading professional high-tech enterprise specialized in the design, development, production and marketing of electronic massagers and health care products. Our main electronic massagers are portable smart massage cushion and foot massagers. Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries throughout the world, mainly in North America, Europe and Asia. We will continue to make every effort to satisfy our customers with the best products and services! B157, B158
SHENZHEN EVERBEST MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Thermal Imager; Digital multimeter; Electrical Tester B338
SHENZHEN FUXINGYE IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD Shenzhen Fuxingye Import And Export Co., Ltd. specializes in exporting daily-used ceramics, and has grown up into two series: household daily-usedceramics (dishware, coffee set, tea set, cup, soup plates etc.), and present ceramics (dishware, coffee set, tea set etc.). Our products are very popular in dozens of countries and districts, such as Germany, French, Britain, Australia, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia. Fuxingye enjoys good reputation among the industry and consumer insider and outsider with complete sorts, elegant products, excellent quality and considerate service B138, B137
SHENZHEN GOLD HILL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Founded in 1990, Shenzhen Gold Hill Electornics Co.,Ltd. has been known as a reputable supplier specializing in design and manufacturing of high quality emergency lanterns, mulifunctional rechargeable fans and LED torches. Each year, our R%D team design and develop over 20 new products to meet the demand of our loyal customers from GCC, India, Indonesia, Philipines, South Amenrica and 70 plus countries B299~301, B312~314
SHENZHEN GOLDENSEA HOUSEWARES LIMITED Since year 2009, Goldensea Housewares Limited have dedicated itself to provide all kinds of housewares items with most competitive price and best service to customers all over the worlds. Year by year, we have built a diversifed products lines with stainless steel cookware, whistling kettle, cutlery, vacuum flask, bread box, dish rack, pedal bin, kitchen utensil etc., and gains high reputation among our customers. “Create value, create yourself”, we belief that only when we create value for our customers, we create a better ‘Goldensea’. Upholding this spirit, we have cooperated and keep good relationship with many famous brands all over the worlds, ie Tadar, Florentyna, Dajar, Altom, Top import, Cencosud, Zeidan, etc. B328, B327
SHENZHEN HEG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD. SHENZHEN HEG IMPORT AND EXOPRT CO., LTD specializes in import and export business as well as service and technical support. We have exported electric items such as stoves, ovens, cookers, water heaters, air conditioning refrigerators, etc. to many countries like America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc. As well as imported some dried seafood and agricultural products from South America and Africa for more than 10 years. We are now developing new product of female item - pure artemisia argyi series: sanitary napkins, pure natural. We are a responsible company and strict in products’ quality B143, B144
SHENZHEN HIKER HOUSEWARE. LTD Shenzhen Hiker Housewares Ltd is an experienced manufacturer spcilizing in all kinds of procelain tableware. Our factory passed FDA, BRC, ISO9000, Wal-Mart and Disney standard and ethical audits and a member of Sedex as well. We have been supplying many world-known supermarkets and dapartment stores for more than twenty years, we are so honored to have achieved trusts with our satisfactory service and excellent quality of products! B324, B323
SHENZHEN HONGHAO TIANCHENG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD HHTC Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprises for the production of digital products on R&D design, production, sales and service. Our main products is portable bluetooth speaker, APP clock projection bluetooth speaker, wireless charging bluetooth speaker , AI smart speaker and FM radio. Our products have achieved appearance patents and many international standard certifications. We have BKK, CRAVEN brand exported to all over the world like North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and so on. We are looking forward to work with u and create a better future! E111
SHENZHEN JENS ELECTRIC CO.,LTD Built-in Microwave Oven, 45cm-range Oven,Built-in Coffee Machine B129
SHENZHEN JIANYUANDA MIRROR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Shenzhen JianYuanDa Mirror Technology Co., Ltd provides one stop service for makeup mirror design, mold tooling, injection, painting, printing and assembly. With so many years continuous exploration and development, the company has become a leading manufacturer of makeup mirror in China. And products have been sold to all around the world.Now,we supply for many famous brands,and being regarded as their most reliable OEM & ODM partner to BSCI, SMETA, ISO, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder Audited Factory E122, E123
SHENZHEN JINGGUANGHUA ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD Shenzhen Jingguanghua Electronic Co., LTD is a well-known enterprise in crystal oscillator industry. We are professional at providing the most scientific Crystal oscillator solutions in circuit application. Our factory produces many different types of products, and also agent the famous brand of crystals---TXC. We provide products as below: 2016、2520、3225、5032、7050、49S、49SSMD、2*6、3*8 etc. B345
SHENZHEN KERUN OPTOELECTRONIC INC. Kerun, located in Shenzhen, is a leading led display manufacture and has 10 years experience We are major in 7 segment display, led dot matrix, custom display, led display screen E110
SHENZHEN KINGSUN ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. We have good engineering, product design, in-house artwork design team and good insight of the trend of consumer electronics. We also have our printing factory from 2015. Our main products are: Fashion Electronic line: Multi-function charging product, Bluetooth, Audio, DAB+ radio, FM/AM/. Clock radio Household appliance, outdoor products etc. Accessory line: Automotive accessories, Smartphone/Tablet accessories, Computer accessories etc. Our customers are chain stores/ supermarket/ importers/ promotion customers/ branding customers. Our turnover is 60 Million USD per year with around 55% in America, 40% in Europe and 5% for other areas. B130, B131
SHENZHEN KINSTONE D&T DEVELOP CO., LTD. Tablet PC /computer, Advertising machine, robot, Smart speaker, bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth earphone B336, B337
SHENZHEN LONGXINGSHENG METAL PLASTIC CO.,LTD . Founded in 1997, Shenzhen Longxingsheng Metal Plastic Co., Ltd is an enterprise which specializes in designing and producing stainless steel flasks. With over a decade of development, Longxingsheng now has owned 7 workshops which occupy totally 20,000 square meters and 80 sets of professional machines and equipments.The company has successfully passed the Authentication of International Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2000 since 2005. And most of the materials that we’ve used for our products have passed RoHS and SGS tests B321, B322
SHENZHEN LONSMAX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD We are professional manufacture power bank, USB Cable and Charger E107
SHENZHEN MANY ELECTRIC APPLIANCE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Shenzhen Many Electric Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in research, development, sales and promotion of various power sockets and adapters. Our company owns advanced technology, excellent production facility and exquisite quality inspection devices, high-quality customerization service. With good aftersales support system, we have been roviding products with all our efforts in the principle of “ being quality & credibility oriented, seeking for mutual development & progress”. Our “Many” brand has been well recognised and highly commended by the consumers. After years of all our staff's consistent efforts, “Many” products have set up the steady distribution networks and enjoyed good market share B134
SHENZHEN NEW GLEE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Newglee Technology CO., LTD. With more than ten years’ experience on DVB, IPTV and GPS industry and a powerful R&D team, we have restructured and renamed to Newglee in the year 2011 to adapt to the new times. As a new Hi-tech enterprise in China, we specialize in R&D and marketing of Multimedia system and products. Our products range from professional head-end Internet TV system, DVB products, GPS products and so on. E103, E104
SHENZHEN OCEANPOWER ECO FOOD TECH CO.,LTD Shenzhen Oceanpower Eco Food Tech Co., Ltd. with a 44,000 square meters factory in Heyuan, supported by over 800 employees, has been engaged in producing ice cream machines, ice cream powder, and ice cream wafer cones since 1998. With continuous development and innovation over the past 20 years, Oceanpower today has grown into one of the largest enterprises in China, dedicated to providing customers with top quality and best value ice cream machines and ice cream powder B139, B140
SHENZHEN RONGLI IMPORTS&EXPORTS CO.,LTD Shenzhen Rongli Imports & Exports Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, as a collection of manufacturing and trading, we have Import and export operation rights. Our main products are Stainless steel & Aluminum cookware as well as Home appliances B299~301, B312~314
SHENZHEN SANPU INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Shenzhen QQMM Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (SANPU) specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling of constant voltage LED power supplies. Quality is the fundamental for enterprises and main factor for long terms trust from clients. We provide quality and cost-effective product warranty services to our clients together with our sourcing management and preventive measures during production. We greatly appreciated our clients, workers, and suppliers for their support and hope more people will choose SANPU E109
SHENZHEN SCOPE CORPORATION LIMITED The tablet and notebook B299~301, B312~314
SHENZHEN SHENLI WITT MOTOR CO.,LTD Shenzhen Shenli Witt Motor Co., Ltd is a professional factory to research, produce and sell hybrid stepper motors and drivers, motors, drivers, planetary gearbox, harmonic gearbox, hollow rotary actuator and brake. Our products are used in robot, printer, financial, mechanical, medical devices, etc. Our products have passed many international certification quality system. We believe that our advanced technologies, quality products, moderate price, short delivery time and customized policy will strongly support your great business. E115, E116
SHENZHEN SKY DRAGON AUDIO-VIDEO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Party speaker, Sound bar, Bluetooth speaker, Clock radio B310, B311
SHENZHEN UNI-RIGHT INDUSTRIAL AND TRADING CO.,LTD Shenzhen Uni-Right Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd, was established in April 1997. We are an export oriented company in electrical home appliances areas, dealing with various kinds of fans, heaters, bread makers, irons, coffee makers and blenders, moreover, LCD displayers, Bluetooth Carkit, with turnover more than USD50 millions per year. We are glad to say our products have entered into multinational supermarkets, chain stores, retailers and even groceries, with nice reputation B329, B330
SHENZHEN VIKA CIRCUIT TECH CO., LTD VIKA PCB is one of leading PCB manufacturers founded in2009, specializing in double-side and multiayer PCB with high precision, high density and high-quality Aluminum PCB. The products are widely in communication device,industrial control, power electronic,medical instrument, security electronics, digital consumer electronics, etc. Sixty percent of our products are exported to Europe, America, Asia-Pacific etc. E132
SHENZHEN ZHONGTONG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD Shenzhen Zhongtong Import and Export Is A Professional In The Line of Import &Export Textile.our Main Products Including Bedding,Bath Toweel, Beach Towel And Kitchen Series. All Products Designed And Produced By Our Own Factory. our Advanced Machine, Powerful Productivity and Good Service Can Give Guarantee for Good Quality,Lower Price and Faster Delivery. the Annual Turnover of The Company Is About 50 Million dollars. We Exported To More Than 60 Countries And Regions.we Received Good Confdence And Well Comments From Old and New Customers B332, B333
SHINCHANG INDUSTRY CO., LTD The Shinchang Industry specializes in aluminum window products, we are a manufacturer and a professional construction company, that consolidate and manage from production to assembly and installation of the item. Shinchang Industry's window product apply to all of the windows and window related systems, which is required for construction, and can be extensively used in commerce building, housing, and public building. B360
SLUTSK CHEESE FACTORY, JSC Provides the various dairy products of high quality to the numerous export partners B188 ~ B218
SMG CO., LTD "Our Gears Move The World" SMG Co.Ltd is a professional gear maker company that has been manufactured key components of various machines such as precision gear unit, special gear box, and chemical gear pump. Now SMG Co.Ltd. manufactures a gear that does not generate noise and vibration in high RPM by its professional gear design, various cutting work, and grinding work using CNC GRINDING M/C the products are used in a wide special machinery tool area such as machine tool, chiller and automobile etc. All executive and employee will do the best to make the best products with spirit and the highest quality in the world based on SMG Co, Ltd.'s philosophy. B230
SOLEON CO.,LTD SOLEON CO.,Ltd introduces LU:UZ BB & CC Cream obtained from MADE IN JEJU excellent natural ingredients. It has UV protection function and naturally harmonizes with all skin tones, which not only provides a brighter and non-artificial shine but also brightens skin that looks dull. LU:UZ Cream brings natural feeling without stickiness that reduces the burden on your skin with a natural shine that recreates healthy skin tone. The more you use the whitening function, the more you will notice your skin tone becoming clearer and brighter B256
SPARTAK, JV OJSC Produce caramel, boxes of sweets, chocolate, biscuit and waffle; - Makes export sales to a lot of countries (Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia,) and has the interest to the new markets B188 ~ B218
STATE COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Regulates and manages scientific, technical and innovative activities, as well as protection of rights to intellectual property; - Develops the international scientific and technical cooperation; - Organizes National Expositions of the Republic of Belarus and collective sections of scientific and technical and innovative developments of the Republic of Belarus at the international exhibition B188 ~ B218
SUNGIL INNOTECH With the “I Can Do It" spirit, all of our officers and employees have achieved the best quality and created values by means of shared aims and creative efforts. Our extensive investments in facilities and education of talents have helped us stand out as a leader in the 3D screen printing industry. We will continue to do our best to become an enterprise of middle standing. We appreciate your continued trust and interest and expect your ceaseless support. B226
SUNGJONGSA SUNGJONGSA known as the best bell manufacturers in the global level has equipped with 50 tons of weight scale casting facilities in the new manufacturing site to guarantee the prestigious quality. With the confidence in quality of the product we provide, SUNGJONGSA has exported products to overseas such as Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.  B255
SUNGWON F&C CO., LTD SUNGWON mask pack is for all types of skin including sensitive and troubled skin types. The herbal extract moisturizes dry or chapped skin and help minimize the appearance of scar tissue. it calms your mind, body, and spirit after a hard day’s work. This high content essence based natural ingredients to help improve your rough and damaged skin from various stress and pollution. B244
SUNGWON T&G CO.,LTD SUNGWON T&G CO.,LTD produces 3 kinds of sanitary napkin and 4 kinds of disposable breast pads which are made in Korea B253
SUNGWOO SONAKI CORPORATION SUNGWOO SONAKI with the vision of Water Healthcare Company is growing to become a global company in the water purification segmentation through the unique & value added Shower and Water Filter Technology. SONAKI began as a specialist in bathroom products that enhanced the value of life with functional showers and vitamin filters. It has expanded into Water Healthcare products that add value to all aspects of the home life. We have developed products that combine convenience and pleasure with advanced technology. The representative brand of SUNGWOO SONAKI is VitaPure combined with Vitamin and Pure. VitaPure is an eco-friendly water filter brand, and various VitaPure products are constantly being launched based on differentiated technology in the water filter market. B239
SUNRISE KOREA CO., LTD Hi-Elastic and support pantyhose LETIZIA that can makes you shapes very attractive. Also our pantyhose designed 3 steps technology for legs and hip line and will gives you soft compression that helps good blood circulation and reduce swelling your legs while hoilding legs. B109
SWAD SECRET CO., LTD SWAD SECRET Co., Ltd had been a distribution company which has a number of cosmetic solutions, a specialized training method including 'Body Constitution Based Aroma Detox Therapy' for health improvement, holding 1,500 franchises and 120 professional allies in Korea. Since 2018, SWAD SECRET has progressed as professional enterprise with professional research corporation and advanced manufacturing equipment to develop and produce high value-added materials for cosmetics and health products through the fermentation process and organic synthesis process. B351
SYARIKAT HANG TUAH SDN BHD Hang Tuah was Established in the year of 1957 and after 28 years of operationg, Malaysian coffee has increased tremendously that required Hang Tuah coffee to expand the establishment to support production and storage of our products. In 2002, Hang Tuah has again built and moved into its latest facility, located in Taman IKS PERDA, Kubang Menerong, Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang. Aligned with modernization of Malaysia and its technology, Hang Tuah has built the P3 with adopting and synergizing with Spanish methodology, technology and machinery B307, B308, B309
TA SHUAN CO.,LTD TA SHUAN PLASTIC is one of the top largest plastic household, brush and kitchenware designer, manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam. With 18 years experienced in plastic injection industry, our BSCI-certified factories has manufactured four main ranges: kitchenware, household, gardening and bathroom accessories. If you want to find any home-product, TA SHUAN PLASTIC can be your one-stop manufacturer. With more than 1600+ items developed and launched into worldwide market for over 18 years, we proudly present ourselves to you and wish that both parties could set up a sustainable business relationship B232
TANGSHAN SHANGYINGHE TRADING CO.,LTD Cosmetics and commodities E141
TDL CO., LTD TDL is the best partner in the IT era. TDL's products and technologies are applied in manufacturing, telecommunications, IT and other various industries. With the progressive development of information technoligy, the world is in great changes. In sush an environment, TDL based on stable technology and outstanding staff, through constant innovation, to provide customers the vest service. We also promise to do our best to be the most trustworthy partner and the most respected partner in business. B227
TECHNOPARK BNTU POLYTECHNIC Promotion and development of innovative entrepreneurship in the structure of Higher Education; - Innovative activity, design, capturing, production and commercialization of innovative products B188 ~ B218
THE HANDA "Made by dermatologists Made of medical technology Made from nature" Mireul recommend them for you Authentic Me Beauty, Mireul B290
THE HI CO., LTD The HI Corporation BEBEDANG specializes in the manufacturing, distribution and selling of organic food for infants, such as organic rice crackers made of organic rice. B225
THE WINNER STAR COMPANY LIMITED Our product brand is called KOREA PURE that was legally approved and effectively proven by both KFDA of South Korea and Thailand for consumers to improve their health in the whole body system to be incredibly stronger. Our product can make a complete difference and comes with a secret manufacturing innovation, which can retain 100% functions with quality from the raw material efficiency in the product after manufacturing processes until delivery to buyer’s hands. We have been given a bunch of excellent and positive feedback from suffering consumers that have made us proud. Also, our product is guaranteed by SAMSUNG as well. B271
TIANJIN DANOO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD The company mainly produces and deals in automobile air filter,fuel filter and other products. The company has devoted itself to the industry for many years, earnestly promoting joint ventures and cooperation with major enterprises and manufacturers, and serving the community and the vast number of users with the idea of industrial development. E218
TIANJIN DEVELOPMENT ZONE LIHUA OFFICE FURNITURE CO.,LTD Tianjin Development Zone Lihua Office Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in manufacturing office furniture. Founded in 1989, the company has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. It has accumulated considerable experience in the development, design, production, sales and installation management of office furniture. E215
TIANJIN DUOYAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD The company specializes in main environmental protection materials and technology development,import and export of goods and technology.The company has a group of highly dedicated project personnel and professional production team."Quality, efficiency, integrity and professionalism" is our company's development philosophy.To promote the development ofenterprises and expand the international market,We will go abroad more vigorously and vigorously promote the development of foreign trade industry. Now our company has foreign trade professionals, actively exploring the international market and expanding the export scale. E165
TIANJIN FANYU INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD Tianjin Huanyu Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd (HYRP) develops and produces rubber and plastic parts for automotive industry since 1988. HYRP is a professional and excellent auto parts manufacturer in China. The prime products consist of CVJ boots, steering R&P boots, rubber shock absorber, EPS for ATV, UTV and passenger cars, VVT, TSV, EVP, stamping parts in automotive applications. In addition to some famous domestic OEM customers such as Tianjin FAW, Wanxiang, Shanghai GKN, Guangzhou NTN, Delphi Saginaw, FAW Koyo, FAW Toyota Engine, Tokai(Tianjin) etc. Overseas market has been associated with dealers and purchasers from Korea, Japan, USA, Eu-rope, Middle East Australia etc. E193
TIANJIN FEIYA WIRE & CABLE CO.,LTD Tianjin Feiya wire & Cable CO., LTD. covers four subsidiary company, over 300 agents and distributors. We are a professional cable developer and manufacturer in China. Our products mainly cover low, medium and high voltage (KV) crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable, PVC insulated power cable, PVC insulated wire (construction cable), control cable, etc. These cables are used in Power metallurgy, Oil&Chemical Industry, Nation Defense Power Station, Mine, Port and Architectural Engineering, and other fields. We have passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO140001:2004. All products conform to GB, IEC, CE standards E212
TIANJIN GREEN SIGHT WATER SAVING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. As the government urged rapid development of water saving irrigation, starting from 2011, the company invests 12 million yuan in succession on water saving irrigation industry. Adopt 3 sets of Flat Dripper Pipe Production Line which is in advanced world standards. The production capacity has reached 210 million meters of flat drip pipe per year, first period 40 million meters for one year. Our annual output is 40 million yuan. There are 10 injection molding machines running in our workshop and have an output of over 600 tons per year. There’s more than 50 staff in the company, include 5 senior engineers, 10 senior technicians and 10 ordinary technicians. E228
TIANJIN HARMONY TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Tianjin Harmony Technology Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and other chemical products. Our products are manufactured strictly according to the GMP requirements and conforming to BP, USP, EP, CP and export standard. The company has been approved by the ISO9001:2000. Up to now, we have become a popular company with good benefits and good reputation, our product have been well-received and highly appraised by customers in EU, South and North America, Korea, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. E210
TIANJIN HUAAO FILTER CO.,LTD China Tianjin Huaao Filter Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of three-filter (oil filter, fuel filter, air filter) motorcycle fine filter. The company has strong technical development capabilities and owns Advanced filter production equipment, testing equipment, and well-managed production lines are united in the enterprise, providing a strong guarantee for producing high-quality products! Huaao Filter Company wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all over the world to come to our factory and seek common development with friends from all walks of life to create brilliant future! E220
TIANJIN LIAN JILONG DOORS & WINDOWS JOINT VENTURE CO.LTD. Tianjin Lian Jilong is mainly specialized in producing and processing aluminum alloy doors and windows according to overseas designs. We also help customize these designs. Now our subsidiary corporation has been fully integrated into various engineering projects in the international market. Tianjin Lian Jilong insists on excellent quality, competitive prices and constant product improvement, while staying true to the idea of "Specific Product, Specific Service" E216
TIANJIN LONGFENG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD Tianjin Lian Jilong is mainly specialized in producing and processing aluminum alloy doors and windows according to overseas designs. We also help customize these designs. Now our subsidiary corporation has been fully integrated into various engineering projects in the international market. Tianjin Lian Jilong insists on excellent quality, competitive prices and constant product improvement, while staying true to the idea of "Specific Product, Specific Service" E216
TIANJIN MAX FITTER INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD Tianjin Juma Industry and Trading Co., Ltd. insists on the aim of “high technology, environmental product for human benefit”, and engages in the research and development of the environmental energy-saving products. Our company boasts the registered trademarks “Juma” and “Shengbangjieshi”. The main products include: Industry hand-washing, Industry oil abandons pharmaceutical preparations for machinery and machine tools, oil abandons pharmaceutical preparations for copper and aluminum metal products; oil abandons pharmaceutical preparations for Kitchen, smoke-discharged machine. E214
TIANJIN Q.C. INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD TIANJIN Q.C. INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD.has the factory 37600 M2 and specialized in export furniture. We are a large furniture enterprise with develop, produce and sales on line. We specialized in exporting dining set(dining table and dining chair), metal bed, tea table and chairs. We have established good business relationship with customers from many countries. We welcome your sincere cooperation for earning a long term’s mutual benefit and development. E197
TIANJIN SHENGZHI TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD/ TIANJIN ZHONGANHUADIAN DATA SECURITY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Tianjin Zhongan Huadian Data Security Technology Co., Ltd. takes IDC data center as its hardware environment support, around the traceability, integrates intelligence, Internet of Things, big data analysis, cloud computing, scene search and other technologies, Zhongan Huadian strives to become the IoT + traceability scenario application solution provider, the traceability experience public service platform opator, and the IDC and data security service provider. E101, E119
TIANJIN TRACTOR MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing Co., LTD covers an area of 460,000 square meters, is China's backbone enterprises of large and medium horsepower wheeled tractor. In December 1996, restructuring of Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing co., LTD. the registered capital of 225.32 million yuan. China's first gasoline engine, the first car, first middle horsepower wheeled tractor are born in Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing co., LTD. We will be adhering to the TieNiu spirit of continuous self-improvement and unity, make constantly innovation. E199
TIANJIN WANTAIYUAN COMMERCIAL TRADE LTD TianJin WanTaiYuan Commercial Trade Ltd, founded in 2012, specialized in cashmere and wool products trade. The company was located in TianJin China which is entitled with superior material and development resources. The company works in searching the superior cashmere and wool material, merging with elegant design and workmanship, thereby ensure the stable market occupancy. Our downstream plant was equipped with imported equipment from Italy and Germany, and technical team of domestic specialists, which guarantee the product quality greatly. E203
TIANJIN ZZX IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD TianJin ZZX Import and Export is a company that has the factory 37.600 m2 and specialized in export furniture. We are a large furniture enterprise with develop, produce and sales on line .we specialized in exporting dining set(dining table and dining chair), metal bed, tea table and chairs. We have established good business relationship with customers from many countries. We welcome your sincere cooperation for earning a long term’s mutual benefit and development. E194
TIM&CO Korean NO.1 Gaming Gear Brands, Operation of professional game team and product planning development Make a product with excellent performance through professional team operation test. We are continuously researching and developing gaming-related products. Localization models can be developed. XENICS will present fun, more interesting and exciting emotions B228
TOBE TECH CO.,LTD We provide high-quality radio transceivers used for staff calls in restaurants, hospitals,industrial production lines. Specifically, our products are various and multi-functional such as: - Wireless transceivers and guest pagers applied to self-service stores such as food courts and coffee shops - DID video related solutions to display the received signal on TV or computer screen - Receivers are small, medium or large sized monitors, handles, guest phasers, neck phasers, DID imaging solutions. - Transmitter types are common bell, waterproof bell, triangle bell, multipurpose transmitter, etc B260
VIETNAM PAPER CORPORATION Copy paper, printing paper in ream, notebooks, tissue. Subsidiary Company: SONG DUONG TISSUE PAPER CORPORATION Add.: 672 Ngo Gia Tu, Duc Giang, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: (024) 3827 1440/ 3877 0157 Fax: (024) 3827 1607 Email: Web.: B219-B220
KHANH HOA CENTER FOR INVESTMENT AND TRADE PROMOTION Khanh Hoa Center For Investment And Trade Promotion is an agency supporting enterprises in promoting trade, analyzing markets and commidity supply chain D270, D271
DA NANG TRADE PROMOTION CENTER Handicraft, herb products and processed food D257, D258
TRUST LEADER IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD Clock, watch D237
TUROV DAIRY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, ОJSC We have introduced advanced technologies for high-level raw milk processing at modern facilities. Our company is an export-oriented company and currently, over 80% of output products are delivered to external markets B188 ~ B218
UB AUTO CO., LTD UB AUTO with the corporate philosophy "The company keeping promises" does its best to develop the business in automobile field. We run business based on trust, quality and good relationship with our partner companies. Started as a car mat manufacturer, today we can offer a wide range of vehicle products to domestic as well as foreign buyers. B248
VALEHAUS CO.,LTD Valehaus is a brand focused on hotel sanitary-ware and high-end real estate and villa projects. Our company mainly engaged in the overall sanitary products, shower enclosures, bath cabinet, bathroom accessories, with independent import and export rights, aiming at integrating the domestic industry resources, and cooperating with both china and overseas companies B147, B148
VALUE ADDED TECHNOLOGY INC We want to contribute to the national economy by informing the newly developed products of our company to the world and exporting them. B272
VITEBSK STATE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, EE Conducts training of highly qualified specialists in the field of new materials research, improvement of technological processes and design of textile and light industry products; development of technologies and equipment for light industry waste recycling; development and research of equipment, machines and mechanisms, automated complexes for textile and light industry B188 ~ B218
VOLKOVYSK MEAT-PROCESSING PLANT, OJSC The producer of meat and meat products B188 ~ B218
WONJIN POLYMER Since 1984, Wonjin Polymer has been supplying adhesives and bottle sets to domestic and overseas market including OEM to big retail brands. Moreover, we are expanding our business to the specialized glues and cosmetic divisions together with continuing R&D investment and fully automated production system. B352
XINGTAINI SHANG CHILDREN TOYS CO.,LTD. That nishang children’s toys co.,LTD.,engaged in professional children’s balance car research and development,manufacturing and marketing.Based on the local perfect industrial chain,advanced production equipment and professional technical experience,adhering to the production concept of quality first,we are committed to building high-quality products of Chinese brands. E230
YANGZHOU BOKA PHOTOELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Yangzhou Boka Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. professional manufacturer and exporter of laser levels which incorporates the design, R&D, production, service and sales. Borka focus on middle and high-end market, our professional technology and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. You're welcome to visit our factory! As long as you can give us a chance we will prove our capability by action B353
YANKA KUPALA STATE UNIVERSITY OF GRODNO, EE Engaged in the training of highly qualified specialists and scientific research in the field of high-strength fluoro composites for sealing process equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries, engineering nanocomposites based on regenerated thermoplastics, nanocomposite polymeric materials based on regenerated raw materials for automotive components manufacturing, laboratory equipment for workshops and demonstration experiments in physics, chemistry, biology B188 ~ B218
YEONGDUK EXPORT COMPANY ASSOCIATION We produce seasonings and condiments for food. These things are made by Korean staffs and be consisted of sea-based item, like crab etc. We also make juice and laver dish. It collaborates newly made cartoon character. B221, B222
YIWU COLOR LEATHER CO.,LTD Our company mainly produces such products as wallet, cosmetic bag, passport bag, etc., mainly for travel products, we can customize products according to customers' needs. There are more than 100 workers in our factory, and the products are more than 20,000 bags per day, looking forward to cooperating with you B346
ZDRAVUSHKA-MILK, JSC ZDRAVUSHKA-MILK, JSC is a contemporary production enterprise, fitted with the high-technology equipment of the leading European companies, and complying with all the standards and regulations. B188 ~ B218
ZHANGPU FUMIN HARDWARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD ZHANGPU FUMIN HARDWARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer & trading company of fitness products. It was established in April 2007 and over 10 years experience. Our product lines cover Exercise Bike, Magnetic Bike, Elliptical Trainer, AB shaper, AB slider, Sit Up bench, Stepper, Total GYM. Orbitrac Series, Rowing Machine, Weight Bench, AB Swing Treadmills, and so on. D225
ZHANGZHOU BUILDER HARDWARE CO.,LTD Concrtete tools, drywall tools, tiling tools D229
ZHANGZHOU GOLDEN HARVEST IMP&EXP CO.,LTD Canned mushroom; canned sweet corn; canned lychee; canned peach; canned mackerel in tomato sauce D241
ZHANGZHOU HEJIA CO., LTD Household products, electronics, gift and stationery D226
ZHANGZHOU JIANGNAN COTTAGE TRADING CO.LTD Zhangzhou Jiangnan Cottage Trading Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in Oolong Tea and other products. The company respected "hard work, pragmatic, innovative" spirit and adhered to the "customer first, service to customers. The company adheres to the" first-class quality assurance, to maintain a level of credibility "business philosophy, adhere to the" to provide quality service to customers first "principle to provide our customers. D242
ZHANGZHOU JIANSHENG FURNITURE CO.,LTD Side Table, Folding Stool, Storage Shelf D180
ZHANGZHOU LIXING IMPORT&EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD Canned Mushroom, Asparagus, Mackel, Sardine, Pineapple, Cocktail, FD/SD Fruit and Vegetable D253
ZHANGZHOU MINGDE FOODS CO.,LTD Fruits and veggies chips D252
ZHANGZHOU OUTLOOK IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD Bamboo products,Canned food D240
ZHANGZHOU PANDA COMMODITY CO., LTD. Our factory establised in year 2104, except in producing kinds of wooden furniture and export to internation market. D170a
ZHANGZHOU SUNNY FOODS CO.,LTD Crystallized Ginger, Stem Ginger In Syrup D250
ZHANGZHOU ZHONGNAN NURSING PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Baby Wipes, Baby Diapers,Tissue Paper,Make-up Remover Wipes D168
ZHONGSHAN UNITED STAR ELECTRIC APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD Specialize in the electric fan field from 2008, and set up our own factory from 2013, 28000 square meter factory with hardware workshop, injection workshop,motor workshop, mould workshop and assembly shop.CE Rohs with many kind of fan. More than 10 year experience of export. Have profession export team and have our own shipping department. We are strength of Stand fan,box fan, wall fan , ceiling fan , industry fan , decorative fan ,rechargeable fan,air cooler fan and electric motor.We can provide OEM, ODM service B344